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Golden Sun Dark Dawn: Djinni Guide Part 2

by: Nighthand ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Golden Sun Dark Dawn is the newest entry in the franchise, a long-awaited sequel. It takes the main character's children as characters and explores the world 30 years later. So explore the world now and use this guide to get all the Djinni for your own! 18 of each element! Find them all!

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    In this second pa1 - Logo rt of the Golden Sun Dark Dawn Djinn Guide, we follow the heroes Matthew, Tyrell, and Karis as they gather a party together and go on an adventure across the world. In the first part I covered most of the easier to obtain Djinn, though many of them are possibly to miss forever if you're not careful.

    This second part covered the events from meeting Laurel and Trent, all the way to the end of the game. Djinn from Pewter, which comes with you forcibly, to Flare or Rime, who are harder to find, are all covered here.

    Keep in mind in your hunting, however, that once you enter Belinsk to rescue Eoleo, you'll not be able to leave. Once you do leave, through story progression, you'll never be able to return to any of the northern areas of the continent. Any Djinn you missed will be gone forever. Any Djinn it's possible to miss in this manner are marked in the guide.

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    41 Through 45

    Pewter, Earth - Laurel uses this spirit of emotion as her envoy, sometimes to her regret. Pewter's attack can penetrate strong defenses with molten metal. Ability: Attack wit12 - Djinn Japanese h molten metal through defenses. This Djinn guides you to Laurel and Trent, and will join you at the end of the conversation.

    Teardrop, Water - This spirit embodies tears shed in grief and is encountered in Kolima Forest. Teardrop's own tears can bring people back from the brink of death. Ability: Usually revive a downed ally with grieving. Leaving Kolima, take the left branch, not up the mountain. You'll be able to use Crush to make a path to the Djinn under the waterfall. Teardrop is Permanently Missable once the eclipse happens.

    Puff, Wind - This spirit of clouds is first encountered at Talon Peak. Puff fills enemies with cloudstuff until they burst. Ability: Inflate an enemy to bursting. Seen on the way up to the roc, but you can't get it until after you get the feather. Crush the ledge that the roc cracks for you, and you can slide down to the Djinni. Puff is Permanently Missable once the eclipse happens.

    At this point in the game you should have 43 Djinni; 10 Venus, 7 Mars, 12 Mercury, and 14 Jupiter. Once you enter Belinsk after the events with the Roc, you will be unable to return to any town from Te Rya to Belinsk.

    Chasm, Earth - A spirit of the void, this Djinni is found deep in the Belinsk Ruins. The Vacuum within Chasm draws everything in. Ability: Send damage the party takes to the void. In the Belinsk Ruins after a lot of dialgue, you'll find this Djinni sitting on a sunken pillar. Crush the one next to it to fling it onto the stairs, then circle around to g13 - Cast Art et it. Chasm is Permanently Missable once you leave the ruins.

    Pincer, Water - This spirit represents peaceful sea life and is met in Belinsk. Pincer's Attack erodes an enemy's ability to resist Psynergy. Ability: Pinch enemy to drop its resistance. The house on the left of Belinsk's main plaza, you no doubt have seen the Djinn but had no idea how to reach it. Well, now you can. Talk to the sleeping people and one will leave, spill water, and come back. You can now douse the fire and freeze the water to climb across and up. Pincer is Permanently Missable once you leave Belinsk.

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    46 Through 50

    Once you leave Belinsk You will be unable to return to Belinsk, Kolima, Te Rya, Border Town, or Port Rago. Make sure you have 11 Venus, 7 Mars, 13 Mercury, and 14 Jupiter Djinn before leaving. From here on out, no Djinn is permanently missable.

    Reflux, Fire - This spirit of14 - Karis  burning pain joins the party with Eoleo. Reflux is essentially cowardly but lashes out with horns whem approached. Ability: Boost counterattack rate. Joins you with Eoleo.

    Wrath, Fire - This spirit of hot rage joins the party with Eoleo. Wrath's vicioius attack may exhaust an enemy immediately. Ability: Attack with force that may knock foe out. Joins you with Eoleo.

    Chili, Fire - This spirit has influence over spicy heat and is a favorite of Eoleo's. Chili's power leaves a foe breathless and unable to move. Ability: Stun and injure a foe with explosive force. Joins you with Eoleo.

