How to Handle the Pokemon Patrat

How to Handle the Pokemon Patrat
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Patrat is a white and brown small Pokémon that resembles a chipmunk. It is a scouting type Pokémon and can be found all over the region in grassy areas. It evolves into Watchog at level 20, which is physically stronger but also does not gain the same skills as an non evolved Patrat. Patrat has a very interesting design for being a common Pokémon as it has one large triangular tooth, a black band around its red and yellow eyes and a white pom pom tail. They come in large numbers are evenly spread out 50% male and 50% female.

Patrat’s Stats

Patrat Status

Patrat starts out pretty weak with HP at 45 and strength and defense at 55 and 39. Patrat’s best category is strength with speed at a close second. At level 100, Patrat’s strength can go up to 229 and speed up to 202. These stats seems very minor when compared to other Pokémon pumped up at that level, but with the right skills Patrat can hold its own, although it may faint against the tough legendary types, as many common and small Pokémon do.

Type Effectiveness

As with all normal types, Patrat is only weak against fighting type Pokémon. This gives it a small upper hand when fighting all different types of elements. It is also unaffected by ghost type moves, which makes it clear that Patrat would be a perfect member on an all normal team against various ghost types. There are not as many fighting type Pokémon as there are fire, ice, grass, etc., which also makes having Patrat on the team a small advantage.

Patrat’s Special Moves

Unfortunately, Patrat does not have any skills that can badly damage fighting type Pokémon. It also does not learn any flying or psychic type attacks that work would either. The best thing to do against fighting types is use the psychic skill hypnosis. The normal skill mean look, which is learned at about level 31 can also be helpful. Patrat does not learn any special notable skills, but it does learn the semi powerful attack slam at level 36 which can be used against any type Pokémon and may even half their HP. The most common moves that Patrat learns are bite, leer, sand attack, super fang, work up, crunch and baton pass.

Keeping Patrat on the Team

Patrat sprite

Its common sense to evolve Patrat into Watchog but for those that want the challenge to keep Patrat, just say no every time it wants to evolve. Also make sure to never let Patrat go against a stronger Pokémon, even when it is level 100, since Patrat’s max stats are still much weaker than other Pokémon at a lower level. Patrat is one of the most basic Pokémon to keep on a team and for those who don’t want a test, it is best to evolve it.