Facebook Games: ESPNU College Town Game Guide - City Building Games Online

Facebook Games: ESPNU College Town Game Guide - City Building Games Online
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Getting Started

ESPNU College Town is one of the best city building games online. In the game you build up your own college. To get started you will need to choose a real life college or university team to be an affiliate with. As an affiliate you can play games against other Facebook users and if your team wins your affiliate will move up the leader boards. So for example if you’re an affiliate of Virginia Tech and you win a game then Virginia Tech will move up the leader boards. In the game there are several structures you can build including residences, entertainment, venues, and academic buildings along with decorative structures.


ESPNU College Town

In the game you can increase your population levels by adding residences to your college. These building include frat houses, apartments, sorority houses, and other basic structures. As you add these buildings students will begin to join your college. To add them to your game simply click on each residence as the students arrive and they will join your college. Higher numbers of students will arrive as you build bigger and more expensive structures. You need to balance your student levels with academic building so the students have some place to study or they will become unhappy.

Academic Buildings

While school can be a great place to socialize you still need to study. With ESPNU College Town there’s no shortage of buildings for that purpose. Each academic building such as the math department, art department and journalism department will raise the happiness of your students allowing you to bring more of them to your college. Each academic building can also be upgraded with game coins to increase the overall happiness number that building is producing for your city. As you level up more academic building will become available allowing for greater numbers of students. Be sure to clean your academic building periodically to keep the happiness numbers up in your college.


Entertainment buildings are a great source of revenue for your college. You can have sub shops, record stores, video arcades, hot dog stands and other entertainment structures in your game. As you place these you will begin to make money. Click on the dollar sign when they are ready and you’ll have cash to work with as you build your college.


Another way to make money in this game is to have venues such as a football field or a gym. These structures give your students sporting activities to do but also produce coins over time as each event finishes. You can also upgrade each venue to higher levels. So for example you’ll start with a plain field but by the time you are finished it will have stands for the fans, a roof and be producing more money for your college.

Playing Sports Games

ESPNU College Town

This game has another unique part to the game play you can play sporting events against other Facebook users. To play an event click on the referee icon to get started. You have star players you can add to your game by moving their card into any available empty slots. Star players will increase your chances of winning the game. You also have the option to recruit new players if you have the coins available. Currently you can play basketball or football games with your star players and as you advance in the game you can add more players to each match. The outcome of te game is decided by the statistics of your player and you have no control over the game itself. To win more game you need to purchase better players for your team.


ESPNU College Town

ESPNU College Town has some fantastic decorative items which can also help to increase the happiness of your students. You have the standard flowers, shrubs, and trees, but you also have college statures and mascots to add to your game. There’s bike racks and even a cool garage band decoration item. These decorations can add a lot of happiness to your college so don’t forget to add them to your game area.


You can add more game play areas to your college area at time by using expansions. Click on “campus limits” to get your expansion. Like most Facebook games of this nature you’ll need either game cash, or Facebook friends and credits to get the expansion. You’ll get some free cash in the game so the first couple of expansions will be easy to get. So be sure not to spend it on other items if you want a bigger campus for free.

Game Tips

-Recruit new players for football or basketball games if you find you are losing too many matches.

-Venues increase your cash flow and can also be upgraded for a newer look and to open up more income opportunities for that venue.

-Academic buildings can be upgraded which will increase the buildings happiness level allowing you to build more in your college.

-Decorations can add plenty of happiness to your college so add them when you have cash on hand.

-Be sure to watch your population levels and when the happy face with a graduation hat at the top of your screen turns yellow you will need more happiness buildings.


This is one of the best city games online. Be sure to take your time with it and learn all you can and login frequently and take advantage of new items that may be available. The game tends to run better on Google Chrome or Firefox. If you like games like ESPNU College Town try City of Wonder another great city builder on Facebook.