Review: World Of Lordcraft Browser Game - Browser based warfare game

Review: World Of Lordcraft Browser Game - Browser based warfare game
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World Of Lordcraft Basics (3 out of 5)

World of Lordcraft features two main factions the alliance and horde with a few playable races in each. This browser game is very much a carbon copy in many ways of a very famous game we know as World of Warcraft. The main website features a nice tutorial to get you started which should get you playing the game right away. This browser game features a town that you can build up that includes such buildings as the barracks, town center, academy, blacksmith, tavern, and stable. All these buildings can be leveled up as you play. The outside of your city features resource mines that include wood, stone, iron, and barley with each of these fields upgradeable for more production.

Heroes and Armies (3 out of 5)

World of Lordcraft

The game features heroes that can be used in battle. You will need a tavern to recruit a hero and each can be upgraded with armor, weapons and enhanced statistics as you play. The barracks will allow for construction of armies. The human side has footmen, marksmen, templar, horses, owls, catapults and other units. As you level up your buildings and gain technology more units will become available in the game for you to use. Armies can be moved on the game map and can attack resource points, NPCs, or other cities.

Technology (4 out of 5)

Using technology in this game requires you to use points which you can get through upgrading buildings. You have military points and production points. For example on the military side you can have furious combat which upgrades your units offensive abilities while on the production side you have cutting tech which increase stone production. There a re quite a few different technologies to research in the game.

World of Lordcraft Quests (3 out of 5)

Like many browser games of this type you will find a quest system in the game. Doing quests will grant you early resources which can be used to upgrade and get new buildings for your growing town. Unfortunately many quests just don’t seem to be available yet such as faction quests or the daily quests which are grayed out. The quests that are available however are helpful and easy to do if you just follow along.

Game Rewards (3 out of 5)

The game will offer you some beginner rewards just for playing such as time rewards where you get a prize after so much game time online. This may sound great but one of the time rewards is for twenty-four hours of non-stop game play so you can be sure that this reward isn’t given out very often. You can also get reputation point rewards and ones if you login for each of your first seven days.

General Game Play and Conclusion (2 out of 5)

On the surface World of Lordcraft may seem like a great game but it’s too close to World of Warcraft to be recommended. Also according to many users in the forums the game suffers from numerous problems in game play such as having your hero stuck on the game map and loading issues. The servers also seem to be void of people playing so that is another problem. There were only a handful of guilds in the game that had full rosters. The game does look good and it’s easy to play but in reality you are better off just playing World of Warcraft since World of Lordcraft as it stands right now is a lame duck.