iPhone Game Reviews: Cut the Rope iPhone Game Review

iPhone Game Reviews: Cut the Rope iPhone Game Review
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Cut the Rope - Gameplay

First, the story. A mysterious package has arrived containing a cute character named Om Nom. Om Nom has one special request from you, give him candies. And that’s the objective of this game. Help Om Nom get his candy fix in every level of the 100 levels contained in the 4 chapters of the game.

The game combines outstanding physics, devilishly tricky levels, and bright colorful visuals to give you an outstanding game that will equal, if not surpass, the excitement and greatness of Angry Birds.

So how do you play the game? In every level you will be given a different challenge and the objective is to make a candy reach Om Nom’s wide open mouth. If you think that the game is as easy as just feeding our beloved character with the candy, well think again. It’s not as easy as it may seem. In every level, you must use your wit and logic in trying to resolve the puzzle that will eventually lead the candy to Om Nom’s mouth. You’ll be facing several obstacles and puzzles that you must solve to meet your objective. Sometimes, you’ll be needing bubbles, swing the candy around and of course with the ultimate goal of cutting the rope to bring it to Om Nom’s position.

What you’ll appreciate about the different levels of these game is that each of the levels are designed differently from each other. Hence, you’ll never get tired of doing one level after another. The game developer really put a lot of effort into designing the different levels of the game. And because of that, the game excels in the gameplay department.

Cut the Rope - Features

cut the rope screenshot 2

Aside from trying to feed Om Nom with a candy, the game also has another goal. Get the three stars in every level as you try to solve the puzzles. Collecting these stars will be necessary to advance to the next chapters of the game as well as to get the maximum points in the game. Some of these stars are easy to get, while others are very difficult. And of course, you have to get them while trying to feed the candy to Om Nom. So, that’s an added challenge to the game.

Other obstacles that you have to deal with are jagged spikes that will smash the candy into bits and sneaky spiders who are out to steal Om Nom’s candy supply for every level.

Cut the Rope - Graphics and Game Physics

As well as its great gameplay, another feature where the game excels is in the graphics department. Each of the game levels were beautifully designed and well conceptualized. The levels are colorful and that helps in keeping you glued into the game until the very last level. The game’s physics engine is equally astonishing as well. From the swaying of the ropes and the effects rendered when ropes are cut to the bursting of bubbles and smashing of candy when it crashes into the jagged spikes, all of the animations are superbly done.

Other features of the game include - support for crystal leaderboards and achievements as well Apple’s Game Center.

Our Verdict

Needless to say Cut the Rope is definitely a great iPhone game. It is hands-down one of the best, entertaining, intelligently designed games for iPhone released to date. Everything about Cut the Rope is great - from graphics to gameplay, to the added features and online gaming support through leaderboards and Game Center. It’s definitely a must-download for all iPhone gamers.

Cut the Rope is available now from the App Store for $0.99.