Crazy Machines 2 Complete Reviewed

Crazy Machines 2 Complete Reviewed
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Crazy Machines

The Crazy Machines franchise continues with Crazy Machines 2 Complete which provides you with around 200 puzzles to solve. Electricity, lasers, pulleys, gears and strings are all brought into play as you construct odd machines and then run them in the hope that you will get the chain reaction you are looking for. The professor guides you through the action and this time around things are in 3D but this is essentially more of the same.

Gameplay (4 out of 5)

Crazy Machines 2 Complete contraption

There are a few additions here but the gameplay is basically identical to Crazy Machines Complete. Each level consists of a puzzle. There are machine parts and objects to place on the map and an end goal to aim for. You can place things where you want them by picking them off the interface and clicking to put them in the environment. Once you are ready you hit the start/stop button and watch the results of your efforts and see if the ball drops into the basket or the light bulb turns on.

The professor returns to continue offering useless advice and generally get on your nerves. The puzzles ramp up in difficulty as the game progresses and there is a hint system to help you although it often fails to provide much help. The text is not the greatest and some of the puzzles are fiendish to the point of frustration. There are also secondary tasks to solve although the primary task will always move things along.

Graphics and Sound (3 out of 5)

Crazy Machines 2 Complete Gothic Map

The game has had a 3D makeover but it seems pointless because the gameplay is exactly the same. Having said that it does look much better and the models are really quite detailed. I’m not wild about the background environments and there are some busy textures and strange settings for this eccentric action. I guess there is no natural environment for huge intricate groupings of domino style machines and objects. The visual effects are nicely handled and there are few new effects on show. The physics engine guarantees a different outcome with each attempt.

The sound effects fit the action and aid the feedback about whether your contraption is working as it should. The professor features annoying voice work again, another clichéd Einstein impression with unfunny dialogue.

Overall (4 out of 5)

You can construct your own puzzles in the editor provided and there is plenty of content to keep you busy for a long time before you’ll need to explore that option. This is a unique series which is suitable for all ages and it is the sort of game you can play through as a family together. If you enjoy puzzles and constructing things then this will probably appeal to you. Crazy Machines 2 Complete is a solid puzzle title and it offers good clean fun for a reasonable price.