Spa Mania 2 Game Hints and Tips

Spa Mania 2 Game Hints and Tips
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About the Spa Mania 2 Game

Jade needs to get her spa business back on track. It has come to her attention that customers are complaining about the service and lack of eco-friendly “green” facilities. Determined to make her 6 spa locations a success, she will need to visit each one and make the necessary improvements.

Game Play

Spa Mania 2 game screenshot

In each timed level, Jade will need to attend to the needs of her spa customers. As they arrive, you will need to click and drag them to the changing room. From here, they are clicked on and taken to the appropriate spa treatment station. Once a customer is at a station, click on it to begin treatment. Some treatment stations require multiple actions. For the massage table, a hand icon will appear to go left and right on the customer’s back. Give a massage by trying to click on the hand as it touches another hand icon located on the customer. When done correctly, you will get a “good” or “great” score for the massage which affects the customer’s overall happiness.

For other types of stations, customers will request a specific type of treatment such as hot coals, ice, mud or other items. These will appear next to the customer as an icon. Click on the appropriate icon to begin the treatment.

When treatments in Spa Mania 2 are completed, they may request a shower. Click and drag the customer to this location. After this, the customer will need to change their clothes and pay for the services. Click and drag the customer to the changing station. When finished they will automatically go to the cashier’s booth so they can pay. Click on the cashier’s location to move Jade and collect the customer’s money.

Other things you will need to be concerned about are cleaning the changing rooms. Fortunately, Jade has an assistant. Click on the stations that need cleaning and the assistant will take care of them. Later in the game, the assistant will also help prepare other treatment stations – such as the Jacuzzi.


In between levels, Jade can shop for upgrades to the spa that will help improve her performance, customer patience, new treatment equipment or “green” ecological friendly items.

Hints and Tips

  • The spa’s “earth friendliness” will be measured by a “green grade.” Ecological upgrades will improve this score.
  • The Tourist Man is a low tipper but is very patient.
  • The Mime is a calm customer, low tipper and has a patient personality.
  • The Ballerina is a low tipping customer but very patient.
  • Play the incense mini-game to collect as many ingredients as possible. Do this by pressing the left mouse button to navigate Jade over the floating ingredients. Collect the ones that appear in Jade’s thought bubble. These ingredients create incense that can be used to increase waiting customer’s patience. Other things that improve customer patience are tea, wind chimes, new age music and upgrading seats in the waiting area.
  • Watch out for spies. These are individuals who will try and sabotage the spa by throwing robes on the floor, stealing money and supplies. When you see this type of activity, click on the individual to stop them.

Screenshot images for the Spa Mania 2 game were created by Sheila Robinson.