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5 Mario Power-ups That Need to Make a Comeback

by: David Sanchez ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Throughout the years, Mario has utilized power-up after power-up to aid him in his adventures. Which power-ups would be welcome in a new Mario platformer?

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    5 Mario Power-ups That Would be Welcome Back

    ? Block Mario is a man of many power-ups. He can turn into metal, take to the skies, and shoot fireballs at enemies. Throughout the years, the Italian plumber has utilized countless abilities through the use of power-ups. But with new power-ups springing up with every game, some abilities go missing. Here is a list of five power-ups that would be welcomed back in any new Mario title in the future.

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    Wing Cap

    For many gamers, one of the coolest moments in Super Mario 64 was donning the Wing Cap for the very first time and performing a Wing Mario triple jump to see Mario go airborne. The great music that played in the background as Mario flew through the clouds just added to the experience, but the power-up was never seen again. The Wing Cap could easily be brought back in any Mario adventure, and fans of Super Mario 64 would definitely rejoice.

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    Mega Mushroom

    One of the first power-ups you encounter in New Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo DS is the Mega Mushroom. With this power-up, Mega Mushroom Mario can turn into a giant, destructive plumber and destroy anything in his path. How awesome would it be if Mario obtained this ability in a 3D platformer? Tearing up Goombas and destroying walls would certainly make for a fun time!

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    Propeller Mushroom

    Making Mario fly is always fun, but the recently launched Propeller Mushroom from New Super Mario Bros. Wii only gives Mario a short Propeller Mario amount of time in the sky. This is the type of power-up that could make for some interesting vertical platforming in a 3D Mario game, and it would be great to see Propeller Mario in future installments in the series.

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    Hammer Suit

    It’s always interesting to have the ability of an enemy. When Mario first put on the Hammer Suit in Super Mario Bros. 3, fans thought it Hammer Mario was really cool to be able to utilize the ability of the Hammer Bros. Imagine hitting a ? Block in a new Mario game and being able to toss hammers just like the Hammer Bros. in Super Mario Galaxy 2. That would be an interesting gameplay element to say the least.

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    Kuribo's Shoe

    Nary a Mario power-up list would be complete without mention of Kuribo’s Shoe. Quite possibly one of the most notorious of all the Mario Kuribo's Shoe items, Kuribo’s Shoe is shrouded in lore and speculation, and its rare appearance makes it the source of much fan appreciation. Not only is Kuribo’s Shoe one of the most popular Super Mario Bros. 3 items, but it is easily one of the most praised power-ups in Mario history. If this item was to make a comeback in a modern-day Mario title, gamers everywhere would be in awe.

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    5 Mario Power-ups That Need to Return

    Mario games have become a fine home for the video game power-up. With so many unique items throughout Mario’s history, from the very first Super Mushroom in Super Mario Bros. on the NES to all of the great Super Mario Galaxy items, Mario has never been left unarmed. Unfortunately, many power-ups ceased to return to the famous plumber’s adventures. Here’s hoping some of these make a return someday.