Gateway 2 Walkthrough - Getting the First Tape

Gateway 2 Walkthrough - Getting the First Tape
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Gateway 2 Walkthrough - Introduction

Gateway 2 (or Gateway II) is a fairly interesting point-and-click adventure game. We’ll be wandering around in a strange world and view the scattered memories of an event. Our job is to figure out what’s wrong, gather all the tapes of memories up and ultimately sort things out.

Note that if you aren’t familiar with the controls, then there’s a tutorial that you can use to practice a bit before you commit to the game itself. Getting a little in-game help is never a bad thing. In general though, you just click to move and drag and drop items in the game world to solve the actual puzzles. Anyone who has played a few point-and-click adventure games shouldn’t have a problem.

Note that I played Gateway 2 on Kongregate. My Gateway 2 walkthrough will therefore cover the current version on Kongregate. If you’d like to learn more about some of Kongregate’s best games, then we have several articles on our site that should be of help. Now, without further delay, let’s get this Gateway II walkthrough started.

Gateway 2 Walkthrough - First Door

Gateway 2 Walkthrough - The Hallway Where the Eye Appears Over the Door

We’re starting off in Gateway 2. Let’s get the Gateway 2 walkthrough off to a good start. There’s nothing that we can do with the TV for now. There’s also only one door that we can go through. Walk through to the left and enter the hallway.

Press the button at the end of the hallway to open the door and enter the bathroom.

Pick up the mirror on the counter.

Look at the mirror. If you’ve ever done a puzzle game before, then this shouldn’t be a surprise. Turn the warm water tap to let the water steam up the mirror and reveal the code. Mine was 7997. I don’t know if it’s random or not. Regardless, step away from the mirror and use the keypad. Put in the code from the mirror. The first video tape is inside. Grab it and walk out back to the hallway. Step back out and you’ll get a glimpse of another person. We’ll be seeing more of her later.

Approach the exit door and a large eye will pop up and lock the door. You’ll need to blind it before the door will reopen. Thankfully we already have a mirror. Step under the lamp and use the lamp on the eye. You’ll shine the light into it and it should blind it. If not, just move around a little bit. Staying a few steps behind the lamp seemed to work for me. Just give it a few tries in the lamp area until you hit it right.

Step back out to the main area and look at the TV. Use the video tape on the VCR slot, then click on the transfer button to download the tapes into the TV. Eject the tape and watch the clips if you want. The story should begin to unfold.

Gateway 2 Walkthrough - Second Door

Gateway 2 Walkthrough - Unlocking the Door/ Catching the Key

Once you load up the first tape, the second door should be calling to you. Go through the door to enter a hallway with one of those magic tile puzzles. I honestly think I beat this the first time by walking around randomly. Note that if you already triggered it, you’re somewhat on your own. If you wand to do this the easy way, load the autosave up and start again.

Just step out onto the second step, then the first. Then the third step and back to the first. Then the fourth and back to the first. Then the fifth and back to the first. And finally, step out to the sixth and back to the first. Walk back to the sixth one and you’ll have kept all the tiles dark and keep the door open.

Go through to enter the living room.

Look at the painting on the wall and make a note of the code. I believe that the pyramids should say 786 each time.

The door is locked, so we need to at least try to open it. Pick up the newspaper from the table. Then grab the lighter that’s next to it. Open the drawer in the top left corner and then take the screwdriver out of it. We should be all set.

Now, if you examine the lock, you’ll see that the key is in the lock. It’s just on the other side. You can use the screwdriver to push it out, but you need something to catch it. Put the newspaper under the door and then use the screwdriver on the lock again. Pick up the newspaper to get the key. Examine it and then use it on the lock to unlock the door. Open the door up and go through. Just walk along the path. It will light up as you walk along. The second video tape is at the end on a platform.

Pick up the second video tape and walk back. You’ll run into our orange friend again as you try to leave.

The lighted hallway is still a puzzle though. Thankfully, it’s the same puzzle. Just repeat the trick. It works the exact same if you reverse the numbers. Second then first, third then first, fourth then first, fifth then first, sixth then first and finally back to six.

