Setting up your Campaign in CivCity Rome - Building the Foundations of your Town, Providing Services, Monitoring Campaign Progress

Setting up your Campaign in CivCity Rome - Building the Foundations of your Town, Providing Services, Monitoring Campaign Progress
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Setting Up a Town in CivCity Rome

When you begin playing CivCity Rome the only campaign missions that are available to you will be related to city building. You start off as a lowly citizen and work your way up the Roman ranks until you complete campaign tasks and have enough experience to handle the military campaigns.

Start each level by carefully looking over the objectives. Some will require production of goods, improve culture, building a military force or earning a specific amount of money. Choose your level of difficulty (easy, medium or hard).

Take a look at the land areas on your map. Some terrain will be flat lands, mountainous, desert or rocky regions. Find a good location for your town center. Depending on your current campaign mission, choose a spot near important resources or a good defensive position.

Select the town center by clicking on the “house” icon. Place it where you want. People will then start arriving to your city. Now you need to build up a good foundation. Start by building homes for your citizens. Roads also need to be placed for faster and easier travel.

Taking Care of Basic Needs

Keeping the people happy is a big priority. They should always have food, water and a place to live. Unhappy citizens will leave your city, which will slow down production of goods and services. It will also impact your overall city rating and popularity in the Roman Empire.

In the early stages of a CivCity Rome campaign mission, your people will only require simpler items. Give them water by placing wells near their homes. For food, build a goat farm, granary and a butcher shop. With these items in place, you can start focusing on your campaign mission goals.

Monitoring your Campaign

CivCity Rome screenshot

To keep track of your progress, look at your Civilization Status screens. They are located by clicking on the “scroll” icon at the top right of your screen. Each screen in this section will provide you with a lot of helpful information.

The City Happiness report shows you how happy your people are with food, religion, money and technological advances. The Finance report displays a balance sheet that shows you your profit and losses. Statistics on current battle information are given through the Military report. Requests from the Senate keeps track of any items they need and the time you have left to complete the task.

You can see the progress of your campaign tasks by looking at the icons that display on the top left of the screen. If you forget what your mission goals were, you can review them by clicking the red icon.

Improving your City

Culture, production and technology improvements can be obtained by research. At the top of your screen, click the Research button. This will display all the items your city can learn. However, each item has a cost and will take a bit of time to complete. Keep in mind that as things improve, the people will require additional food and other items to keep them happy.

Winning the Campaign and Game

Once all required tasks have been completed in your current campaign or stand alone mission you win that portion of the game. To beat the entire CivCity Rome campaign, you will need to successfully win all missions.

Civ City Rome Strategy Tips

  • In agricultural focused missions, build several farms of the item you need to produce. However, don’t place too many at once since you need to be wary of your population of workers. Place storage facilities nearby the farms to store items. To increase production and efficiency further, be sure to research all applicable agricultural technology items.
  • Forts and weapons will always need to be built quickly in military missions. Place forts in an area that will provide the best protection for your town.
  • Swords require iron ore to be produced. You will need to mine it by having your people dig for it or it will need to be imported from another city. Once you have the ore, you can build a sword maker shop and your people with craft them for you.
  • Wood is needed for javelin weapons, boats, shipping docks and furniture. You can obtain it by building a wood cutter shop and placing it near a forested area. Otherwise it will need to be imported from another city.
  • In Civ City Rome military campaigns, always research technology that will help make your fighters better or improve your weapons production.
  • Resources will need to be imported if it is not available on your land. This is accomplished by setting up a trade agreement with other towns. Some trade routes will be by land others by water routes. For land trading, trader facilities will need to be built in town. Overseas imports require you to build a shipping dock and a trading boat for each item you want to import.
  • Culture and population focused campaign mission require you to closely watch your City Happiness reports. Click on homes to see if needs are being fulfilled. Items they need (and are missing) will be displayed as icons.Beautify your town by adding statues, gardens or architectural wonders (if applicable).
  • Requests from the Senate are high priority. They are always restricted by a specific time lime. Try to produce the items they need as quickly as possible.
  • Keep a close eye on your town’s finances. In some missions you can fail if you run out of money (Denarii). The Roman Empire will provide a limited number of loans, so use them sparingly. Improve your revenues by researching any technology that will increase tax and profit revenues.

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