Tips for Playing the 4 Elements Game

Tips for Playing the 4 Elements Game
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About the 4 Elements Game

In an ancient magical land ruled by the elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water disaster has struck and destroyed all life within its borders. The 4 Magic Books of elements that have protected the lands with its power have been disabled by some unknown force. Your goal is to restore the power of the Magic Books by locating and restoring the magic cards that produce its power.

How to Play

4 Elements game screenshot

The 4 Elements game is a combination of hidden object and match three puzzles. To begin, one of the elemental books will need to be unlocked. To do so, you will need to find its key by solving a hidden object puzzle. On these levels you will see a list of items you need to find. Pieces of each item will be scattered throughout the game scene. Once all pieces for each object are found, they can be used as tools to uncover other hidden locations in the scene. A Fairy can help you out by clicking on the hint button at the bottom of the screen. After the last object is found, the key will be uncovered that can be used to unlock one of the Elemental books.

After an Elemental book is unlocked, you will need to recover several magical cards that give it power. To recover the cards, you will need to play match three puzzle levels to create pathways for elemental energy to reach altars that will charge them. Chain matches of three or more like items remove tiles and create small portions of the pathway for the energy to travel. Follow the arrow on the screen to guide you towards the direction of the altar. Once you have reached the altar, the elemental energy charges it.

For each magic card, multiple levels will need to be completed. As you progress in the game, obstacles like stones and frozen pieces will add to the challenge.

To win the game, all magical cards in the 4 Magic Books of elements must be reactivated.

Hints and Tips

  • Chain matches of five or more like items will result in an explosion blast that will remove nearby tiles and other items. This is an effective strategy for removing stone barriers.
  • Flaming arrows can create long strips of pathways when triggered. Activate it by clearing the tile space next to them with chain matches.
  • The Spade is a power up that can clear a single tile that is blocking your patch. Activate it by matching multiple green items. This power up is useful in narrow areas where it is difficult to make chain matches.
  • Frozen tiles cannot be moved directly. Break the ice by matching with like colored items or explosions from larger adjacent chains.
  • The Bomb power up can remove several items or stone barriers from the game board. Activate it by creating several chain matches with red items.
  • “Multi-level ground” tiles are removed by creating two chain matches with like items that are adjacent to it. Alternatively, a single explosive an knock out one layer of the title and then only one chain match will need to be created.

Image Credit

The 4 Elements game screenshots were created by Sheila Robinson.