Facebook Games: Dungeon Overlord Game Guide

Facebook Games: Dungeon Overlord Game Guide
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Dungeon Overlord Game Guide – Gathering Resources

To gather resources in the game you’ll need to build mines and farms for you iron, crystal, and food. You can collect gold from your bank as it accumulates. Your minions can pick up mined resources and deposit them into your inventory for use. In the game, you can’t collect all the resources from your starting dungeon so you’ll need to get other dungeons or conduct attacks on the game map to loot the resources you need. Other ways to get the resources you require are to conduct trades. Click the social icon at the right to enter the market and begin to make trades. In the regional market, you can buy resources you need or sell the excess you have accumulated. The market is a good place to find the primordial resources you need but it is nasally better to get these from looting or owning another dungeon since you won’t be paying high fees for them. Be sure to upgrade your mines so you have enough resources coming into your dungeon.

Conducting Research

Dungeon Overlord

In Dungeon Overlord, you’ll conduct research through the library. In the library, structure your warlocks will produce research points and once collected you can use those point to train up research for your dungeon. You can upgrade the library but you’ll need special resources as you level up. Venture out into the game map or get them through trade so you can level the structure. On the right pane click, “research technology” and you’ll see a list of all the technologies you can currently research. Higher-level technology requires more research points to complete. You can click, available technologies to see the ones you can currently research, future technologies to see what you may want to get later on, and completed technologies to see everything you have researched so far in the game. You’ll unlock different units, crafting items, and technologies to improve your dungeon through research.


You need to lay foundations so your minions can build your structures called rooms in the game. Pick an area and click to place your room from the list. You can see rooms and upgrade them provided they are the right size. You only get so many tiles per dungeon to work with so choose your rooms wisely. You’ll want to have food, a tavern, mines, library, and depending upon what you want to do with the dungeon, some rooms for your minions. Your main dungeon should collect resources at first and then branch out into a new combat dungeon to produce most of your troops in the game.


Dungeon Overlord

In Dungeon Overlord, you can craft a ton of different items. Click the anvil icon to open up the crafting screen to begin work. Each item gives you the resources or items you need to craft the item. For example to get a course mat for an orc, you need gold iron and crystal. Once the item is ready, you can place it in the proper room for use. You can craft dozens of furniture items which help improve your dungeon rooms or let you create a different unit such as an orc. Some resources such as reinforced leather need to be crafted so click on the resources tab to begin constructing those. Traps help protect your dungeon from attacks and are available to craft.


Dungeon Overlord

In the game, you have several units to build. You’ll need warlocks in the beginning to conduct research and then some orc and other units for combat. Construct a warlock bed to bring a new warlock into your dungeon and a course mat to get an orc ready for combat. Click each unit ad if you have the required resources you can upgrade the unit or just click on the creature manager tab and pick a unit to upgrade. Creatures take time to appear in your dungeon so wait for them to spawn. As level up and build your dungeon you’ll gain access to more units to use.

Quests/Game Map

Dungeon Overlord features numerous quests to complete. The quest screen is located at the bottom of your screen and it’s a bit cumbersome to use but you’ll get used to it over time. Click on a quest to complete and once you do, it will flash so you can collect your rewards. Click the arrow at the top by your dungeon name to select the “Overworld” so you can venture out onto the game map. On the map, you can select other dungeons to attack and find another dungeon to expand your empire.


This guide is just the basics on Dungeon Overlord. Take your time with this immense game and enjoy the dungeon goodness. Be sure to check the info tab to the top right of your screen to see what has been going on in your dungeon while you have been away.


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Source: Article is author’s own experiences playing Dungoen Overlord on Facebook