The World Ends with You: Boss Battle Guide

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Shiki’s Week

Boss Name: Metal Corehog

HP: 600

First Fight: Shiki, Day Two

Boss Noise Location: None

Pin Points: 5

Strategy: First, get rid of the two Garage Wolves, otherwise they will be a pain later on. When you finish with that, concentrate any long-range attacks you have on the Corehog. If you use any close-range attacks, it will counter you and send you reeling. If you stay far away for too long, the Corehog will fire its spines at you. Try and finish the battle before this happens, otherwise you could end up doing this battle again.

Boss Name: Vespertillo Canor

HP: 800

First Fight: Shiki, Day Three

Boss Noise Location: Shiki, Day Three. A-East, in the lower-right corner.

Pin Points: 10

Strategy: First, in order to harm V. Canor, erase one of the flashing Gabba Bats. This will not only reveal where V. Canor is, but also allow you to damage him. Furthermore, if you erase the other two, he will be frozen for about a minute. During this time, he will create more Gabba Bats. Shiki can erase them while Neku damages V. Canor. Over time, they will come faster, and after ten have spawned on the top screen, you will need to repeat the erasing of the flashing bats.

Boss Name: Swing Shark

HP: 1200

First Fight: Shiki, Day Four

Boss Noise Location: Various

Pin Points: 15

Strategy: Erase all of the other noise first. Otherwise, S. Shark can eat them and get extremely powerful. After that is done, finish off the main course. Whenever you see a ripple on the ground, get out of the way. That is where the Shark will pop up to have a snack. Keep bombarding him with attacks and he should fall with ease.

Boss Name: Cornix Canor

HP: 800

First Fight: Shiki, Day Seven

Boss Noise Location: Shiki, Day Five. Molco, in the middle of the “Mile & Style” sign in the bottom left-hand corner.

Pin Points: 20

Strategy: First, defeat the two Decadravens to begin the actual boss battle. After that, you will start fighting C. Canor. Ignore the Decadravens, as they will endlessly re-spawn. When the shadow of C. Canor passes overhead twice and grows bigger the second time, he is about to begin his attack. He will swoop down and try to grab an obstacle. Take this chance to damage him, as it is one of few times you can. If he goes off screen with an obstacle, he will appear near Shiki. Attack the obstacle to destroy it, and then attack Canor. This is the only other time you can damage him. If you fail to destroy the obstacle, he will drop it on Neku. If you see a growing shadow that falls off Canor’s shadow, move out of the way, as this is the obstacle. This fight is easier than it seems.

Boss Name: Ovis Cantus

HP: 8000

First Fight: Shiki, Day Seven

Boss Noise Location: Shiki, Day Seven. Shiki, Day Seven. Station Underpass, right before the normal boss battle.

Pin Points: 30

Strategy: This guy is actually the first hard boss you will fight for a while. He can be hit by any attacks; so don’t hesitate to use a pin if it hits only on the ground or the air. He will always say something before his attacks. If he says “Time for a taste test,” don’t bother attacking. He will create a dark vortex that absorbs all attacks. It will last about 30 seconds. If you hear, “I will char your bones black!” He’s about to use his two-stage attack. During the first stage, he sends lighting orbs at Neku and Shiki. Neku will have an easier time dodging them. About ten seconds later, the second part of this attack starts. The screen will flash for a brief moment and then lightning will try and strike Neku. Keep moving and you should be able to avoid this. If you do get hit, you will be stunned for a little bit, and will be hit by a slew of attacks. The second stage only happens when he goes into his second form, which happens when he loses half of his first bar of health. During his second stage, he also gains some new attacks. If he talks about pounding you, he’s about to crush you with his fist. After he does that, he may try the same on Shiki. Jump with her to avoid this. If he mentions mincing you, he will swing one of his arms to hit you. Go to the opposite side to avoid being hit. This boss may take a few tries to beat.