Mutants and Masterminds Character Generator

Mutants and Masterminds Character Generator
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Super You!

I am willing to bet that there was a time in every one of our lives where we tied a bath-towel around our necks and stood in front of a fan, pretending we were a super hero flying through the air, on our way to right some wrong with righteous courage, style, and hellacious force!

For those of you who may be a shade younger than I, I know you have. I’ve seen movies you kids have these days. With the blockbuster hits like Spiderman and all the X-Men movies, it’s no wonder the shelves are piled high with gigantic green foam gloves that make “smash” noises when they hit things.

I’m also willing to bet that if you ask anyone what super power they’d have if they could choos, it will have been something that they’ve already considered.

Back to Reality

Obviously, no matter how much we dream of flying or turning invisible, we always step wistfully back and shake away the dreams of our childhood for another dose of reality.

If this sounds like you, Mutants and Masterminds may be your chance to relive some of those towel-cape adventures you had in your childhood!

Like Dungeons and Dragons does for those who picture themselves fighting dragons with swords and shields, Mutants and Masterminds allows you to create a character who does the things you’d like to, and together with a Game Master, you write a story like you’d read in your favorite comic book.

Wanted: One Mutants and Masterminds Character Generator

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Also like Dungeons and Dragons, the first thing you need to do to play Mutants and Masterminds is create a character. Typically this is done using a Character Sheet and putting number values into certain places to determine what your character is capable of. Fortunately with the convenience of a computer, there are places you can browse that will make your character creation experience brief and enjoyable. Unfortunately, character generators are few and far between. Here are a couple:

If you have an installation of Microsoft Excel (97 or later) you can use Simpson’s M&M Excel Amazing Character Builder. However, in addition to requiring the Excel software, you will also need to join that group which means having a Yahoo! account will also be necessary.

There was also a company called Arknight Software who put out a Java based Mutants and Masterminds character generator called Mutagen! That website has since expired. I don’t know whether the company still exists, but I did find Mutagen! for download here!

Your Turn

Do you know of any good Mutants and Mastermind character generators or any other good utilities? Have you played M&M and want to post some thoughts? Were you recently detained by the authorities for running around public areas with a towel tied around your neck? I’d love to hear about it in the comments section below, and remember: Pics, or it didn’t happen!