How to Use the Pokemon Pansear

How to Use the Pokemon Pansear
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Pansear and its Relatives

Pansear is one three elemental monkey types, including the grass type called Pansage and the water type named Panpour. They can only evolve when exposed to a stone of their type, in this case, Pansear can only evolve with the fire stone which would turn it into Simisear. Pansear has a very typical primate look with the colors of red and yellow patched onto its body. It has a confused expression with a small dot for a nose and a tail that resembles an arrow. The flame design on its head is known to reach 300 degrees celsius, which it uses to cook berries for itself. Now, how does Pansear compare to other fire type Pokémon?

Pansear’s Stats

Pansear starts with low stats for defense and special defense, both at 48 points. It does excel in speed at 68 points and has an average hit point number of 58. When Pansear reaches higher levels like level 50, the speed increases to 127 which gives it an upper hand against slow large Pokémon. At level 100, Pansear’s stats for attack, defense, and speed are 225, 214, and 249. This alone makes Pansear quite good for being such a small non evolved Pokémon. Pansear also holds the oran berry, which can be used to grow in your own garden and make some powerful medicine for your Pokémon.

Type Effectiveness

Pansear on the Pokemon anime

Pansear is super effective against ice, bug, steel, and grass. With using such moves like blaze and fire blast, especially at higher levels, it can cause any of those Pokémon to faint in just a single hit. Pansear is weak against ground, water and rock, so using the flying skill acrobatics can help it against ground Pokémon. When fighting against a Pokemon that it is weak against, using the skill recycle can help it in the long run, since it will reuse an item it has used in the past, most specifically, a healing item. Pansear also learns a dark ability later on which makes it versatile enough to cause damage to Pokémon weak against dark type special abilities.

Pansear’s Special Attacks

Pansear learns fling at level 28, a dark type attack that can help it against those weak to that. It will also learn another dark ability, crunch, at level 43. The best fire skill it learns is fire blast that has a power of 160 and can cause major damage to grass and ice Pokémon. Natural gift is a special attack it learns at 40, which can cause more damage dealt depending on the type of berry it is holding. This fire type Pokémon can also learn some good TMs such as rock smash, shadow claw, substitute, dig, and torment.

Why Keep Pansear?

Pansear ingame

If you want to keep Pansear without evolving it with the fire stone, make sure it has some TMs that can deal damage to types that it is weak against. Also keep Pansear in a high level range, this will help it beat out enemies that are naturally tough, but lower in level. Having Pansear with Panpour and Pansage can make a devastating three elemental type team when playing your cards correctly.