Pirate Name Generators Reviewed: Find Yourself a Pirate Name

Pirate Name Generators Reviewed: Find Yourself a Pirate Name
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Do you want to join in any Pirate Games? You need a name.

What’s your pirate name? A scientific quiz

The first site I’d like you to learn about is not actually a generator in the same sense as most of the ones in this article. At What’s my Pirate name? By piratequiz.com, they use 20 questions to help scientifically determine the pirate name meant for you.

Rebecca, who was asked, among other things, whether parrots were yes, no or tasty, learned her pirate name was Iron Bess Read. Iron Bess also received a character analysis with her name.

A pirate’s life isn’t easy; it takes a tough person. That’s okay with you, though, since you a tough person. Even through many pirates have a reputation for not being the brightest souls on earth, you defy the stereotypes. You’ve got taste and education. Arr!

Henry, who was asked, “Bathe much?” was Mad Harry Roberts. Analysis by the site revealed this about Mad Harry.

Every pirate is a little bit crazy. You, though, are more than just a little bit. Two things complete your pirate persona: style and swagger. Maybe a little too much swagger sometimes – but who really cares? Arr!

I repeated as many of Henry’s answers as I could remember, but presented my self as Rebecca, and female, and was told my name was Mad Bess Roberts. My character analysis was exactly the same as that of Mad Harry.

Mary Read running an opponent through- historical engraving

So Rebecca’s name and gender gave the same first name, and the same answers that Henry gave came up with the same beginning and end parts. It uses your answers to map by name and gender, and particular answers give you your character.

Finally, Morgan, a male whose favorite color is red, was named Bloody Roger Cash. He learns:

Every pirate lives for something different. For some, it’s the open sea. For others (the masochists), it’s the food. For you, it’s definitely the fighting. You’re musical, and you’ve got a certain style if not flair. You’ll do just fine. Arr!

I’ll let you take the quiz yourself and see how you do in answering your own 20 questions.

Next we look at mapping generators and random name generators, serious and extremely frivolous, and even a couple with some historical basis.

Mapping generators

piratedragons.com- Male name generator

This is one of the more interesting of the mapping generators. At Privateer Dragon’s Island / Privateer Dragons of the Caribbean, names are mapped to your name. I am curious why they are calling themselves dragons- they may have it mixed up with Dragoons, who were originally a mounted infantry group with carbines- but the word has taken on other connotations, including coerce and strong arm, which do actually seem appropriate for Piratical types.

Henry Avery- from 1725 book - image from WIkipedia

Though the database is somewhat limited, it is because they are using elements from the names of historical pirates and recombining them. First names map to titles, last names map to names and either last name or appellation. They use a separate generator for male and female names.

In the male name generator trials, I had these results: Henry Johnson /Pirate Morgan Bellamy; Henry Smythe / Pirate Nathanial Bridgeman; Paul Smith / Buccaneer Nathanial Parker; Paul Jones / Buccaneer Morgan of the Caribbean; Paul Peterson / Buccaneer Guillaume Bellamy; Peter Parker / Buccaneer Guillaume Drake; Peter Johnson / Buccaneer Morgan Bellamy; Henry Parker / Pirate Guillaume Drake.

On the next page we look at piratedragon’s female name generator.

piratedragons.com- Female name generator

In the female name generator, this was the result of the names I tried: Rebecca Scudder / Pirate Charlotte of the West Indies; Rebecca Smythe / Pirate Charlotte Harvey; Patrica Smythe / Buccaneer Charlotte Harvey; Hannah Smythe / Captain Charlotte Harvey; Susan Smythe / Commander Charlotte Harvey; Susan Peterson / Commander Anne the Temptress; Grace Lennon / Swashbuckler Jaquotte the Temptress.

As you can see from the variety of different names I tried for both males and females, many letters map to the same choices. A first name beginning with H makes a male a pirate, a P gives you Buccaneer. A last name beginning with Sm gives you the first name of Nathanial, but if your name is Smith, you are Nathaniel Parker, and if your name is Smythe, your name is Nathanial Bridgeman. Peterson gives you Guillaume Bellamy, and Parker gives you Guillaume Drake. Johnson gives Morgan Bellamy and Jones Morgan of the Caribbean.

In the female name generator, Rebecca Smythe became Pirate Charlotte Harvey, and Patricia, Hannah and Susan Smythe became respectively Buccaneer, Captain and Commander Charlotte Harvey. You can see more of the mapping by looking at the rest of the names just above.

Though the choices are quite limited, the name elements they use come from historical pirates, male and female, and when they give locations, they are for regions pirates hunted.


Froggynet.com’s What is your Pirate Name? Is also a mapping generator. You enter name and gender, and when you repeat the entry, the results are the same. They have some historical names sprinkled in, including some not from pirate history. However, their titles are a bit tongue in cheek, and as are their nicknames, and the selection of personal names had a few that were thrown in for laughs. However, some of the names I tried were also a little mischievous. My suggestion, when using this generator, is to try varying the names you enter until you find one you’d like to use.

