Patrician 3 Tips - Tips for Profitable Trading

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Trading Tips - Profitable Trading

If there is one key aspect of the game that you have to understand, then it’s this simple fact. There are some goods that you will not be able to sell profitably. There are just some goods that are merely there to increase your reputation and help a town. Honey jumps to mind, but a number of basic goods and food items also apply.

This is very important for you to remember. There are a few goods that you will seriously regret buying. Bricks and timber are really hard to sell. You will mainly sell or transport them to help your town or supply your buildings. Honey is just a no profit trade to get the rich to support you. Food can be profitable, but you probably don’t want to let your town slip into famine to set the demand to the necessary levels.

The big money is in a few special goods. Iron goods are basically free money. They are one of the few things you can easily produce for a huge profit margin. A lot of towns want them and they seem to almost always be in demand. Pig iron is also a surprisingly profitable item. Buying it from the few major producers in the games allows for a nearly perfect trading cycle. Buy pig iron, sell it to the iron goods producers, then buy iron goods to sell elsewhere.

Cloth can be profitable, but don’t buy it in large quantities. Beer can be quite profitable, especially since gluts in supply often make it sell very cheaply in the major producing cities. The cities in the area surrounding London also tend to have large surpluses in wine, leather, and furs. These can all be sold in most of the major cities for a profit.

These trading runs should let you build up a lot of money quickly.

Trading Tips - Businesses

Try to remember what I said about the profitable goods. It applies to businesses too. There are some businesses that are just not profitable. Timber, bricks, pitch are great examples of fairly pointless industries. The only reason to run these is to help employ the townspeople and guarantee a supply of goods for other businesses and projects. You can usually buy these goods for less at any market.

The good businesses are pretty easy to figure out. Iron goods tend to be one of the most productive. A great example would be the potential for Stockholm. You can produce your own pig iron in the city to produce iron goods for dirt cheap prices. Other businesses are a little tricky. In general, don’t count on your new business to be a big earner. Always have some extra cash around to carry you over the rough startup. You will find that a number of businesses can’t produce for less than the market price, so you’re just paying for the stability.

Trading - Missions


Little missions can be incredibly profitable. I do suggest that you try to be careful about taking a mission if you aren’t absolutely sure that you could complete it quickly. Some cause major damage to your reputation.

Courier missions are very easy ways to raise your money and status. You just need to sail between cities. You will have plenty of room on your ship to stock up on cheap goods and make a bit of extra money by doing trading on the side.

As soon as possible, you should try to do the notices on the board. Keep checking anytime your reputation goes up. You should be able to do them once you are viewed as a shopkeeper or traveling merchant. These notices are quite simple. If you accept one, then you can deliver goods for a set price that’s usually at the highest end of the market. You might even have some on one of your trading ships. You can often double your investment with one of these notices, and also greatly improve your own relationship with the town.

Missions for the various princes are also good ideas. These trading runs can prove quite lucrative and give you a steady supply of rare inland goods. You won’t be able to get them for awhile though.

Reputation - Startup

It’s pretty easy to understand the reputation system. If you do good work and help a town, then they respect you. If you are an unreliable jerk, then they hate you. Buying up scare goods and failing missions are the main ways to hurt your reputation. Being found guilty of criminal activity is also quite negative for your reputation.

The easiest way to earn reputation is to just provide scare goods. Selling food during a famine or generally providing in demand goods will help you a little. Completing missions will also help you a bit too. These are just the steps you need to take to be liked in a town.

Reputation - Climbing the Ladder

Patrician 3 allows for great career development. You can eventually lead the League and run multiple towns. This requires a lot of work on your part though.

The first step is to become mayor, which will take a lot of work. You do need to be in a town that allows such growth, so make sure that you are in one of the major League towns. After that, you just need to be really involved in the town.

You need to own some houses for each class. You need to have some businesses to provide jobs and growth for the town. You need to keep them well supplied with their necessary goods. You should post an outrigger to protect the town (probably at a loss). You should donate food to the poor and pay for expansions in the church. You can build special town buildings, streets, and wells to improve the average quality of life. You need to be an active member of the Guild in town. Throwing a festival or two should help too. Then it’s just a waiting game. You should start rising through the political ranks quickly. After that, it’s just a matter of some well placed bribes and festivals to make everyone like you.

After a bit of work, you are fairly well placed in the League. Just stay active and help when you can. The easiest way is to be an active pirate hunter and do some missions for the league to help limit the pirate problem. Keep it up and you should be head of the League in no time.


It is possible for you to be a pirate in the game. I don’t really see the draw of it though. If you want a good piracy game, then I suggest you check out Port Royale 2. It’s by the same people, but offers a lot more chances for legal piracy.

If you really want to be a pirate, then you should understand the system. You will need a fast ship with a full crew and a captain. You will also need scout ships to watch the water. Four are usually enough to adequately monitor the perimeter. Once your ship is alone, you can raise the Jolly Roger and start attacking.

The fines and reputation losses for piracy are very steep. You are usually only caught if you allow a trading ship to spot you and escape. Dead men tell no tales. Use your scout ships to keep a perimeter a little bigger than the size of a standard ships field of vision. The mouths of rivers are good places to start, since it is easier to control the area. You then just have to sail in and hit the few ships inside before they escape. This should keep you fairly safe from charges.

The Little Things

There are a lot of little things that you should probably know about the game.

The shipyards in Patrician 3 are businesses. They grow as you give them money. You should try to help the shipyard in your own towns grow. Try to focus your repairs there. Buy and upgrade ships when you get the chance. This steady business should help them grow until they offer Cogs and Hulks too.

Be careful about giving ships to pirates. Just meeting with a pirate is a crime, so you might be fined fairly heavily for just talking to him. You also have to remember one thing. If they are ever caught, then they will probably reveal your name and have you charged with piracy. This might be rather delayed. A piracy charge against an established trader is a borderline ridiculous fine that will easily eclipse any of your earnings.

They can be quite effective though. A pirate with just a snaikka ship can still catch a number of traders. There also aren’t a lot of pirate hunters for awhile. If you name the ship something that you will remember, then you can actually track the pirate down yourself a bit later. Taking him out will raise your reputation and keep your secret. So it’s possible to get the best of both worlds.

Lending is profitable, but it isn’t guaranteed. A borrower can easily default and your seizure might not actually give you anywhere near enough to cover your costs. Keep this in mind.

There should always be two captains in the world. If you can’t find one, then make sure you checked all the river towns. They seem to get stuck there.

Trips to the Mediterranean can be quite profitable. The real secret is to sail as far west as you can go. This should result in you discovering America and finding some of the colonies. These colonies are well known in the game’s community for buying a lot of iron goods, which makes for some incredibly valuable and easy trading runs.

If you keep all of these tips in mind, then you should be on your way to building your own trading empire.