    Glow, Fire - This spirit of fading light joins the party with Eoleo. Glow breathes on the remaining embers of life, rejuvenating knocked-out allies. Ability: Revive a downed ally with near certainty. Joins you with Eoleo.

    Stoke, Fire - This spirit causes fires to brun ever hotter and joined with Eoleo. Stoke's inspiring presence rallies friends to fight more fiercly. Ability: Boost party attack with a call to victory. Joins you with Eoleo.

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    51 Through 54

    Spring, Water - This hopeful spirit represents the water that bubbles from springs and is found in Harun Village. Spring's water is supernaturally refreshing. Ability: Restore HP with healing springwater. East of the Mainland is Harun, an island with the next plot event on it. In the caves you'll find a boulder you need to crush, it will free a path to Spring.

    Chain, Earth - This spirit represents earth's binding powers and is first met on Warrior's Hill. Chain's attacks hold a foe in place to help allies coordinate strikes. Ability: Entangle a foe so each ally can attack. On Harun Island, after raising the Warrior towers, you'll be able to exit the one inside the sto15 - Tyrell ne circle you couldn't get to before, and climb a tree to get to Chain.

    Sizzle, Fire - This spirit of blazing heat is first met at Nihan. Sizzle's attack sears foes, leaving them vulnerable to further attack. Ability: Damage and drop a foe's defense with heat. One of the harder Djinn to find, you have to go to the Japan-looking islands where Yamata lies. Circle around the mountain range until you're directly under the volcano and get into a random encounter in the tiny forest furthest left and up under the mountains. The Mars Djinni will be Sizzle.

    Kite, Wind - This spirit represents flight and is found in Yamata. From a high vantage point Kite gives the party key tactical advice, allowing for an extra action. Ability: Allow an ally to take an extra action. On the left side of Yamata is a pillar with nowhere to go. Move it, and use Crush on the cracked ground under it, to reveal a passage to Kite.

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    55 Through 61

    Buckle, Earth - This metallic spirit joins with Himi. Buckle's Influence over metals can harden substances to many times their original strength. Ability: Boost party Defense with a protective shell. Joins you with Himi.

    Clover, Earth - This fragrant spirit is met along with Himi.16 - Box Art  Clover's fresh scent seems to cleanse the soul and is quite calming. Ability: Restore allies' status to normal. Joins you with Himi.

    Magnet, Earth - This lodestone spirit joins the party with Himi. Magnet's attacks paralyze with a powerful force. Joins you with Himi.

    Geode, Earth - This spirit joins the party with Himi and was born from a mineral formation. Geode draws power from far underground to attack. Ability: Attack with a clod of earth. Joins you with Himi.

    Pepper, Fire - This spirit brings fiery influence to some foods and joins the party with Himi. Pepper can overwhelm an enemy's senses, leavng the foe stunned. Ability: Attack and stun a foe with unbearable heat. Joins you with Himi.

    Swift, Wind - This spirit of speed joins the group with Himi. Swift is the fastest of all spirits and always strikes before an enemy can. Ability: Use speed of the wind to strike first. Joins you with Himi.

    Shell, Water - This spirit of seashells is encountered at Gaia Falls. Shell's hard skin protects allies against the most storm-tossed seas (and enemy attacks). Ability: Shield allies from damage with a hard shell. Sail east from Yamata to the Gaia Falls, where one of the Umbra Pieces is located. Shell will be in this cave, behind the waterfall.

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    62 Through 66

    Rime, Water - This spirit embodies crusted ice and is met on an island in the far North. By encasing an enemy's mind in ice, Rime can seal that foe's Psynergy. Ability: Seal a foe's Psynergy. Far to the north-west, among the icebergs i17 - Goma s an abandoned-looking house. Rime will be found there.

    Geyser, Water - This spirit represents water under pressure and is found near Imil. Geyser's attack consists of a highly pressurized spray of water. Ability: Blast an enemy with a waterspout. In the extreme north-west is the Snowdrift shrine, the location of another Umbra item. Up top is a ski slope, where a Djinn skis down when you first arrive. Follow it's course and you can obtain Geyser.

