I Remain Walkthrough - Looting the House

I Remain Walkthrough - Looting the House
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I Remain Walkthrough - Introduction

Our goal in I Remain is pretty clear. We need to make it out of the house and past the zombies to survive another day. This means figuring out how to get the van running and finding everything that we need in supplies. For a step-by-step guide, just read the I Remain walkthrough below.

Note that I played this on Kongregate free and got the badge for it. If you’re interested in playing other fun and free zombie games, then I have a list for that too.

I Remain Walkthrough - Quick Scavenging

Well, the first thing that you have to do is secure the entrance. Grab the hammer and nails and combine them. Then use the combined item to seal up the door. Go to the left and look at the refrigerator and pull the magnet off of it. Walk forward to the area by the fireplace. Look at the desk and pull out the drawer on the left to get the basement key.

Look at the boarded up window with the cupboard panel. Grab the small clamp, the curtain rod and the curtain.

Backtrack to the entrance and use the key to open the door. Go down the steps. There’s a zombie in the basement, so we can’t go much further. Obviously we’re going to have to take care of him in a little bit. For now, just grab the nails on the upper shelf by the stairs. Combine the nails and the hammer.

Walk back out to the fireplace and down to bedroom hallway. You can use the hammer and nails to board up the window and keep the zombies out.

Time for just a little more scavenging.

Go into the bathroom in back first. As you can tell, the toilet is all smashed up and there’s something shiny down the pipe. Nothing we can do about that now though. Just keep it in mind.

Grab the pot out of the bathtub and pick up the extension cord off of the floor.

Go into the guest bedroom next to it. Grab the sheets off of the floor and open the closet. Grab the fuse inside.

Walk back to the basement and open the fuse box next to the door. Put the fuse in the bottom slot and kill the zombie. Go ahead and take it out. Then put it into the middle slot. That’s the one for the attic. Go into the basement and examine the dead zombie. You can grab the bedroom key off of his body. The sump pump and the cabinet aren’t anything that we can mess with for now.

Look under the steps and pick up the tarp. Also, look into the back corner. Use the small clamp on the propane pipe to kill the flames in the fire place.

Let’s check out the bedroom. Use the key to unlock it and grab the bedsheets, the power drill under it and the fishing hook off of the night table. For now, we’re basically done collecting. You mainly just need to do a little work.

I Remain Walkthrough - Getting to the Van

I Remain Walkthrough - Getting to the Van

Go ahead and start by combing the fishing hook and the curtain rod to make a big hook. You can use it to pull down the attic trap door. Go up into the attic. If you put the fuse in the unmarked center slot, like I suggested, then it already has power. If not, go back and move the fuse up to that slot.

If you already killed the fire by clamping the propane line, then you’re all set for our next little run. Use the hammer to knock a few loose bricks out of the chimney. Feed the extension cord down the chimney. Run down and examine the chimney. Click on the cord to automatically plug it into the wall outlet. Run up and look at the window. You can use the power drill to take the vent off of the window and clear the way to van. If you’ve followed my directions, you should have four pieces of cloth (tarp from the basement, bedsheets from the guest room and bedroom and a curtain off of the boarded up window). Tie them all together. Use this new rope on the van to make a little escape path to the opening in the roof.

Get into the van and grab the rubber boots and sump pump parts. Go up to the front seat. Grab the desk drawer key off of the seat and then the fishing float off of the dashboard.

We’re ready for a little bit more work and lots of combination.

I Remain Walkthrough - The Van Key

I Remain Walkthrough - The Van Key

Go into the basement and fill up the pot with some water from the floor. Walk into the bathroom and attach the magnet to the floater and drop it down the pipe. Fill it with water to get it back (If you fill it with water before hand, you have to go down to the basement and go into the corner with the cabinet. Click on the red wrench attached to the pipe to drain the water out. Fill it up again to get the magnet back to the top). The magent will pull up the van key. Grab it.

While you’re inside, stop by the desk and use the desk key to open the locked drawer. Grab the pen and paper from inside (the note is just a hint for getting the key).

Go back out to the van. You can use the van key on the locked glove box to open it. Grab the electrician gloves inside. The note inside also explains that the combination code for the safe is written on the inside of the cupboard, which is now the only thing holding out a bunch of zombies as the first window barricade. We’re going to have to look at it from the outside. That will take care of itself though.

I Remain Walkthrough - The Basement

I Remain Walkthrough - The Sump Pump

Go back to the basement. We’re finally ready to drain it. Move the fuse back to the bottom slot to power the basement up again. Go down the steps and look at the sump pump spot on the wall. Use the sump pump parts to repair it and then use the electrician gloves to operate it safely. The basement will finally drain. You can read the note by the dead body to confirm that the spark plugs are in the safe (it was on his to-do list before the attacks, so that’s one of the things he threw into it).

Now that the basement is drained, you can use the power drill on the locked cabinet. Grab the extra fuse and the binoculars inside. Note that getting the extra fuse seems to be necessary for the Kongregate badge, so get it. Use the fuse to fill the fuse box back up and relight the attic.

I Remain Walkthrough - Escaping the House

I Remain Walkthrough - Escaping in the Van

Run back out to the van and go to the front seat. Use the lever by the steering wheel and turn on the headlights to light up the code on the cupboard door. Use the binoculars to see it and then use the pen and paper to write it down. Go back to the bedroom and use the pen and paper on the safe to open it up.

Grab the spark plugs and go ahead and grab the bandages and money from inside.

Run back out to the van and go to the front seat. Use the spark plugs on the open holes in the engine block and use the van key to start up the van and drive away.

Congratulations, you just beat “I Remain.”