Rebecca Scudder, my name, gave me the pirate name of Capn Wong the Twitchy Wench. Perhaps the less said about that the better. Henry Johnson rejoices in the name Tom Long Arse. The mapping is more than basic substitution, because combinations of the names did not result in repeats of any part of the name. So Rebecca Johnson was Captain Chaste Heart, Henry Scudder was Lackey

Spanish Main- historical map

Sylvester the Bastard, Henry Smith was Admiral Drake, Mary Smythe was Jacquotte the Brown.

After settling that first and last names didn’t bring up the same result, I just tried a variety. Wendy Jones was Aetheflaed the Fierce. Paul Atreides was First Mate Pegleg Stubble. Harry Potter became Commodore James the Long Eye and George Williams was Arthur Treacher the Drunken. My next tries resulted in Rebecca Williams as Capn Jacquotte the Gold Toe, Miles Davis as Commodore Pink Eye, Rebecca Davis as Admiral Esmerelda, and George Peterson serves on ship as Castaway Francis.

It looks like there are only so many titles that they can give out, although not all names get titles. There is some repetition of nicknames, and possibly fewer female names than male, although my sample is not large. Miles will probably want to try again, and so, perhaps, does George Williams, since he is in the business of slinging canon balls, not fried fish. As you can see from the variety, there are a few historical pirate name elements dropped in, but most of the names are widely varied and occasionally ridiculous. Still, some of them would be quite dis-respectful pirate names.

Pirate names from Stupidstuff.org

Pirate names at Stupidstuff.org also deserves a mention. It asks you for your first and last name, but not gender. Repeating the names gives the same answer, making it a mapping generator.

Rebecca Scudder is Red Stefan, and Henry Johnson now Lord Cruikshank. Rebecca Johnson became Mad Ned The Executioner, Henry Scudder was Black Bill, and finally, Peter Jones should be known as Long Dong Silver.

All of my tries resulted in male names, but no repeat names.

Random Name generators

Find Yourself a Pirate Name!

Find yourself a pirate name at piratesdominica.com’s name generator does not ask your name. In fact, all they ask you is whether you want a name for a bloke, a wench, or Arggg, surprise me!

A few tries of all choices gave these results:

Grace O’Mally meeting Queen Elizabeth public domain image - wikipedia

wench - Flighty Eliza Blackwater; bloke - Bloody Henry Higgins, Esquire; arggg! - Bloody Thomas Wiggins; bloke - Poncy Roosevelt Higgins, Esquire; wench - Buxom Jane Higgins, Esquire; arggg! - Bloody Jock Wiggins; bloke - Jolly Henry Blackwater; bloke - Mizzen-dog Fletcher Morris; arggg! - Jolly Robert Morgan; bloke - Hairy Jock Bonnie; wench - Rosy Molly Wiggins; wench - Lady Lucy Hawthorne; wench - Busty Penny Read; bloke - Hairy Samuel Hawthorne; bloke - Articulate Arthur Flintlock; wench Bonny Gracie Blackfellow; arggg! Bloody Nathanial Blackfellow.

From the names given, the surprise you’ll get if you pick arggg! would be to get a female name.

There seem to be a number of Higgins and Wiggins of both sexes who ran off to sea and decided to find themselves a bad end, but the first names vary. If you are willing to take whatever name arggg! will give you, you are most likely to be known as Bloody someone or other. Blokes are slightly more likely to be known as Hairy. Most of those wenches sound no better than they need to be - which is probably an asset while pirating – but there is Lady Lucy Hawthorne sailing the seas as well. Perhaps she decided she didn’t want to walk the plank. And, for some reason, Buxom Jane Higgins is known as an Esquire. Perhaps she didn’t reveal her sex to her fellow crew members for a while, although the reference to her figure implies they were not fooled.

Some repeats, and some interesting combinations. While they seem to be using a limited number of surnames, there is a variety of first names, which didn’t repeat during my trial. I do wonder what it was that Articulate Arthur Flintlock talked about when he first went to sea; he does not rejoice in the suffix of Esquire, but perhaps he is a budding sea lawyer. Flighty Eliza and Poncy Roosevelt obviously gained a reputation their first time aboard, and the rest are somewhat generic. My advice is to keep refreshing the page until you get a name you’ll enjoy using.

Blogthings and Piratemerch.com

What’s Your Pirate Name at blogthings

The generator at blogthings is also random, although they ask you your name, because Rebecca rejoices in the names of:

Dirty Tanya the Terrible, Lord Wicked Wilma and Lord Hook-Handed Helen.

There does seem to be some gender confusion, however. Henry Johnson brought up these choices: Bloody Blackbeard; Mad Long Ben; Surgeon Jimmy Jailbird; and Black Sultan of Timor.

Definitely a little more variety here, and some of the choices were names you might enjoy.

Piratemerch.com’s The Pirate Name generator Game! Is very random, although there is some repetition in the results, leading to the suspicion that their database is not really very big. They do ask your name and gender, and the gender does matter in the results. My feeling after a number of tries is that they gave much more interesting names to the male gender. You can see this by the names I tried, with differing results given to the same name depending on whether they were said they were male or female.

