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Top 3 Features That Mother 4 Should Have

by: David Sanchez ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Mother 4 still has a long way to go before it launches, so let's discuss some of the in-game elements that should be incorporated into this unofficial endeavor.

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    What Elements Should Appear in Mother 4?

    The main protagonist in Mother 4 will be a young boy named Chase. He certainly looks like he belongs in the series. 

    The fan-made game Mother 4 doesn’t seem to be nearing completion any time soon, but that hasn’t stopped fans of previous games in the series from getting excited over its release. The game certainly has the look of the franchise, and chances are the gameplay will follow in the footsteps of previous entries in the Mother series. But what about the subtle extras? What can the creators of Mother 4 incorporate into their promising endeavor?

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    References to Past Mother Games

    Pokey Minch is the type of evil kid you love to hate. 

    Though the three official Mother games are completely separate stories from one another, they still manage to feel somewhat linked to one another. Mother 4 is set to star a brand new protagonist in an all-new town, but that doesn’t mean the creators can’t throw in a few nods at the original Mother games. Granted this is an original title, so it would be foolish to expect Mother 4 to be overshadowed by the three previous Mother games. But a subtle mention of Ness or Pokey Minch would be pretty awesome.

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    Pop Culture References

    The Runaway Five were an obvious reference to the Blues Brothers. 

    If you played Earthbound--on the original cartridge or the Earthbound ROM--then you’re familiar with all the awesome pop culture references made in that game. The Blues Brothers, Monty Python, and even Chuck Berry’s music were parodied in Earthbound. While those references will likely bar the game from ever appearing on the Virtual Console (thus resulting in more Earthbound ROM downloading), that shouldn’t stop the makers of Mother 4 from throwing in a few comical references of their own. Maybe they can even poke fun at some more modern pop culture icons. Lindsay Lohan, anyone?

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    Insta-Win at Higher Levels

    Insta-win, how we miss you. 

    One of the cooler aspects of Earthbound was the insta-win mechanic that kicked in whenever you encountered a weak enemy. Rather than making you tediously face a Runaway Dog or Spiteful Crow that you may have encountered after reaching a high level, the game would immediately grant you the victory and award you with a few experience points. This element was great, but it went M.I.A. after Earthbound. Here’s hoping Mother 4 features this handy, time-saving mechanic into its gameplay.

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    What Do We Want to See in Mother 4?

    Controversial dialogue, strange and unique characters, and pop culture references. These are elements seen in previous Mother games, and they really helped the series stand out among other RPG franchises. Let’s hope Mother 4 includes subtle references to past games, a few pop culture references, and the sorely missed instant victory mechanic. Make it happen Mother 4 team. We’re all counting on you!