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Pokemon Diamond Walkthrough: Veilstone City to Pastoria City

by: John Leonard ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

The fourth part of our Pokemon Diamond walkthrough for Nintendo DS starts off with a fierce battle against Team Galactic in Veilstone City and goes all the way up through the fight for the Fen Badge in Pastoria City.

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    Pokemon Diamond Walkthrough for Nintendo DS: The Missing Pokedex

    Step out of the Veilstone City gym after earning the Cobble Badge and you'll be greeted by Dawn, who's just had her Pokedex stolen by the villainous Team Galactic. Fortunately you won't have to go far to hunt down the crooks, as they have a warehouse right in Veilstone City. Head to the small building at the very top of the city, and as you walk towards the door you'll be approached by two Team Galactic Grunts.

    Team up with Dawn for a double Pokemon battle and you should have no problem taking out the grunts' four Pokemon. One of the grunts will drop Dawn's Pokedex before scurrying off. Once again you've saved the day. Right now you can't fully explore the warehouse, but if you head inside you will find HM02: Fly at the east end of the room. This HM can be taught to a flying-type Pokemon and lets you instantly warp to any city you've already been to. You can already use it outside of battle thanks to defeating Maylene and earning the Cobble badge in the previous part of our Pokemon Diamond walkthrough for Nintendo DS.


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    Pokemon Diamond Walkthrough for Nintendo DS: Route 212

    Take Veilstone City's southern exit and you'll be well on the way to the next destination. Unlike previous parts of our guide, which had you tromping all over Sinnoh, you'll only have to make a brief trip down one route to reach Pastoria City and the Fen Badge.

    As you head south along the route, you'll notice a large, walled-in building to your right. This is the Pokemon Mansion, and if you wish you can head inside to collect a number of useful--but not necessary--items such as various Poke Balls and healing items. If you're in a hurry, you can head south along the route and battle the trainers along the way.

    When you reach the bottom of Route 212 you'll have to bear right and cross a lake by walking across beam-like bridges to collect a handful of items, and then carry on across the ordinary bridges to reach the swamp. Your character will occasionally get stuck in the mud--rapidly wiggle the directional pad to free yourself from the muck. After the swamp you'll be in the home stretch, and you'll just have to battle one final trainer before entering Pastoria City.

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    Pokemon Diamond Gym Guide: Pastoria City Gym

    Pastoria City's gym leader, Wake, uses Pokemon of the water variety. Before you can face him you'll need to take out his six underlings, all touting water-type Pokemon ranging in level from 24 to 26. After defeating each trainer, press the button beside the trainer to lower the water level and proceed. You may have to backtrack to the Pokemon Center to heal up before facing Wake himself. His team includes a level 27 Gyrados, level 27 Quagsire, and level 30 Floatzel. Take these Pokemon out with Pokemon of the electric and grass types. Note that since Quagsire is also part ground type, electric attacks will have no effect. Defeating Wake earns you the Fen Bedge. It lets you control Pokemon up to level 50 and allows you to use the moves defog and surf outside of battle.