Other Puzzle Games

Other Puzzle Games

Cut the Rope: Experiments Review

Cut the Rope gathered a lot of attention when it came out and Cut the Rope: Experiments seeks to expand on that game by adding a few new elements and creating 75 news levels. These additions create a game that is as much fun as the original while still feeling new.

Feed Me Oil: iPhone Game Review

Feed Me Oil is a new iPhone game from Holy Water game studios and Chillingo, whom you may already know from their last hit, Cut The Rope. Like their last title, Feed Me Oil employs a novel concept for a physics puzzle game — given the fact that the BP oil spill was not that long ago!

Top 5 Match Three Games for your iPhone

There are a lot of games in the iTunes library in which you match three or more objects. They are fun, easy to make and because of that it is hard to find the best. These apps cover a wide variety of play styles and anyone who plays iPhone games should consider the following options.

The Top 5 Online PC Games like Angry Birds

While the gameplay concept of Angry Birds is not new, it still is one of the most popular physics-based puzzle games ever developed for the mobile platform. There are also quite a few good PC games like Angry Birds on the Internet that are as addictive and impressive as the original iPhone game.

iPhone Game Review: Puzzle Agent Review

I’ll say this right away, Puzzle Agent is not an iPhone game for everyone. If you’re the type of iPhone gamer who is into fast-paced, action games, you might find it hard to like this game. Why? Well because it is the anti-thesis of the fast-paced games you like. Here’s our Puzzle Agent review.