Rebecca Scudder(f) / Linda Ward; Henry Johnson(m) / Gold tooth Carl Winters; Henry Winters(m) / Captain Plankwell Ward; Rebecca Winters(f) Christine Brown; Rebecca Johnson(f) / Carol the Cannon McCoy – by far the most fun female name.

Next, I experimented, because there seemed to be a pattern developing between the names males received, and the names for females . Pay attention to the sex of the name, and the results, even though the exact same name is used.

Marcia McGee(m) / Freejack Grogmaster; Marcia McGee(f) / Heather O’Doule; Marcia McGee (m) / Poopdeck Pete SwardSwallerer; Marcia McGee(m) / Mark Black.

Now I left their result in the name input box.

Blackbeard Engraving, 18th century by Thomas Nicholls 1734 wikipedia

Mark Black(f) / Heather Anderson; Mark Black(m) / Ol' Scurvyshorts Douglas; Mark Black(m) / Scurvy Joe McKracken; Mark Black(f) / Jody McLifetaker (slightly more promising); Mark Black(f) / Shannon Jagger.

Not a very exciting generator if you are female, but some fun male names, and it is easy to keep trying for new ones. Perhaps this is part of the explanation for why most female pirates disguised themselves as male, at least until they had a reputation.

Amusing Pirate names


The Pirate Name Generator at Piratename.net is a random name generator. Type your name in three times, and you will get three different pirate names- and three pirate ship names. They ask for your name and your gender, but you can type in any name you want- it will make no difference. They have a very tongue-in-cheek approach to naming, and the variety of names they use reflects the many nationalities that did, in fact, become pirates. However, the titles and the nicknames that appear are definitely meant to amuse

pirate stede bonnet- 1725 woodcut- known for fashionable dress


For Rebecca Scudder (f) I found my name to be Pirate Name : Pink Natasha Kowalski, Ship Name : Queen Rcilia First Sea; Pirate Name : Nona Saydee Littlejohn, Ship Name : Lady Atherina From The North; Pirate Name : Princess Greta Burgos, Ship Name : Lady Eticia Eighth Sea. While I may have a desire to be Queen of the seven seas, the names seemed a trifle either colorful or numerical. Every ship, of course, was a lady.

For Henry Johnson, (m), the names were Pirate Name : Tuan Woda Tisdale, Ship Name : Lady Rnesta Fifth Gate; Pirate Name : Bloody Roofus Villareal. Ship Name : Queen Begail Fifth Gate; Pirate Name : Lord Boxcar Goddard, Ship Name : Lady Uria The Pink Pearl; Pirate Name : Dirty Lundy Huddleston, Ship Name : Lady Ncarnita Sixth Sea; Pirate Name : Red Yogi Carrigan, Ship Name : Lady Ruz The Last Sea; Pirate Name : King Droopy Dumas, Ship Name : Miss Loisa Gigantic Night; Pirate Name : Lord Rodeo Hecht, Ship Name : Miss Dalys Northern Sea. Here, we have traveled beyond the eighth sea, with no hope of getting a name that won’t send your friends into hysterics.


Gangstaname.com’s Pirate name generator is a mapping generator, but does not take itself seriously.

It uses your name and gender, and gives the exact same results for the same input – but the output is generally meant to amuse you. They suggest that if you don’t like the name you get, that you try your maiden aunt’s name, or your dog’s name, or even a random string of characters, so I did. They also tell you that the names may change as they add to their database, if you want to try again another time.

Rebecca Scudder, whose name I am beginning to think may have a jinx, became Cap’n Elanor Firecrotch. I kept the same name when I tried again.

Henry Johnson / Black Death Logan; Peter Smith / Frownin' Tad Hacke; Mary Smith / Pirate Dora the Sword Test Dummy; Mary Smythe / Apathetic Carolyn Sparrow (Jack’s stay below sister?); Peter Johnson / Shoutin' Jim Dagger; Mary Johnson / Cap’n Beatrice Buttwipe, Michael Smythe / Cap’n Jack Knifenose

Bartholomew Roberts from 1724 Book History of the Pyrates - wikipedia

Now, some experiments.

Brenda Peterson / Cap’n Ursula Birdbrain; Brenda Petersen(f) / Pirate Frances the Badly Burnt. One letter, inside the name, made a difference to the result.

Henry Miller(m) / Androgynous Mitch Scabb; (f) Henry Miller Androgynous Lucy Scabb.

sdadkjhgweo;ar kfhvsoifd(m) / Nervous Brett Kidd; sdadkjhgweo;ar kfhvsoifd(f) Nervous Amora Kidd.

So, the same name , when entered with different gender, results in a different, sex related first name, while the beginning and nickname/surname remain the same. They were also telling the truth about inputting character strings.

Some of the names are very creative, but I, umm, think I would use another generator if I wanted a name for a female pirate.

Messages you want to send

pieces of eight pirate font from 18 great free fonts

You’ve found a great pirate name. You use it proudly in games and wherever a pirate persona is needed. So

screenshot from 18 great free pirate fonts

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images from 18 great and free pirate fonts article

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