Facebook RPG Game Deep Realms: Assassin PVP Guide

Facebook RPG Game Deep Realms: Assassin PVP Guide
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Deep Realms is a new facebook RPG by Playdom. It has a nice art style and an engaging play style. The game contains a mix of RPG and social gaming elements. You get your standard classes of Warrior, Assassin, Ranger, Sorcerer, as well as a mixed class, which is called Templar. You have a lot of choices for weapons, armor, and skills coupled with a dash of storytelling.

The social gaming elements here are akin to that of Mafia Wars, FarmVille, and other games where you have a finite energy meter that you can use to explore new tiles where you might find traps or enemies to battle. You also have collections that you exchange for unique items, or get to fight powerful Bosses for some of the collection items. In parallel to the energy meter, you have the courage meter, which you can use to fight the bosses that you encounter or those that your friends ask help to defeat. This is also what you need for PVP battles

The game has a strong PVP system that is rooted in social media. You gain rank and honor by defeating other players at a similar level as you. Honor is just your win streak. You can gain different bonuses when your honor goes up, and depending to how much honor you have, you are either called Unranked (0-4 Honor), honorable (5-9 Honor), or Legendary (10+ Honor points).

The higher your rank, the better target you are for other people, since you give off more gold and experience when defeated. When you reach Honorable status and you get defeated, you can ask a friend to avenge you and redeem your honor by defeating your victor. If your friend wins, you get your status back - a very cool feature that encourages team play. It also has a good social game element which encourages players to invite their friends to play the game.

Assasin PVP Guide


The assassin is just one of the mêlée classes in the game, and as you may be used to already, an assassin will have skills that augment dodge and increase hit percentage. Skills in subterfuge and underhanded techniques are used in order to defeat an opponent. The skills of the assassin often inflict status ailments like poison and confuse, although other classes have similar attacks.

When in PVP you are only pitted against other players of similar levels so no one will be overpowered. It now boils down to equipment and the type of opponent that you are facing. As an assassin, your best bet is winning against Sorcerers and Templars, essentially more magic-centric opponents. You will not be able to hold your ground against most Warriors, and your chances with other Assassins is 50-50. Warriors have skills that give them defense against mêlée attacks and couple that with equipment then you might just be dealing damage of below 5 points, while you can do above that to Sorcerers and Templars.

At lower levels, equipment don’t matter much yet, since none of you guys can afford any and your skills are all basic - so everyone is pretty much in the same boat here.

Against Sorcerers and Templars (lv 18-24)


Head: Caspian Warding Helm, +1 magic armor and 10% escape effect

Top: Warding Robes, +2 magic armor

Bottoms: Nullifiers, +2 magic armor

Boots: Fire greaves, +30% resistance to fire effects (Templars usually have fire spells)

Gloves: Silver Cross Gloves, +1 magic armor, A collection item found in Lost Village

Now you have a total of 6 in magic armor, which negates 6 damage from spells and makes you almost invulnerable to spells at this level.


For your Skills select Strong hands (+2 hand damage), Death hands (+2 hand damage, +10% to hit with hand), and Unrepentant (+10% to hit with hand and magic attacks) or any skill that adds hit chance for hand attacks.

As for your attacks, choose Invisible hand (Dmg: 4, Hit: 70%, Cooldown: 2 turns, Stun 30%), Constrictor Choke (Dmg: 4, Hit: 50%, Cooldown: 2 turns, Choke 90%: 2 dmg, -30% to dodge all attacks), and finally Feint (Dmg: 1, Hit: 70%, Cooldown: 1 turn, Confuse 80%: -30% to hit with all attacks, -20% to dodge all attacks). You then execute the attacks on the order they appear here.

With your skills you should be getting an additional 20% to hit and +4 to damage on your attacks. Invisible Hand has a chance to stun the enemy making them loose a turn while you increase your per turn damage with choke, and also negate your opponent’s attack with confuse. Against magic users, you will be unstoppable most of the time.

Keep in mind, however, that your personal luck plays a big role in the game. I do not know if it is a problem with their calculations but I find that even attacks with a total of 110% of hit will still miss. How can 110% miss? It would be fine if the opponent dodged, but you missed! It gets annoying sometimes.

If you have other builds you would like to share, be sure to visit the comments section below.


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