The Visitor Walkthrough

The Visitor Walkthrough
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The Visitor is a horror game where you will need to click on the right things in the environment in the right order to move through the levels and ultimately either kill everyone or leave just one survivor behind to tell the tale. The controls are really easy, so most of this The Visitor walkthrough will just cover the order that you need to follow.

Note - The Visitor is quite gory. You have been warned.

Note that I played this on Kongregate, so I will also cover how to get the two badges for The Visitor on Kongregate.

The Visitor Walkthrough - The Lake

Well, we’ve just landed by the cabin but we can’t exactly do much as a little worm/alien parasite thing. We can’t get onto the land just yet. Click on the tree branch that’s hanging out over the water. It will fall. Jump on the branch and then click on the frog to take it over and get a little bit more useful.

Now, we need to get a little further inland but there isn’t anything that we can do. We can’t manipulate the fishing rod enough and the bird is weighing down the most likely stand for it. Thankfully, we just opened up a big thing of bugs. Click on the new hole in the tree to make the bird fly over to it and start eating. You can now tip over the stump that the bird was sitting on and use it as a stand for the fishing rod. Click on the rod and cast it into the water.

You can use the meteor to scare the fish onto your hook, but you can’t actually pull it up and possess it. We just need to use it as a catapult. It won’t just snap back immediately if you’re weighing it down. Crash the meteor to get the fish on the line, click on the Visitor to have it jump onto the rod. Start reeling it in. Click a few times until the line breaks and slingshots the Visitor to the far away cabin.

The Visitor Walkthrough - Entering the Cabin

The Visitor Walkthrough - The Cabin and the Cat

Okay, this is pretty simple really. Click on the door to get in so that the cat blocks you and focuses on you. The Visitor can’t get inside without taking care of the cat first. Swallow the apple core by clicking on it. The Visitor will vomit it out onto the plants and attract some bugs, which get caught in the web, which brings out a spider which catches the cat’s eye.

Go ahead and click on the door knob again. You’ll fling the Visitor at it but find that he’s a bit lacking in mass and opposable thumbs to actually turn the thing and the cat will now be quite interested in you. The cat will bat you away from the hole in the floorboard, so you need a quick distraction. Click at the top of the screen to grab the tree branch and distract the cat. You’ll automatically slip through the hole in the floorboard to escape and leave the cat quite distracted.

These pipes aren’t too complicated. You need to get on the second (one up from the bottom one) and turn the pale yellowish knob. Hitting the blue and then the yellow will work. The cat is still distracted and while it might be able to protect it’s month, it seems to be a bit vulnerable at the moment. Yeah…we’re going in. Click on the cat’s butt to infest it and blow it up. We have arms now, so you can just turn the nob and slip into the kitchen.

The Visitor Walkthrough - The Cabin Kitchen

The Visitor Walkthrough - Cabin Kitchen and Killing the Woman

This is pretty simple. We need to get through the vent (since the dog’s blocking the door), but the human is blocking our way. She’ll also put back anything that we possess.

So you need to distract her first. Note that you can repeat the distraction infinitely until she’s dead, so don’t worry if you’re too slow the first time. The only thing that works without her immediately fixing it is the blender. Pop the top off and put an orange in there. Then click the button on the blender to start it up. Take the lid off to give her a mess to deal with. Don’t worry about the knife trap just yet. Turn on the faucet on the sink to make it flood the floor. Then click on the drawer and the knife to make a nice trap for her to fall into. This should kill her.

Since she’s dead, you can make a run across the fairly safe counter. Click on the VIsitor and then the lightbulb to slingshot up to the refrigerator. The vent itself is still sealed shut. Thankfully, since the human’s dead, we can turn the air conditioning up full blast to knock the vent loose. Click it a few times until the vent falls off, then slip through the hole to get into the bedroom.

The Visitor Walkthrough - The Bedroom

Click on the vent to pull it off and enter the room. Go ahead and click on the bird to let it out of its cage so it won’t bother us for a second. You can jump right into the fish tank to possess the fish and blow him up. You now have enough mass for a little more hunting. The bird is too quick for you to just grab it, so click on yourself to drop to the floor. Then hide in the clothes pile. The bird’s food should already be on the floor, so the bird will come down to the floor with its back to you. Click on the bird to snag it and eat it. Click on the clothes pile to jump out and show off your new bird powers.

The man on the top bunk has his mouth on it. Click on it to fly inside and take him out. The man on the bottom has woken up with understandable confusion. Click on the Visitor to drop down behind him. Click on the the man to kill him in a fairly spectacular fashion.

The Visitor Walkthrough - The Last Scene - The Bathroom

The Visitor Walkthrough - Killing the Visitor and Saving the Survivor

This is one of the few tricky ones. There are actually three endings, two of them hidden fairly well. This is why they allow you to just replay the last scene of The Visitor, in case you were wondering. You have the option to end the rampage though (and as it’s described in the Kongregate badge) all good horror stories leave a single survivor behind to tell the tale.

If you don’t do anything or click anything besides the door, then our fully formed visitor will take off half of the survivor’s head and fly away. That’s ending one. The Visitor is alive and everyone in the house is dead. This also happens if you click things in the wrong order. It is not time-based.

If you close the door, then you have a moment to experiment. Click on the toilet paper roll and then click on the toilet. Flush the toilet to flood the room. Now, click on the faucet in what’s apparently a type of small bathtub close to the front. This will give us a nice tub of water. Click on the door under the sink and grab the hair dryer. This should trigger the Visitor to break down the door, but slip and fall into the tub.

Click on the power outlet to plug the hair dryer in. Now, if you toss it into the tub with the Visitor, you’ll kill him, but not quickly enough to keep him from taking out the last survivor’s head with his last attack. This is the second ending. Everyone will die but the last survivor managed to kill the Visitor.

The last ending requires some odd logic. If you want the survivor in The Visitor to live, then you need to turn the faucet on for the sink to flood it after you pull out the hair dryer. Plug the hair dryer into the outlet and throw it into the sink, not the tub. This will blow off the locked cabinet door below it and reveal a pistol.

Click on the pistol three times to put a few rounds into the Visitor. You can click two more times to bash its skull in and kill it. This is the third and final ending.

Enjoy the brief credits. You’ve completed the game.