    Tinder, Fire - This indomitable fire spirit is encountered in Ronfon. tinder can restoke life's fire with perfect reliability in an unconsciou sally. Ability: Revive a downed ally without fail. In Tonfon, capital of Sana, you'll find a sleeping man on a platform you can't reach. Use Slap to wake him up and he'll move his ferry, allowing you to cross rooftops to get to Tinder.

    Foam, Water - This spirit of churning oceans is first met near Tonfon. Foam can create areas of tidal instability that slow enemies down. Ability: Reduce foes' agility with tidal disturbance. South-west of tonfon, in an area where nothing else seems to be, under some mountains. You'll get into a random battle with a Mercury Djinni, which turns out to be Foam.

    Flare, Fire - This inspiring fire spirit is encountered at the volcanic island cave. Flare's ecstatic light elevates and refreshes the mind. Ability: Restore party PP with a psychic flare-up. In the far south of the map is a spiral-looking island with a volcano in it. Solve the puzzle inside and Flare will be yours.

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    67 Through 72

    Simoom, Wind - This spirit of bruning winds is first found at a small desert island. The violent winds Simoom creates are scorchingly hot and act like a toxin in the body. Ability: Scourge foe with a poisonous wind. Slightly south-west of Ayuthay is a cluster of islands, one of which is entirely beach. This island has 18 - Matthew an encounter with a Jupiter Djinni, which is Simoom.

    Fugue, Fire - This spirit represents the fiery passion of music and is found in Champa. Fugue's rhythm exhausts foes' mental strength. Ability: Fatigue your foes to drop their PP. In the Champa Camp, this Djinn is hanging from a palm tree. Slap it down like a coconut and talk to it and it will join.

    Lull, Wind - This musical spirit is found on an island in the Otka Sea. Lull's song is comforting and causes combatants to have trouble continuing the battle. Ability: Negotiate a temporary cease-fire for a turn. Near Yamata is a tornado that circles around the islands. Ride this tornado and it will deposit you in the center of that island you can't get to, as it's surrounded by rocks. In this dungeon's entrance is Lull.

    Ivy, Earth - This climbing-plant spirit is found in Passaj. With a single look into Ivy's eyes, an enemy may be immediately petrified. Ability: Turn an enemy to stone. Passaj, after the eclipse. Go to the Inn complex. One of the rooms will have a rag on the table. Pick it up and give it to the distraught girl in the Inn bedroom. She'll run back to the room you found the rag in, so follow her. After the conversation talk to the man on the left and he will offer to help you and join your group. Take him to the elevator room but don't get on the elevator. Instead you should see a Zol brick embedded in the wall. Examine it and the man will remove it for you, releasing Ivy.

    Hemlock, Earth - This spirit is associated with death and is found at the ruins in Yamata. Hemlock's grim power sentences the living to imminent death. Ability: Use ominous flora to doom all enemies. In the Yamata Ruins. Play around with the teleporters and you'll be able to access the Djinn.

    Aurora, Fire - This spirit of the sun's warming touch is found at Apollo Sanctum. Aurora's gentle influence heals other Djinn, speeding their recovery. Ability: Speed party Djinn recover with Sol's light. In the final dungeon, the Apollo Sanctum, you should spot this Djinn across a gap you need to Grip across to.

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    The Final Checklist

    Congratulati19 - Dark Dawn Battle ons! All 72 Djinni are yours! Did you miss any? Well, here's a list in elemental order, by name so you can check them off.

    Venus: Flint, Flower, Bark, Steel, Brick, Vine, Gears, Furrow, Garland, Pewter, Chasm, Chain, Buckle, Clover, Magnet, Geode, Ivy, Hemlock.

    Mars: Forge, Fever, Cinder, Lava, Brand, Fury, Glare, Reflux, Wrath, Chili, Glow, Stoke, Pepper, Tinder, Fugue, Sizzle, Flare, Aurora.

    Mercury: Chill, Sleet, Surge, Mist, Mellow, Claw, Serac, Dewdrop, Torrent, Coral, Spout, Teardrop, Pincer, Spring, Foam, Rime, Geyser, Shell.

    Jupiter: Gust, Jolt, Ether, Breath, Vortex, Doldrum, Sirocco, Wisp, Puff, Fleet, Waft, Bolt, Breeze, Haze, Kite, Lull, Swift, Simoom.

    Done with Golden Sun? Have questions you'd like to ask me? Ask away in the comments!