How to Keep the Pokemon Snivy

How to Keep the Pokemon Snivy
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Pokemon Snivy

Snivy is a starter Pokémon in Black and White, and is a small grass type that has an appearance of a dragon or a lizard. It evolves into two serpent looking Pokémon, first Servine at level 17, and continues to being Serperior at level 36. Snivy however does not have to evolve to become powerful, as it can use plenty of TMs and status changes against a tougher Pokémon. Snivy is almost always completely male if chosen, with 87% of Snivy’s being male while only %12 are female, however there are no gender differences between the two.

Snivy’s Stats

Snivy first starts out with hit points of 45, an attack of 45, defense at 55, and excels in speed at 63. At level 50 Snivy’s speed stat is 126 which is a high number for being a starter Pokémon. One of its lowest stats happens to be special attack while at level 50, it only goes to 106 and many pokemon can exceed that. Snivy’s best stats are at level 100, with HP of 294, attack and defense being 207 and 229 and speed going to 247. Special attack is still low at 207 and special defense is even with normal defense at 229.

Type Effectiveness

Snivy is weak against a lot of types, those being poison, bug, fire, ice, and flying. Snivy can do double damage to ground, water, and electric. It is also resistant against grass attacks. When fighting against flying types it can use the TM swords dance to increase its attack and use a head butt. This can be used to poison types as well, since Snivy will not learn any attacks that poison is weak to. It can learn the TM aerial ace which will harm a bug type drastically. When fighting against fire its good to just pull back Snivy unless it is at least 20 levels above the opponent. This can also be said for ice types, a higher level Snivy can attack using normal type skills.

Snivy’s Special Attacks

Snivy sprite

At level 22, Snivy will learn mega drain a great grass type move that will allow Snivy to absorb hit points. At 28, leaf blade is learned, a physical grass attack that can cause damage to water, ground, and electric. At 34, you can take out mega drain and replace it with giga drain, a much improved version. Gastro acid is a move learned at 40 which can cancel out the other Pokémon’s abilities, a must for when fighting against those that Snivy is weak against. At 43, the move leaf storm is learned which has a power of 140, one of the best grass type moves in the game.

Keeping Snivy from Evolving

It is recommended that the Pokémon Snivy evolve to its final form of Serprior, but for those that want at least one basic Pokémon on the team, Snivy does have some major power as it reaches level 43, which can definitely be used on larger Pokémon without any problems.