Put the video tape into the VCR and download the clips. You can watch these too to get more of the story.

Gateway 2 Walkthrough - Third Door

Gateway 2 Walkthrough - The Phone Number on the Notepad

Walk out into the next area and you’ll notice that it just has a light and a phone. Just like the notepad says, she’s watching. You need to turn the light on and off three times. You should see a light flash in return.

Now look at the notepad. You need to use the pen to black out enough of the bottom section of the pad to reveal a hidden phone number. In case you don’t want cramps in your hand, it should be 86763454. If it doesn’t work, then just use quick back and forth horizontal strokes to find the numbers, then color them in to make it clear.

Pick up the receiver before you dial, then punch in the numbers. If you did it right, then someone will answer and open the door.

Walk forward and enter this room with the sprinkler and the light. Use the lighter to set off the sprinkler and open the door.

Walk forward to the kitchen. The tape is just sitting there on the counter. Pick it up and try to walk out. A pair of eyes will look in on you though. This puzzle is pretty simple. Open the fridge door and step behind it. The eyes should start to blink and then eventually close. Once they close, the door will open. Walk through the door to get back to the hallway.

The sprinkler is still going so we need to override the alarm. If you look in your inventory, you still have a mirror. There’s also a lamp here. Step under the lamp, just like before, and use the mirror on the water. Note, that’s the water, not the sprinkler. The light will go through and show a unique rainbow. If you noticed, the override panel is based on colors, so we’re all set.

In case you have trouble with the colors (well, Gateway 2 has a special mode for those who are actually color blind) just know that it’s supposed to be Blue, Purple, Yellow, Green, Red and Orange, in that order. I thought the blue and purple were off, for what it’s worth.

The sprinkler will shut down and the exit will open.

You’ll see our friend again, but this time there’s no extra puzzle. Just follow her out and use the tape on the VCR to download another two clips.

Gateway 2 Walkthrough - Fourth Door

Gateway 2 Walkthrough - Reaching the 4th Tape

Step through the last door. Look through the window to notice an experiment subject tied up to a math machine. Take a look at the left wall above the door. There should be some numbers lit up. We need him to type those numbers. I believe that they should be 24, 79 and 163 each time. If he gets the problem wrong, just punish him and he’ll do it again. Once he puts the number in, a bulb will light up. Hit reset to move on to the next one.

If you’re having trouble with it since you can’t use a zero or a triple digit number, then 12+12, 41+38 and 81+82 will work.

The door will open after the third problem is correct.

Enter this room and look through the telescope. You should see that it’s the room we were in earlier. She’ll walk in and do the three blinks. Click out of the telescope and return the three blinks to her. She’ll turn her light on and leave it on to confirm that you did it right. Look back through the telescope to see her pick up a phone. You’ll get some interference to note that she’s trying to call you. Look at the phone on the table. The notepad for this is a little easier. The numbers are just a standard scale. Pick up the receiver and punch the number in, 11223311.

She’ll open the door for you.

Walk through to enter the room you should have seen a few times by now. There’s a familiar painting of the pyramids in the background. That’s our clue. Remember the code from the painting’s twin. 786. Look at the TV and punch those numbers in. Note that you need to back away from the TV and try again if you get it wrong. The bookcase will swing open and reveal the final tape with the last three clips.

Backtrack to the main room and you’ll meet her again, but things won’t go as we probably would have hoped.

Gateway 2 Walkthrough - Conclusion

Gateway 2 Walkthrough - The Numberpad on the Girl

We can’t do much for the girl just yet. Use the tape on the VCR to download the last three clips. Watch them too.

Now, back away from the TV and look at the ground. There’s now a wire on the floor. Grab it and look at the girl. You can plug the wire into a port on her neck. Do so to turn her numberpad on and hook it up to the TV. All we have to do is put the clips in order (since they were scattered before). Note that events progress from her life with her mother, meeting her boyfriend, the accident and finally clip #1, where she’s in a coma on the couch.

The appropriate code for this (in case you don’t feel like writing it down or keep messing it up) is 264379851. Punch it in to sort out her memories and bring about closure. Enjoy the ending and follow her off the bridge to bring up the credits.