Game Reviews: Supremacy 1914 Browser Game - Fight World War 1 in your browser

Game Reviews: Supremacy 1914 Browser Game - Fight World War 1 in your browser
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Supremacy 1914 Game Basics (5 out of 5)

Supremacy 1914 is a very impressive strategy game that takes place during World War 1. Players control armies across a world map or if you prefer, just Europe. Each players has a resource economy that can develop along with their armies to gain advantage on the game map. Each country starts the game lacking in some resources and will need to acquire them either by trading with other players, using the stock market or by all out conquest of neighboring countries. Game play takes place on a risk-style game board where units can be moved into position in real time. It can take several hours to move units around the map so it’s also a very casual game you can play for a bit then leave alone. You have no real control over the combat but the morale of your troops does come into play. The game even features a neat newspaper that updates you on the course of the war throughout the world including casualties and what countries have changed hands. You can write your own words and have them show up in the newspaper too.

Economy (5 out of 5)

Supremacy 1914

The game economy is excellent with several resources at your disposal. You have grain and fish to feed your armies as they do battle and keep their morale up. Wood and iron and used mainly for building purposes. Coal, oil, and gasoline help to fuel your armies and keep them moving. The beauty of the game is that you don’t have access to all these resources at the beginning. You may be rich in food but lacking in iron. You will need to either trade for it play to player, use the stock market or co out and conquer a neighboring country to take the resources. As you build armies you will need more food for example, so you can adjust your resource sliders to compensate for shortfalls. If you run out of food you may have army desertions and be unable to make new units. In wartime other teams can put trade embargoes on you so you can’t trade with those countries on the stock market.

Armies and War (5 out of 5)

You start the game with each province containing ten infantry units of 1000 men each. You can choose to attack or build up your barracks to increase your unit production. You can also build tanks, artillery, rail guns, battleships and even aircraft if you are playing the gold games. Units take resources and time to build. You have powerful defenses in the form of fortresses which can be built early in the game to deter infantry attacks. Later with artillery you can pound those defense into submission. The seas can be controlled with battleships and in gold games, submarines are available. When attacking cities you may receive more casualties than the defenders so caution is always key or make sure you have numerical superiority.

Diplomacy and Trade (5 out of 5)

Not only is warfare an option with Supremacy 1914 diplomacy and trade also have key roles. For example, if you’re in the middle of Europe and surrounded on all sides warfare might not be the best option. You might want to turn to diplomacy and make friends with your neighbors until you’re string enough to attack. By using the stock market you can buy and sell your resources and bring in more money and supplies for your country.


Supremacy 1914 may not have fancy graphics but it doesn’t need them. The game play is great with warfare, trade and diplomacy options. The daily newspaper is a nice touch where you can keep track of the wars around you. The game feature statistics for your character and medals you can win too. This strategy game is well worth playing and one of the best browser games in it’s genre even without the graphics.