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    • The Official ITTF Rules of Table Tennis
      You might have had a ping pong table in your garage growing up, but did you ever really know how to play the game? You can finally learn the official rules and regulations of table tennis here, and what you find might surprise you.
    • Celebrity Sports Showdown Wii Game Review
      Celebrity Sports Showdown gives me the feeling this idea was born at a marketing meeting and not a development session. The gameplay of the final product appears to be aimed at making a few quick bucks before we notice. It is recommended for young and casual gamers for a few minutes of quick fun.
    • Facebook Games: ESPNU College Town Game Guide
      ESPNU College town lets you build your own college on Facebook. Use residences, entertainment , venues and academic buildings as you construct your thriving college. Play games against other Facebook users and bring your team to the top of the leader boards.
    • Facebook Game Guides: Dynasty Hockey Game Guide
      Own your own NHL team full of past and present NHL stars. Play against other Facebook users or NHL teams. Draft players and manage your roster with Dynasty Hockey. Learn how to play the game with this guide.
    • Facebook Games: Dynasty Hockey
      Dynasty Hockey puts you in control of your own hockey franchise. Can you take your team made up of past and present NHL stars to hockey glory?
    • EA Sports World Series Superstars Review
      EA Sports World Series Superstars is a baseball simulation game you can play on Facebook. Get e real life MLB stars for your team, train, them and compete in different leagues as you work your way up to being a MLB star with World Series Superstars on Facebook.
    • Facebook Games: ESPNU College Town Review
      Create your own College on Facebook with ESPNU College Town. Build venues, residences, entertainment structures, and academic buildings,. Use decorations and get your college looking great. Play games against other Facebook users.
    • Play and Enjoy Frisbee on Your iPhone
      Frisbee Forever is a new iPhone game that takes on the popular pastime for kids and adults alike and gives it a virtual dimension. Quite surprisingly I find the game entertaining and fun to play. Is this game worthy of a space on your iPhone? Read on to find out.
    • Out of the Ball Park 10 Review
      Out of the Ball Park 10 is the best baseball management simulation on the market. You can start in the minors and work your way to the majors or start in the big leagues. This year they have improved the arbitration system, overhauled the free agent compensation feature, and made pitching changes.
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