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The World Ends With You -- Cheats, Tips, and Tricks for the Nintendo DS

by: sinisterporpoise ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Not since the Legend of Zelda: the Phantom Hourglass has a DS game made use of the touch screen controls in such an interesting way. This can be a problem for some people and a boon for others. If you need to gain an advantage in this unique and somewhat quirky DS game, read on.

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    The World Ends With You: Not a Jemes Bond Film

    The World Ends With You Box The World Ends with you is a unique action-adventure role playing game for the Nintendo DS. Because the game does not use the buttons to controls most aspects of the game, there are not standard cheats for the game, but there are additional missions and modes a player can unlock if he completes certain missions in the game. People who judge this game based solely on its title may think this is the latest in the long line of not very good games based off of a recent movie, but instead it is a unique anime-style role playing game.

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    Gameplay Tips

    The World Ends With You Screenshot Getting used to the stylus can be a challenge for people used to mashing buttons, but the Nintendo DS touch screen controls often work better than the Wii controls for similar games, such as Destroy All Humans: Big Willy Unleashed. The controls for The World Ends with You are a a little more complex than the motions needed to play The Phantom Hourglass.

    The best tip is to make sure you draw the patterns on the screen as closely as you possibly can to what the game expects. Drawing a motion that deviates too far from what the game expects may cause the attack to fail. It is possible, depending on how the DS interprets the motion, that an incorrectly drawn attack triggers a different attack. (The results of such a mistake could be harmful or beneficial.)

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    Unloackables and Easter Eggs

    Players looking for additional things to do in the game, including a few extra missions that are made available only after the game is beaten, may want to find things to unlock. Perhaps the most important of these for people who want an added level of challenge is to unlock the difficult mode. Ultimate difficulty can be unlocked by buying the “A New Day” chapter at Shiba Q headquarters.

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    How to Unlock Certain Things

    Chapter Selection – Beat the Game

    Hidden Ending – Collect all Secret Reports

    Beat Save Icon – Finish the Third Week

    Joshua Save Icon – Complete the Second Week

    Mister Hanekoma Save Icon– Collect all the Secret Reports

    Mr. Mew Save Icon – 100% PIN Mastery

    Rhyme Save Icon – collect all the items in the game

    Shiki Save Icon – Finish the first week.

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    Reveal Playtime

    While there are no cheat codes in The World Ends with You, a player can press the Left and Right buttons on the bottom front sides of the DS to view the total amount of time he has spent playing the game. While this information is not usually all that useful, it could be a vital reminder that the user is playing an anime action-adventure role playing game, and not as the title seems to suggest, a video game based off of some feature film featuring British secret agent 007.


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