Another Small Favor Walkthrough - Killing the Pig Hunter and Exploring the Hub

Another Small Favor Walkthrough - Killing the Pig Hunter and Exploring the Hub
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We’ve got a bit of a mission ahead of us in this sequel to A Small Favor. We need to meet up with our contact and then get ahold of a new ID if we want to be safe again. There’s a whole lot to do in this game, so let’s get started. This Another Small Favor walkthrough should get you through the entire game with relative ease.

I played my version on Kongregate. We have some reviews of top Kongregate games if you looking for more time killers.

The Forest Trading Hub

Grab the package on your way out the door. You’ll get your new objective and a very important scanner. Your blaster doesn’t need charged, so you can just leave. For now, just go to the Forest. We have to go to the pub anyway.

The pub is in the safe zone at the forest.

Note - There’s a pebble on the ground by the rabbit. We need to pick up four of these pebbles for a bit of a mission later (we’re going hunting). It’s annoying to have to pick these pebbles up later, so just pick them up as you go. Get the first one here.

Walk up to the gate and talk to the guard to hand over your gun. Surprisingly this isn’t a trap. They just don’t want any shooting inside the town.

Walk to the pub and pull out the scanner. Apparently the parasite is in a different contact each time, so just run the scanner over each of the people carefully. He’ll jump out and talk to you as soon as you find him. This will also net us our big objective. We need to talk to the Teddy Bear guard to get access to Mr. Personality.

Before we leave though, you should really take a moment and do some missions inside the trading hub.

Missions in the Forest Hub

Another Small Favor Walk-Through - Tailor in the Forest Trading Hub

Go to the Medical Tent and talk to the doctor. He’ll ask for you to find some blue medicinal flowers for him.

Go to the Trade Center and trade in your cigar for the slingshot. We’ll need it later so you might as well get it while you’re here.

Walk to the Favor Hub and talk to the old man on the porch. He’ll ask you to kill the Pig Hunter.

Walk to the Fashion District and talk to the tailor. He’ll ask you to find him a Furry Green Shawl. We also need to have the mayor come out for our own purposes, so this is two birds with one stone.

Well, we need something furry and green. Walk to the Furry Snail farm and talk to the farmer. Try to pick up a snail and he’ll tell you about B.A.G.E.L. We need to become a B.A.G.E.L. member too.

That should be it for missions in the forest, at least for now. So let’s get started and collect some favors.

Kill the Pig Hunter and Find the Teddy Bear Guard

Another Small Favor Walkthrough - Killing the Pig Hunter

Well, let’s start walking. Return to the Forest and walk to the right. There’s a nice Purple Rose here. Grab it. Walk to the right one more screen to run right into the Pig Hunter. He’ll manage to get a grazing wound on your head (which is actually great, since we need that wound for another quick mission) and knock you back. Okay, well, we have an energy shield too and aren’t a bad shot. Use the energy shield, draw your gun and then walk back to the right again. The shield will protect you from the ambush and you can now get behind some cover.

Wait for the Pig Hunter to lean out to shoot at you and fire at him a few times to take out his shield and send him back a screen. Walk across the bridge to engage him again. Hit him from cover to vaporize him and complete your objective. You’ll also earn a favor.

Walk to the right twice until you find the Teddy Bear guard. You’ll automatically say the password and get your new objective. He’ll help you, but you need to find his Sky Key first. Well, we have our next step for the main mission. Let’s finish up a few more tasks first though.

A Little Exploration

Well, before we go back, we should check out the Hills. That’s were that B.A.G.E.L. leader was. He won’t talk to you normally, but he will be happy to help you if you hand over the B.A.G.E.L. application. You just have to give him a rare plant to gain membership. Thankfully we picked that Purple Rose earlier. Hand him the Purple Rose to get a rubberstamp on your application. You can also now pick those Blue Medicinal Flowers in back.

Let’s walk over to the Scratching Trees. Walk up to the torn scratching post and you’ll see a cat challenge you and then get abducted by one very large spider. The other cats will beg you to rescue their captain, the Kitty Captain.

Those are the two big things. You can check the Chasm and the Scavenger Huts, but we can just ignore that for now. We also can’t rescue the Kitty Captain from the Spider Cave just yet, so leave it alone for now.

Walk back to the Forest Hub to wrap up a bunch of missions.

