Roleplaying in Renaissance Kingdoms

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If you’re just starting a character in Renaissance Kingdoms, you might be amazed at how much roleplay happens at the community level throughout the game. You’ll be required to assume the role of a typical character from the Renaissance ages and will be expected to carry out this guise throughout the game.

The main areas where your roleplay abilities come into effect are the forums. In the main game interface, you don’t come across too many opportunities where you can display your roleplay abilities, except in the taverns and with the personal messages which you can send to other players. (Taverns, however, are the only place in game where people often go OOC, or Out of Character. This means that you may talk about your real life, your likes and dislikes, etc. In the forums, there is also a Lounge area which is exclusively an OOC area.)

Tips for Getting the Roleplay Right

  • Get your in-game profile complete. This is a good starting point for everyone. Think of how your character came to be and write out a dramatic history. This will give you ample ideas to get started in roleplaying.

  • Remember that you are in the Renaissance age. This means that there’s no television, no soccer game, and definitely no American Idol or any of the other latest stuff. There are fields, pastures, farms, capitals, governments, and most probably manure, but that’s it. So try to keep your posts within the “era”.

  • Address people correctly. Women are to be addressed as Lady so-and-so and men to be addressed as Lord so-and-so, or with the proper title. This instantly gives the post an aura of RP.

  • Join a group. There are a lot of guilds and groups where you can become a member and indulge in good RP. There’s also a guild that can teach you some of the finer points in roleplaying called the “Renaissance School of Roleplay” that is available to the characters residing in the in-game areas of Scotland and England. In addition, you can get help from other players in forming your own RP identity.

  • Join a family. Be a part of an existing RP family or create your own. You can also RP marriage with another player. But you must note that once you associate yourself with a family or another person, by means of RP, you may not be allowed to change it again, simply because this wasn’t possible in real life in those times.

  • Get your RP inspiration from others. There are already several threads indulging in RP activities like community festivals or marriages or even elections. Try to look at the kind of posts that other people make. Try to keep the action alive without going out of context and by maintaining suitable roleplay.