A Small Favor Walkthrough - The Worm and Milos

A Small Favor Walkthrough - The Worm and Milos
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A Small Favor is a really neat adventure game that you can find for free in an online arcade, such as Kongregate. If you want to get the Elite ranking in the game, then you’ll need to collect all 4 favors and open the lock on the middle locker. If you’re having trouble with this mission, then this A Small Favor walkthrough should have the answer.

I also have a full Another Small Favor Walkthrough, for those who want to play the sequel too.

Meeting Our Contact

Well, let’s get started. Grab your gun and your cigar off of the table. Charge up your gun (you don’t really benefit from this, but you might as well). Walk out the door and talk to the cockroach. Give him your cigar and take his garden hose. Take out your gun and talk to him to make him ask you to put it away. Put the gun away and he’ll ask you to go ahead and kill the trader inside the station. This is the first optional favor quest and probably the easiest one to miss. Eliminate Transit Trader will be taken care of in a minute or two.

Walk out and flip the switch on the pipes by the door. This will make the water flow to the area on the right. Walk to the right and grab the baby doll’s head of the rock. As the rock says, you need to water the cactus to make the worm appear. Since we just turned the water on, hook up the hose to fill up the fountain and expose the entrance to the Worm’s hideout. Go down to talk to him and gain additional security clearance.

Walk into the station. You can’t take a loaded blaster in here, so click on the thing that looks like an x-ray machine to decharge your gun. Walk through the door to enter.

Finding Milos

A Small Favor Walkthrough - Finding Milos

First thing’s first, flip the switch on the alarm panel to call up the security drone to the gate. He won’t bother us here.

Walk to the left and talk to the green alien on the couch. He’ll ask you to kill the guard and reconnect the coffee machine. We basically have to do this anyway, so that’s good. That’s the second favor mission.

Talk to the dog on the couch. A scavenger stole his briefcase. We’ll get it for him later.

For now, let’s charge up our gun again. Go down the steps to enter the security station below. If you read the notice board, it says that Roy has the security codes in his locker. If you check the jacket on the chair, you’ll find the code to Roy’s locker. It should always be 4827. Punch it into the locker on the left. Grab the coffee mug and look at the little code producer on the inside door. I believe that the station is always using the Triangle code. That should mean that it’s basically 246 on the keypad. Check to make sure though. You get the triangle from the little security board above the security drone at the entrance and the codes by clicking on the tabs in the decoder. Punch in the code for the reactor to unlock it. Stick your gun in to recharge it.

Open the locker on the right. It’s not locked. Grab the coffee beans on the bottom of the locker.

Note that the code for the middle locker in A Small Favor is an easter egg. It’s necessary if you want to get the Elite medal for A Small Favor on Kongregate. The password is the creator’s birthyear. It’s 1977 (you can find this by checking his profile). Punch it in to unleash a bunch of bunnies as a special easter egg.

There’s also a dial on the wall that controls a fan in the bathroom. Turn it off while you’re down here.

Walk up the stairs. Check the garbage can in the lobby for a bottle. This is worthless vendor trash, so we can trade it safely. To turn the coffee machine back on, we need to get the plug from the transit trader. Trade the bottle for the plug and then use the plug adaptor to reconnect the coffee machine.

Click on the coffee machine and then put the coffee into it. You can then use the mug on the coffee machine to make a cup of coffee. Give this to the guard to make him go to the bathroom. You can shoot him in the back now to complete the favor for “Eliminate the Bodyguard.” Take off the vent cover and look inside. Since we stopped the fan with the control dial below, you can fire a shot through the fan and kill Milo’s door lock.

Go back out and go through the door to find Milo.

Collecting a Few Favors

A Small Favor Walkthrough - Killing the Transit Trader with Milos’ Bomb

We have some options now. Pull a gun on Milo to show him that you mean business, but don’t just shoot him. Put it away and he’ll give you a counter offer. He wants you to kill Worm for him. He’ll give you a very important green vial. Note that you can’t do his path and get an elite rating. Killing the Worm will make it impossible to kill the Transit Trader and get the fourth favor.

So I suggest that you go ahead and kill Milo and then grab the green vial. This will save us some walking.

Leave the station and walk all the way to the right to find the Scavenger Hut. Hand him the green vial to get a bomb. Note that killing the worm now will make the mission a failure (since you killed both opportunities to get yellow security access. Shoot the scavenger to get the briefcase back and go ahead and pick up the guitar. We don’t need it, but you might as well grab it.

Drop in to see Worm and get your security hack key. You can now go back to the station. I suggest that you start to the left and work your way to the right. Give the dog his briefcase to earn the third favor. Go into the bathroom and get some popcorn from the trash can. Walk over to the Transit Trader and trade him the bomb. It will blow him up. You can now grab the sock and your bottle back.

Walk out the door to the right to take the shuttle to Building 9.

Entering Building 9

A Small Favor Walkthrough - Hacking the Security Panel for Building 9

On your way in, stop and talk to the crying child and his father. He wants a baby doll and we have all the materials. Combine the popcorn with the sock to fill it up and then add the baby doll head to the stuff sock to create one very creepy puppet. The kid likes it though. Note that this is the fourth and final favor. You should be set for Elite rank.

If you’re doing this the Worm’s way, then you need to hack the security panel. Look to the left of the entrance and use the security hack key on the panel to open it up. To remove the motherboard start with the buttons in the top right. Hit the first two buttons to turn the bottom two buttons red. Pull the little plug out of the connection and connect it to the middles buttons. Press both of them. Repeat for the top two. Flip the red switch in the top left corner to remove the top lock.

Look in the bottom right and push the sliders all the way to the right. Then use the control panel below it to send the arms out to the left and connect with the orange rings. Hit the green button to lock them and then hit the right bottom to pull them off. Remove the motherboard and walk back to Worm. He’ll infect it with a virus. Go back inside the station and recharge your gun in the reactor. Then go back to Building 9 and put the infected motherboard into the panel to blind the security eye.

Walk through the door into Building 9.

Killing Senator Lobe

A Small Favor Walkthrough - Getting #32 Badge in Building 9

There are four doors in Building 9. The door on the left is the kitchen. The door in the middle is a locked office. The one on the right is an office that is currently frozen. The door on the right wall is Senator’s Lobe office. Go in there first. Talk to the man waiting to learn that the auto secretary is pretty much keeping everyone out. You can go ahead and book an appointment, but it’s not exactly a timely one. So we need to swap with someone, preferably #32.

Walk back to the hallway and go into the kitchen. There’s a panel on the left side that controls the office temperatures. Set it all the way to the right to unfreeze the third office. Go inside and grab the metal mug off of the desk. Now that note on the kitchen board says something about metal mugs and explosions, well that sounds fun.

Open the microwave door and put in the metal mug. Go through the new hole in the wall to enter the locked middle office. Pick up the security badge off of the ground. Note that you need his security code to actually authorize a swap. The code is written on the rock in his fish tank, but we need to slow the fish down. Turn down the thermostat in the kitchen to freeze the fish and get the code (I believe it should always be 173).

Go back to the auto security and use the new badge on it. Authorize a swap and punch in the code to make yourself appointment #32. Step inside and pull out your gun. Kill Senator Lobe to complete the mission and finish the game. You should end up with an elite ranking.