Game Tips and Strategy Hints for Megapolis

Game Tips and Strategy Hints for Megapolis
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About Megapolis

Megapolis is a city building game. Your main task is to improve existing cities by making improvements and additions to buildings, power sources and other structures that are needed. Success depends on the player’s ability to meet level goals, while keeping city residents happy and not over polluting or misusing resources inefficiently.

Basic Game Play


Each level in the game has specific requirements. In many scenarios you will need to construct new buildings, improve energy efficiency, add upgrades or increase overall city happiness. Megapolis is played on a single game screen.

To construct buildings, you will need workers, blueprints, permits, resources and money. Everything has a cost. You will need to pay to train workers. Blueprints of a building gives construction workers instructions on what is required to build it. A permit gives you permission to construct a particular type of building once. Each item you need for a building can be purchased by clicking on the appropriate icon (if you have enough money).

Once all requirements for a building are met, they can be constructed by clicking on the building’s icon located on the right side of the game screen. If a building icon looks gray, this means that it is missing a requirement and it will not allow you to build it.

All existing buildings you own produce a certain amount of revenue. This money accumulates at as steady pace while the game is played. Improvements to buildings generate more money, while energy upgrades help reduce costs and pollution.

Aside from simply making and improving buildings, you will need to worry about having enough energy to power the city. If there is not enough power, buildings will begin to have problems and will need repair more often. Energy levels can be improved by upgrading buildings with solar panels and other items. Another option is to build power plants. However, you will need the blueprint and permits to build them.

City Happiness

Simply placing buildings throughout a city is not enough to keep residents happy. Building parks, office buildings and educational facilities nearby homes improves happiness. However, placing factories, warehouses and other industrial buildings near homes has a negative effect on the residents living in these areas.

Game Tips

  • Buildings and upgrades can be constructed faster if you train extra workers.
  • To help improve Megapolis city happiness more efficiently, try to place parks and schools in a central location around several residential buildings.
  • Any building can be demolished for a cost. However, the income generated from it will stop. You will also need to pay for the rubble removal that results from destroying the building. Once the rubble is clear, a new building can be constructed in its place.
  • To build something in a forested area, the trees will need to be cleared out by first. You will need to pay for this service. In addition, removing forests decreases the level of ecology in the area.
  • Increase the amount of power consumption by constructing more power plants. Maximize it even further by upgrading them so they will generate even more power.
  • Decrease power usage by upgrading buildings with energy efficient items like solar panels. Purchasing the complex license upgrade will give you the maximum amount of energy saving, but it is costly ($200,000).

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