Evil Genius: Cheats in Developer Mode

Evil Genius: Cheats in Developer Mode
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Enabling Cheats in Developer Mode – Evil Genius for PC

The most robust way to access the cheats in Evil Genius is the developer mode built into the game. To access Developer Mode, you will need to edit the Default.ksb file. This operation is very simple, but you may want to be extra careful and make a backup of the file just in case. If you would like to enable cheats without editing any files, check out page two of this article.

First you will need to find the Default.ksb game file. Default.ksb should be found in the DynamicResources\Config folder within the installation directory of Evil Genius. Simply open up Default.ksb with your favorite text editor such as Notepad or Wordpad and add the following line to end the file before the last line that reads “—“:


Now when you load up your game, you should be able to enable Developer Mode cheats by holding down the control button and pressing the letter D. There are two ways to enter cheats in this mode: using shortcuts and using the developer console.

Shortcuts for Cheats in Developer Mode – Evil Genius for PC

With Developer Mode enabled in Evil Genius, press the listed key combinations for following cheats:

D – Kills the unit currently underneath the cursor

N – Switches between daytime and nighttime

Control and E – Creates an explosion at the cursor

Control and F – Sets an object on fire that is currently underneath the cursor

Shift and G – Disables power requirements and enables instant building of rooms and objects

Wireframe Mode - Evil Genius

Control and Delete – Instantly delete a room

Shift, Control, and I – Unlocks all rooms and objects, except for a few special and developer objects

Shift, Control, and P – Enables level editor functions

Control, Shift, and W - Toggles wireframe mode

Cheats for the Developer Console – Evil Genius for PC

The following cheats will need to be entered via the Developer Console in Evil Genius. With Developer Mode enabled, press the tilde (~) key located above tab on the keyboard to bring up the console.

Typing in “help” will list all of the available commands for use in the Developer Console. If you are curious what a command does, typing “help nameofcommand” will tell you more about it.

Help Listing - Evil Genius

While there are a ton of commands available, not all of the cheats in Evil Genius affect gameplay much. Here is a list of some of the more useful and interesting cheats available.

DF_AgentsGoHome 1 – Tells the agents on the island to go home. DF_AgentsGoHome 0 will disable this.

DF_BuildInstant 1 – Enables instant room building. DF_BuildInstant 0 will disable this.

DF_BuildInstantObjects 1 – Enables instant placement of objects. DF_BuildInstantObjects 0 will disable this.

DF_FPS 1 – Lists frames per second, memory usage, and other miscellaneous stats about the game. DF_FPS 0 will disable this.

DF_Power 0 – Disables the need for power. DF_Power 1 will re-enable power.

DF_SetGlobalMadness 1 – Enables Global Madness. DF_SetGlobalMadness 0 to disable Global Madness.

DF_Speed # – Alters the speed of the game. 1 Is normal game speed, 2 is twice as fast, 3 is three times as fast, etc.

FireInTheDisco – Set all the characters on the island on fire!

GiveAll – Unlocks all rooms and items. Some items exist only for debugging purposes!

TakeAll – Locks all rooms and items. Warning: You will not be able to build anything!

Money # – Gives an amount of money. For example, “money 10000” would add 10,000 to your current funds. You can get unlimited money with this cheat.

RemoveMoney # – Takes an amount of money away.

SetMaxPopulation # –This cheats minion capacity to whatever you like. You can have more than 100 minions with this cheat if you want!

SuperAgentInfo – Info on the status of the current Super Agents.

SuperAgentSetDefeatable on/off – Enables or disables the ability for the current Super Agent to be defeated permanently.

SuperAgentSetDefeated on/off – Sets if the current Super Agent has been defeated

TransferIslandAvailable – Enables the ability to transfer to the next island on the world map screen.

UnlockGlossary – Unlock all of the glossary entries.

Cheating Made Easy – Evil Genius for PC

The simplest and easiest way to get cheating in Evil Genius requires no file editing. While this way is simpler than enabling Developer Mode, you will be much more limited in what you can do when cheating in the game. For the guide on cheating using the Developer Mode, check out the first page of this article.

Humanzee - Evil Genius

To enable these simple cheats, all that you will have to do is type “humanzee” while in-game. If you typed this in correctly, “TASK COMPLETE!” will pop up in the center of the screen. From now on, all you will have to do is press the following key combinations to get get cheating in Evil Genius:

Simple Cheating Shortcuts – Evil Genius for PC

Hold down the control key and press the letter O to access to almost every room type and item in the game. Note that you will have fewer object options compared to cheating with developer mode. Special objects such as the Cloning Chamber will not be available for purchase.

Hold down the control key and press the letter T to access to every type of trap and sensor in the game. Similar to the previous cheat, fewer object options will be available compared to cheating with developer mode. Certain traps such as the Proximity Mine will not be available for purchase.

Hold down the control key and press the letter S to set off an explosion or air strike at the location of your mouse cursor. Be careful with this. The explosion expands outwards from the center and will do massive damage to your base if triggered indoors.

Lots of Gold - Evil Genius

Hold down the control key and press the letter C to money cheat and add $100,000 to your treasury instantly. Cheating like this will allow you to get unlimited money!

Hold down the control key and press the letter A to spawn one of each henchmen and minion type available in the game at the location of your mouse cursor. The henchmen will come fully trained. Be careful of placing them inside of a wall by accident as they will be stuck there forever!

Hold down the control key and press the letter M to enable Global Chaos.

Hold down the control key and press the letter N to disable Global Chaos.