iPhone Game Review: Rimelands: Hammer of Troy

iPhone Game Review: Rimelands: Hammer of Troy
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Rimelands: Hammer of Troy - Storyline

One great element of the Rimelands: Hammer of Troy iPhone game is its deep storyline. Staying true to the RPG genre, this game’s storyline goes something like - humanity utilizing the world’s resources to the fullest causing it to become an uninhabitable wasteland. Because of this, humans lived in caves or underground vaults for several thousands of years. When it was time for humans to go back to the world they once deserted, they found that it was now inhabited by a new breed of creature called Faerie Folk. Fortunately after a brief war, the humans and Faerie Folk settled to co-exist peacefully. The adventure begins as you take control of Rose Cristo who must explore the humans' previous abode to find treasures left behind.

As Rose Cristo, you travel towns and vaults, gathering treasure, completing various quests, fighting enemies, and learning character skills and abilities.

Rimelands: Hammer of Troy - Gameplay

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Let’s now take a look at this game’s bread and butter - its unique battle system. To put it simply, as your character moves through dungeons and caves, she will encounter various enemies that she has to fight to move on. Once you are in a battle, you’ll start to appreciate this game more. So, how unique is this battle system really?

The game is turn-based. But unlike typical turn-based RPGs, wherein you have melee of attacks or defensive stances to use, in this game your action during battle is dependent on dice that randomly appear to indicate whose turn it is. So, when it’s your turn to attack, you can select various long-range and close-range attacks. The strength of damage you will inflict on your enemy is determined by the numbers that the dice displays. The same thing is true when you are defending yourself from the enemy’s attack. Your defense is also determined by the dice.

During the game, you can also gather weapons and items. You can upgrade these weapons as well. In addition, as you defeat enemies, your character earns gold and experience points, necessary when leveling up. The game provides you with three skill trees and you can take one skill path during one run of the game and then take the other skill tree if you decide to play the game again after defeating it.

Rimelands: Hammer of Troy - Graphics

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I couldn’t say anything more about this game when it comes to graphics. Consider it as one of the most beautifully rendered iPhone games ever. The environment is lush and colorful at times and then dark and haunting at other times. The in-game animations are excellent and so are the character renderings. This game definitely excels in the graphics department.

Our Verdict

What more can I say? It’s good to know that iPhone developers can still come up with great games in the RPG genre. It’s a welcome respite from the slew of shallow, graphics-intensive games that have been proliferating in the App Store. The well balanced graphics, gameplay and storyline aspects of Rimelands: Hammer of Troy make this a must-download not only for RPG fans but for iPhone gamers in general.

Rimelands: Hammer of Thor is available for $4.99.


Rimelands: Hammer of Troy: iTunes Link.

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