Foreign Creature Walkthrough - Escaping the Lab

Foreign Creature Walkthrough - Escaping the Lab
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Foreign Creature Walkthrough - Introduction

Foreign Creature puts us in the shoes of an alien that has crash landed on the planet. Our general goal is to escape and survive the dangers of the world as we grow larger and lay the tracks for our devious plot. I’ll take you all the way through the initial escape and help you work your way back as a human to gather the information that you need.

This game is very gory. It is not for the faint of heart!

Note that if you like Foreign Creature, you’ll also like The Visitor. If you play it, then go ahead and read my The Visitor walkthrough to get all three endings and finish quickly.

Foreign Creature Walkthrough - Escaping the Lab

This is a fairly easy start. We need to kill that scientist so that we can quietly escape from the cage.

Foreign Creature Walkthrough - The Bird Form Lets You Escape from the Lab Yard

There are three distractions to play with but only one real option. Click on the flask on the burner to make it start to boil over. The scientist will have to actually get up and move over to fix it. Turn on the sink to flood the room while he’s fixing the burner (normally he’d just shut the sink off). Once he slips and falls, you can click on that tube of strange green liquid. Let’s see what that will do. Once you burn out the scientist’s brain, you’re free to escape. Click on the Foreign Creature to bust out and leave the room.

We’re not completely out of the woods though. You need to get past the security guard on duty. Click on the banana peel to set up some old fashioned slapstick and then turn the lights off. This should trip him up. Click on the flourescent bulb above the security guard to knock him out completely. Grab his gun and finish him off. Click on the Foreign Creature to come out from hiding. The only thing left to do is click on the Professor’s door sign to make it fall off and reveal his keys. You should take off through the window.

We’re almost out of the woods, except we still need to leave the yard outside the laboratory and there’s a dog that’s trying to stop us. Go ahead and click on the cat in the background to become something a little more formidable. We’re almost ready for the fight with the dog. Click on the baseball in the yard and pick up the bat too to provoke the dog into a fight. There’s a chainsaw next to the bird cage…I think you know what to do to end the fight.

Click on the bird cage to free the bird and promptly capture it to create a very cool new form. Click on the bird form of the Foreign Creature to fly off to the city.

Foreign Creature Walkthrough - The City

Foreign Creature - Killing the Sleeping Couple

This is pretty quick. We just need to hide out for a moment until the lab opens back up in the morning for a little exploration.

This couple should provide a good target. The wife is easily bothered by the lamp, but she can also fix it quickly. Use the scissors to cut the cord and get her out of bed to fix it. Knock over the glass of water on the nightstand to fry her. This wakes up the husband and makes him open his month. Isn’t that convenient. Click on the Foreign Creature to take over the husband. We still need to finish off the wife, so look at the top of the closet. Take the knife out of its holder and put it into the air. Click it again to finish off the wife and end the night. We’ll just crash until morning for now.

On the drive to the park you should notice a happy little park scene. We can’t leave that alone, now can we?

We need to start a little turmoil before we can tweak things in the right direction. Pick up the little rock behind the fisherman and click it again to throw the rock into the boyfriend’s head. This should start a nice little fight. Click on the fisherman’s knife to trigger a really sweet knife throw. Click on the shocked girlfriend to make the insane fisherman chase her around the park.

Look at the snake in the bottom left corner. Click on it when you can to make it set the trap. It will leap out and bit the woman on the next pass. This should make the fisherman stop in a very convenient stop. Click on the lamp to pull it down on top of him. Click on the pond to dispose of all three bodies and click on our red car to move closer to the lab.

We still need another distraction, so it’s time to cause an accident. Watch the bottom left corner for a clumsy office worker (he drops something and blindly chases it a few steps, which is supposed to be our clue). When he enters the second crosswalk on the bottom, start clicking on him wildly to throw the briefcase into the street and trigger a really big pileup in the intersection.

Foreign Creature Walkthrough - Return to the Lab

This is the big finale. We’re back in the office and have time to look, but we’re not alone. Someone else is also searching the office and we need

Foreign Creature Walkthrough - Returning to the Lab

to kill him.

You actually have a choice of distractions for this one. You can use the air conditioner directly, the window or the remote control on the desk. Just use one to distract him and use the time to search the open desk drawer. Grab the middle key on the keyring. Use the key to open the safe behind the thief.

Use the distraction again to grab the mysterious bottle of chemicals from the safe and move it to the desk. Kill on the blue bottle opener to rip it open. You just need a way to deliver it now. Look in the trash can in the bottom left corner and click on the aerosol can to fill it up and make some improvised mace. Use it on the thief to make him stick his head out the window.

I think you know what to do. Take his head off and then click on the Foreign Creature to make him come out of his hiding spot. He knows where to look too. Click on the book to read the scientific account of the Foreign Creature’s first days on Earth. He’ll get ready to burn the book after you close it, but a new person will interfere. And…that’s the cliffhanger. Thankfully, Foreign Creature 2 is already out so you can move right on to the next one.