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Dokapon Kingdom Game Review

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Aaron R. ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Dokapon Kingdom is a game suitable for everybody in the family. Four players can compete in a battle to save the kingdom from an army of invading monsters and sit on the throne of Dokapon.

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    The good

    The four player story mode is the best part; fun and entertaining to play with friends, and good clean fun for the family to fight off an afternoon of boredom. The in-depth customization system allows you to build up a character for good old party fun with friends and family.

    The Battle Royale mode provides fun and enjoyable combat. Use strategy to defeat the competiton, and you will rule the kingdom.

    You can also use multiple of controllers: the Wii remote (used on its side), the classic controller, and even a GameCube controller. Try them all and use the one that gives you the best control over your character.

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    The bad

    The single player mode could use improvement. It needs more depth in modes, more options for online play, and to be developed to provide more entertainment value for the gamer.

    The story mode is good with three or more players. But with two players it can quickly become unbalanced and less fun. With one player easily dominating once they get a lead, it is difficult to complete head to head.

    The learning curve is steep at first, but this turn-based game becomes more fun as you learn what you need to do to compete and win.

    The players for me don't engage in combat versus one another enough. Instead they are usually fighting monsters, visiting item shops to obtain more stuff, and landing on random squares like Chance or Community Chest in Monopoly.

    The battles rely a lot on luck in order to win and less on skill, the developers might have been better off by putting the need for more skill in the combat.

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    The story

    The King of Dokapon is offering up his throne to the adventurer who can rid the kingdom of the rampaging horde of invading monsters running wild in the countryside. You and up to three friends, or enemies, are the adventurers he has in mind for the job. You will need to navigate the maps littered with difficult challenges, evil creatures, and rare secrets to unlock on your way to becoming the king and winning the hand of Princess Penny. On your journey you will encounter odd characters, gather treasure and level-up in 12 different classes, each with specific skills, as you progress through the quests. You move on game board style over-maps, capturing towns, completing the quests, and collecting the resources you will need to rule, and then head back to the king for a new mission. Along the way you can rob stores for goods, and even hire someone to eliminate the competition.

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    How does the game look?

    Dokapon Kingdom looks okay, but it's not spectacular in its presentation. It is a little lackluster from what we adults are use to, but the kids will think its wonderful and fun looking.

    The world map has hundreds of well designed locations to visit, each offering items, equipment, secret locations to discover, and towns in which to ramble. They all look wonderful, provide enough detail to make them fun and entertaining, but certainly lack the polish of many of the titles we have seen lately.

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    How does the game sound?

    The soundtrack included with the game is okay, but lacks a little variety for me, often repeating the same song in many different situations.

    The sounds were all synchronized well. The sounds of battle against the monsters were kind of funny in spots, making me laugh out loud, but certainly needed a little more thought and detail to be really entertaining for me.

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    Dozens of hours of competitive fun is contained in the playability designed into Dokapon Kingdom. The young mind will find this title a lot more fun and enjoyable then the adult kind, but then it was designed primarily with the youngsters in mind, and it's successful in making the game extremely playable for kids.

    The easy to use and effective combat system makes this game no hack and slash special, you have to covertly choose your battle move in an intuitive battle interface that provides an element of surprise to the combat.

    The balanced play of the multiplayer mode is real cool. It is pure addictive fun that will have the kids screaming and laughing for hours.

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    The bottom line

    The best RPG for the Wii I have reviewed, yet, Dokapon Kingdom re-starts the genre for the Wii with fun, clean, interactive entertainment for up to four players. The board game style presentation often looks and feels more like a fun munchkin party game or humourous version of Risk, especially because of the turn-based system used, but can be fun for an open-minded older crowd.

    A sharp learning curve is in effect in the beginning, but after you get use to the intuitive battle system and strategies you need to employ to succeed, the game becomes cute, hilarious fun, despite the dice rolling aspects.

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