The Forest Hub (Again)

Another Small Favor Walk-Through - You Should Be Hurt From Your Fight With the Pig Hunter

Well, let’s take care of our wound first. Walk up to the Medical Ten and hand the Blue Medicinal Flowers to the doctor. This will net you a favor. Go ahead and use the favor now (Just click on the image in the menu). That will book us an appointment. The good news is that it isn’t just free treatment, but you even get a teddy bear from the gift shop for being such a good patient. I’m sure that that will come in handy.

Walk up to the Snail form and hand over the B.A.G.E.L. application to get your very own furry snail. This green furry thing should just be perfect for the tailor and now I also won’t have to spell out that acronym ever again.

Walk up to the tailor in the Fashion District and hand him the Furry Snail. This will net you another favor and get the mayor to finally come out. And just look, the mayor has the Sky Key on as a bracelet. Pull out your slingshot and hit the key or just the major with a rock. Pick up the Sky Key off the ground.

Walk back to the Teddy Guard and hand him the Sky Key. He’ll head on over to the camp and walk across the Great Chasm to prepare for you. We still need a uniform though.

A Teddy Uniform and a Way Across the Great Chasm

Another Small Favor Walk-Through - Killing the Spider and Saving Kitty Captain

In order to get into the camp, you’ve got two big challenges.

The first is easy. You need a teddy bear guard uniform before you can go in. Thankfully the tailor owes us a favor. Click on the favor and then walk to the Fashion District. Hand the tailor the teddy bear to get a special mask made for you.

The problem is that the catapult to get across the Great Chasm is broken. You can visit it to confirm, or just take my word. You need an elastic cord, a pole and a seat in order to repair it. We also need to save the Kitty Captain from the Cave Spider before you leave for the camp. In order to pull this off, you need a glue trap.

Note that just means we need to get some stuff to trade. Remember that slingshot and the pebbles. The blaster gun will vaporize the animals, whereas the slingshot leaves a nice body. You can change weapons by picking the slingshot from your inventory. The hunter at the scavenger camp is quite interested in food, so let’s go hunting. If you don’t have four pebbles, then just walk around to get the pebbles. They do spawn randomly. You can just walk back and forth between the first section of the forest and the trading hub to pick some up.

There’s a rabbit and a bird in the first section outside the hub. Hit them both and pick up the bodies. Walk to the right. There’s another bird and a rabbit on the ground, just behind a bush. Wait for him to pop out a bit and shoot him. If he doesn’t show up quickly, just walk back to the left. The animals will have respawned so just get them again. Collect the bodies and walk out of the forest. Go to the scavenger and hand him one of the animals. Then you can take one of his things. Note that you have to hand him an animal and then take something. If you just give him all four animals at once, he’ll only let you take one thing. So repeat the exchange and take his bungee cord, hat, bowling ball and pole (the pole is on the ground behind him).

Walk back to the Hub and enter the Trade Center. Trade the bowling ball and the hat to get glue paper and a seat.

Walk over to the Spider’s Lair and use the glue paper on the web. Make sure that you approach the cave. This should trigger the spider. Shoot him in the face to vaporize him. Save the Kitty Captain to earn a favor from him and his fellow cats.

Now that that’s done, walk over to the Great Chasm and use the seat, pole and bungee cord on the catapult. Use the catapult to cross the Chasm.

The Camp - Eliminate Commander Poppet

Another Small Favor Walkthrough - Killing Commander Poppet With Some Help

Now that you’re across, we’re almost done. Talk to the teddy bear guard and follow his instructions. Put on your mask and then use the elevator to enter the Sky Camp. Continue up the steps to reach the buildings in the camp and then go up the steps to Mr. Personality. Talk to him to get your final mission. He can give you a new identity, but you have to clean house first and stop a mutiny.

Walk back down and go into the Toy Soldier barracks. Commander Poppet is right there outside the tent, but he’s got his own guard along with two teddy bear soldiers. In case you couldn’t figure it out, you need a diversion (you’ll even say that if you try to pull out your gun). Call up your favor from the Kitty Captain. He’ll attack the camp to pull the guards off duty. That just leaves one. Pull out your gun to start the fight.

You can’t kill the guard on your own. He’s too good at dodging your shots. Call up your old buddy from the favor hub to put a few more shots on the toy soldier guard. Fire at him together to vaporize him. Commander Poppet will just hide behind a rock and wet himself, so just walk up and shoot him in the face. The game will wrap itself up and you’ll get a nice little report at the end.