The Tiny Bang Walkthrough - First World

The Tiny Bang Walkthrough - First World
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The Puzzle Pieces

If you just need to find the puzzle pieces, then start here.

Eight pieces on the base level - There are two behind the shoe, one by the box on the tracks, one behind the top door and one wedged into the coil at the bottom of the steps. There are three puzzle pieces in the furnace.

Four pieces on the second level - There is one behind the window and three are peeking out from behind the tower.

There are nine pieces hidden on the third level - There is one in each window, one on the couch, one under the rug, one in the cabinet, one behind the end table, one above the middle bolt below the hatch leading down and there are two more in the chest

The last four pieces are on top - There are two on the outcroppings, one on the antennae and one on the line

Building a Ladder

The Numbers on the Wall

You start off at the bottom of the tower

Get the puzzle pieces at the base, then hit the button and move to the middle level

Move up and then click on the ladder to get the puzzle for 5 ladder rungs

The first rung is highlighted on the window, go down and click on the highlighted rung on the shoe. The third is inside the little furnace by the shoe. Open the door and go in, then grab it off of the pot in front. The fourth is just above the metal plate by the stairs.

The code for the box at the bottom is 713 - You can figure this out by looking at the writing on the wall on the second level. You need to match up the numbers on the wall, and the three remaining ones are the password. A few are tricky, for example, the 4 matches with the square plate, for four sides. The 5 fingers match with a die showing 5. A 6 matches with a roman numeral. The 8 is hidden in the corner, and the zeros are hidden in two bolts (one at the bottom and one on the top left).

The fifth and final one will show up when you put the code into the box at the bottom. Take the hinge off of the open door.

Click on the metal plate by the stairs to get the puzzle for the wrench, while you’re here, and also click inside the box to get a puzzle to find 9 lightbulbs.

We’ll address those later though

For now, just go up, click on the green button for your five collected rungs, and then click the ladder to fix it. You can now go up to the third floor.

Get the seven puzzle pieces up here. There’s one in the cabinet, one under the rug, one on the couch and one outside each window, one behind the end table by the couch.

Real Art

Putting the Painting Together

Click on the woman to get your next quest, you need to fix the painting if you want the key. So click on the painting to get the puzzle to collect 25 bottles of ink.

Go up the steps to reach the top. Pick up the four puzzle pieces. There are two on the decorative pieces sticking out, one on the antennae and one on the clothsline.

Look out the telescope, and get ready. Click on the balloons to pop them, and keep an eye out for the bottles with little bits of painting in them. Or just pop all of them, it really doesn’t matter. Get 25 of the bottles and then exit.

Go back down and use them on the painting to get a jigsaw puzzle. There’s no trick to this. Just start with the corners and work your way in. The right side is a little difficult, so start with the top left and work your way down. The lady is on the left side, so start with the corner, then make her face, then build off of her to make the boy and fill in the right side. The right corner is really hard to fit, so you may have it but it won’t register.

Click on the chest to officially get the puzzle to find the key, then talk to the woman to make her drop the key. Pick it up and then use it to open the chest up.

There are two puzzle pieces inside. Grab them, along with the wrench in back and the lightbulb in the rings. We’ll start collecting these now.


The Lightbulb Puzzle

There are three more lightbulbs in this woman’s room. Get the two on the lamp by her couch, and then another one on the lamp on the balcony.

Go up the steps and get the lightbulbs off of the double lamp and off of the spinning fan on top.

Drop down a level and grab the light off of the generator, then go down another level and get the lamp off of the bulb above the door.

Use the wrench to take off the 3 bolts on the panel, and click the gears to get the puzzle to find 7 gears and 8 bits of pipe.

Put the bulbs in the box to get a simple rotation puzzle. You need to put the bulbs in lines. 3 red on top, three purple in the middle and 3 green on the bottom. Start by getting the red bulbs up to the top. Rotate the bottom left until you get two red on the middle level. Then rotate the top left to get two red on top, and leave one red in the bottom right corner of the square. Use the top right to rotate it into position to complete the top row. Then just turn the bottom left and right to put the two into level. You can now pull the lever and ready the track.

Opening the Chute

Fixing the Panel

Let’s collect the pieces for the gears now. There’s one in the bottom left, another in the window by the door to the second level and a third in the furnace. Go up to the mid level. Open the generator box for another gear.below the big open window. Go up another level. The gear is in the chest. There’s another in the top of the hatch opening. There’s another on the top floor. Take it out of the telescope to finish the set.

You can get a little section of pipe off of the spot below the password box. There’s another one in the furnace, sticking out of a pot in front (Grab the 3 puzzle pieces here if you haven’t already). Go up a level. Get the piece of pipe below the big window. Go up a level. There’s a small pipe in the back right corner of the chest, and another very small pipe acting as the bottom of the staircase railing. The last one is in the cabinet on the bottom shelf. Grab it. Go up a level, and get the pipe off of the telescope, and another off of the roof.

Put the pipes and the gears into the open section at the bottom. Click on the now working button next to the chute to open it. Go inside to find the train yard.

Building the Train

Putting the Train Together

You need to put the train together, it’s basically another jigsaw puzzle.

Start with the glass tube. Put it onto the mounting by the wheels. Grab the perforated bronze cylinder off of the back wall and put it next to it. The pipe connecting the glass to the train is the long straight one on the back wall.

You can get the smokestack off of the left edge of the screen. Along with the smaller stack to put to the left of it. Get that from the bottom left. The final dome at the back spot is in the cart behind it. Drag it and put it on. You can get the cone for the front off of a pipe on the back wall.

The three pieces for the cage are all to the right of the train. Grab the bottom shield, the cage and the door to make the engineer’s compartment. The front window is off to the back left. Look for the blue window. The roof is on the tracks to the right.

The nose cone is on a pipe in the back. The car connector is on the pipe releasing steam in front. Put it onto the back of the cab. Drag the piston in the cart onto the glass container to make it stick. And for the truly hidden one, grab the second back wheel for the train, by grabbing the big wheel off of the design on the wall.

You should then take the train out of the chute and ride it into the new zone.

Just put the jigsaw of the world together. The puzzle is the bottom right corner, so just focus on landmarks. The track and river should work. You can also make out the background, so drop them right onto the right section to start working off the pieces. Ignore the sky pieces until the end.


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