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Top 20 Free Mobile Phone Games of All Time

by: Shanna James ; edited by: Simon Hill ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Here is a list of the top 20 mobile games of all time. These free mobile phone games consist of the old, the new and the classics. This is so extensive that it had to be done in two parts. This article will introduce you to 10 of these wonders and the other article will contain the remaining 10.

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    Free games for your Mobile

    You are probably wondering "What are the best free games for my mobile phone?" well, the answer is situated in this article. We all know that tastes may vary when it comes to games, but this article has rounded up the best free mobile phone games of all time and it is safe to say that you will find your favourites within these 20 games. You will also be given a link to download these free mobile phone games so that you can have them on your cellphone to play whenever you feel the need for speed, shooting, cards, jumping, zombies, or whatever gaming action floats your boat. The category that these games fall into will also be listed beside their titles.

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    Fast And Furious Fugitive 3D (Race)

    fast And furious fugitive 3d fast and furious Whether you are a fan of the Fast and Furious movies or not, you will appreciate this fast paced car racing game with a plot. Clear your name to get back your police badge by driving from LA to Miami to gain street cred, while earning cash and bringing down an international crime syndicate. This is a 3D game, so no more two dimensional characters or cars. Rev your engines and get your Fast and Furious Download.

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    Dynamite (Shooter)

    dynamite As the name suggests you play Superhero Dynamite and have to use explosives to blow up invading aliens to protect the planet. Although Superhero Dynamite loves his explosions, he is not immune to his own bombs and that makes it more fun to collect bonuses in risky situations. This is a classic shooter game that never gets old or any less addictive. Download Dynamite here.

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    PokerMillion: Dead Money (Card)

    pokermillion dead money poker million Whether you’re a die hard poker fan, or just enjoy playing a bit of Hold'em every now and then; you will enjoy this free poker game for your mobile phone where you are introduced to seven different poker styles. No need to worry, your very own Texas Hold’em is also included within the seven. Buy your chips and place your bets, then prepare for a Poker Million showdown. Download PokerMillion: Dead Money here!

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    Monopoly Here And Now (Board)


    Monopoly Here And Now 2008 EA Mobile Hasbro-9 The world’s best and most popular board game is now, not only available to you on your mobile phone for free, but it also allows you to play with up to four players, with a modern twist of animated tokens and 22 of the most famous sites from San Francisco to New York for sale. Monopoly Here and Now is named as it is because of the realistic contemporary places and monetary figures that the game now comprises. It is still the same classic game that we know and love, just with a modern twist. Monopoly Download!

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    Hard Rock Casino Collection (Card)

    hard-rock-casino-collection EA's Hard Rock Casino Collection, is an unlikely game from the sports game giants EA, but it is a well crafted casino collection that offers four popular casino games. These games depict the style and class of what we have come to learn of casinos from television shows and movies. The games include, the ever popular Blackjack, Roulette, Deuces Wild and of course, the Rock n Roll Slots which makes it all complete. Download Hard Rock Casino Collection here!

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    The Legend Of Spyro A New Beginning (Arcade)

    the legend of spyro the legend of spyro a new beginning The Legend Of Spyro Dawn Of The Dragon Vivendi Games Mobile-2 If you’re a Spyro the Dragon fan or interested in learning about this famous purple dragon then this free mobile phone game is what you’re looking for. Play as Spyro in a fairy country where you will have fun and new adventures and fall in love with the amazing story of this little dragon. Spyro of course, is able to breathe fire and charge his enemies with his little horn. Additionally, he has his tiny wings that he uses to fly around so he can free other imprisoned dragons. Download The Legend of Spyro a New Beginning.

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    Tomb Raider: Underworld 3D (Action)

    TombRaiderUnderworld animated 176x2 Tomb Raider 8 26 TombRaiderLegend lrg If you have never played the game Tomb Raider before, you must have at least seen Angelina Jolie in its cinematic creation. This is one of those classics that is among the free games on my mobile phone. Join Lara Croft on a new quest to recover a Mayan calendar, rumored to have calculated lunar and solar eclipses, where sacrifices were made for the gods to open the gates of the spirit world to communicate with ancient ancestors. Tomb Raider: Underworld 3D- Symbian 9 Download!

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    EA Mobile Bejeweled (Puzzle)

    Bejeveled One of the internet’s most famous games is now available to you on your mobile phone for free. Blow up jewels in groups of three, fours and even fives and improve your skills. This version of Bejeweled is made for a Nokia Phone and provides great graphics that make the jewel exploding experience just as fun as it was on your PC. Download Bejeweled here!

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    Super Mario: The Lost Levels (Action)

    super mario the lost levels super mario the lost levels super mario the lost levels1 The classic game Super Mario is now one of the many free mobile phone games available for you. In this title you can play the lost levels never played before and have fun new adventures winning bonuses and avoiding obstacles along the way. This is not just another game of Mario where you will easily bypass the levels and save the princess because you have done it a thousand times. No, these are the lost levels with little twists and turns which will make you feel as if you are discovering Mario again for the first time.

    Super Mario: The Lost Levels Download!

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    The Legend Of Zelda Mobile (other)

    the legend of zelda mobile the legend of Zelda One of the best Nintendo games to ever be created is now available to you as a free mobile phone game to play anywhere on the go. Zelda is an adventure game that involves missions and puzzles that keep you engrossed and entertained for a long time. This was one of the big ones on the SNES and as such it has become a must have for mobile phones. The Legend of Zelda Download!

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    Conclusion of the First ten

    There you have it, the first 10 free mobile phone games that are fun and addictive and most of all accessible. The next article in this series will provide you with the remaining 10 free mobile games as well as a download link for each one.

Top 20 Free Mobile Phone Games of All Time

This article series will be a short review of 20 of the best Mobile Phone Games that can be obtained for free. The article will also include screen shots and download links.
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