Stinky the Snail: Plants vs. Zombies. Does Stinky the Snail Pick Up Coins When the Game is Not Running?

Stinky the Snail: Plants vs. Zombies. Does Stinky the Snail Pick Up Coins When the Game is Not Running?
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Stinky the Snail: An Introduction

Stinky the Snail first showed up in PopCap’s Insaniquarium. He could be used to pick pick up coins, gems, and treasure chests dropped by fish as he scooted along at the bottom of the tank. His popularity soared with his new role in PopCap’s Plants vs. Zombies as his performance in the Zen Garden helped players make coins quickly. He zips around the main screen of the Zen Garden picking up silver coins, gold coins, and diamonds dropped by plants, and his love of chocolate bars rivals that of young children.

Buying Stinky the Snail

Stinky the Snail can be bought from Crazy Dave’s Twiddydinkies shop on the second screen of the selections offered from the Zen Garden. (This would be the fourth screen offered via the opening menu.) He can only be purchased with $3000, so come armed with money. Once purchased, Stinky can be found in the main Zen Garden screen snoozing in the corner.

Activating Stinky the Snail

Sleeping Stinky

Once purchased, Stinky will rest comfortably in the primary Zen Garden, dozing blissfully until he is activated. With one click of the mouse, Stinky will roam the garden and pick up coins until he falls back asleep which usually occurs in under five minutes. In this mode, he is rather slow, so it takes him some time to get across the screen not to mention he gets lazy and falls asleep constantly. He is really only useful this way during the initial watering phase of every day. If the Zen Garden is relatively full, he will need help picking up coins before they disappear. Watering the garden after feeding him a chocolate bars will ensure that Stinky is fast enough to get to everything.

Utilizing Stinky the Snail

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Stinky cannot be beaten for the fastest and easiest way to get coin while doing absolutely nothing. With one piece of chocolate, Stinky will not only get faster, he will roam the garden for a full hour. Plants vs. Zombies can be run in the background in windowed mode, and Stinky will continue to pick up coins of all sorts created by the plants. He can easily make 30,000 to 40,000 coins in an hour with a full garden. Plants can also be given chocolate so that they produce coins more rapidly for fifteen minutes. The coin producing capacity of a full Zen Garden with a chocolate-infested snail cannot be beaten even with the Last Stand Coin strategy. Better yet, Stinky can be activated and will continue to work even without monitoring. Feed that snail some chocolate and go work or watch TV for an hour.

Stinky the Snail Forever

Stinky’s utilization in Plants vs. Zombies indicates PopCap keeps its arsenal of brilliantly designed games in mind as they move forward to new endeavors. When will we see Stinky again? Plants vs. Zombies originally started off as Insaniquarium 2 but grew into its own unique game. Stinky managed to make the transition as well, and we look forward to seeing more of him.

Does Stinky the Snail Pick Up Coins When the Game is Not Running?

Sadly, no he does not. Plants vs. Zombies is not a persistent world game. If the game is not running, then there is no way for Stinky to slither around grabbing coins.