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Pokemon Diamond Walkthrough: Eterna City to Veilstone City

by: John Leonard ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Part three of our Nintendo Pokemon Diamond guide takes you from the second gym battle in Eterna City all the way up through the third Pokemon gym battle in Veilstone City and everything in between, including a tough battle at the Team Galactic Headquarters and the mysterious Solaceon Ruins.

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    Nintendo Pokemon Diamond Guide: Team Galactic Headquarters

    You've just earned the Forest Badge and you're probably eager to move on to the next town, but you're not quite ready for that yet. First you need to take the fight to Team Galactic, as they've been terrorizing the citizens of Eterna City. The Forest Badge lets you use HM01: Cut outside of battle. You should have already gotten HM01: Cut from Cynthia (refer to part 2 of our Nintendo Pokemon Diamond guide if you're unsure).

    Use the cut move to hack away at the bushes in front of the building at the north end of Veilstone City. This building is the Team Galactic Headquarters, so head inside to take out the scum. Don't worry; it won't be hard. Despite their status as criminal masterminds, Team Galactic is no match for a 10-year-old trainer with two badges under his belt.

    Commander Jupiter 

    Take out the two grunts on the first floor, two more on the second floor, and one more on third floor before heading to the boss on the top floor. None of these grunts should prove troublesome, as all their Pokemon are around levels 13 to 15--well under the levels of the gym leader you just beat. On the fourth floor, you'll meet Galactic Commander Jupiter. Jupiter has a slightly more formidable level 18 Zubat and level 20 Skuntank. Take them out and Jupiter will rant for a moment about harnessing the power of ancient legendary Pokemon, and then vanish along with her minions.

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    Cycling Road and Hearthrome City

    With Team Galactic out of the picture, the owner of the town's bicycle shop is overcome with gratitude and thanks you with a free bicycle. With the bicycle, you're free to traverse Route 206, also known as Cycling Road. Note that this bike works a little differently than in past games. You can press the B button to shift gears for going uphill.

    Head south out of the city. On your way out, Dawn will approach you and help you out by adding two new apps to your Poketch. The Vs. Seeker keeps track of your trainer battles and the Dowsing Machine aids in recovering hidden items. Cycling road is a straight-shot down a long, paved bridge. A handful of trainers line the road waiting to test your mettle. You might find a slight challenge here, with Pokemon ranging from levels 18 to 20, but it shouldn't prove too difficult. At the end of the line you'll come to Mt. Coronet. For now you're limited to passing straight through a single room until you gain new HM moves. As you enter Mt. Coronet, you'll pass a mysterious blue-haired figure, a high-ranking member of Team Galactic. You can rest assured you'll see more of him later.


    Exit Mt. Coronet and enter the third major city, Hearthrome City. As soon as you enter the city, a Bunneary runs into you and is quickly followed by its young female owner. The little girl, Keira, thanks you for saving her Pokemon and asks you to come find her at the Contest Hall. The Contest Hall is home to the game's fashion contests, which I won't go into here, but it doesn't hurt to check out the building anyway. Inside you'll find Keira and, surprise, your mom! She's in town to serve as a guest judge in the fashion contests and gives you the tuxedo item. Stick around and try out a fashion contest if you must, otherwise leave and head to the town's gym...

    ...for the ultimate disappointment. The gym leader, Fantina, isn't around. Too bad. Head south to exit Hearthrome City and continue on your quest for the third gym badge.

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    Pokemon Diamond Guide to Route 209 and Solaceon Town

    On your way out of the city, prepare for a battle with Rival. It seems he's always just one step ahead of you. His Pokemon are now at around level 20, and his starter Pokemon has evolved to its second form. After you beat him, he'll tell you he's off to earn his third badge in Veilstone City. At least we know where we're going.

    Follow him to Route 209. Apart from a handful of trainers to battle, Route 209 is also home to a friendly fisherman. Find him standing at the end of the first pier you see towards the right and he'll give you the Good Rod, which lets you capture water-type Pokemon. Continue east across the wooden bridge and then head north. Just before you get to Solaceon Town you'll see a sunken entrance in the ground. Head in to find the Lost Tower. Climb to the top to earn HM04: Strength, which lets you move boulders--note that you can't use it outside of battle just yet, though.

    Solaceon Town doesn't satisfy your quest for the third gym badge, but it is home to Nintendo Pokemon Diamond's only Day Care Center. You can leave two Pokemon here to quickly gain levels without any effort. Certain Pokemon will also breed and lay eggs that you can carry around and hatch. Feel free to experiment with this at your leisure. In this writer's opinion, Pokemon breeding is a much more worthwhile sidequest than fashion contests.

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    The Solaceon Ruins and the Road to Veilstone City

    Unown Like the Ruins of Alph in Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver, the Solaceon Ruins to the east of Solaceon Town are brimming with mysterious Pokemon called Unown. Catch one here if you wish, as it's the only place you'll be able to find one. The ruins may seem mazelike at first, but navigating through the rooms is pretty straight forward. Most rooms are dead ends with a rare item, so just backtrack until you've been to every room in the ruins. You'll meet a lost young boy here. He tells you to come visit his house, so once you've explored the ruins feel free to leave and visit the house next door to receive the Seal Case and a few Seals from his mother. Use the Seal Case to apply any Seals you find to your Poke Balls.

    Heal up at the Pokemon Center and head north out of town onto Route 210. Shift gears on your bike to power up the dirt hill and down the other side. After a few trainer battles you'll reach the halfway point of route 210 and realize your way is blocked by a huddle of wild Psyduck. This calls for a detour, so head east to join up with Route 215. To navigate Route 215, simply head up the stairs to the east and cross the bridge to the north. You need to traverse a series of hills and bridges like this, moving in a generally eastward direction. After 8 trainer battles you should come to the other side and, finally, the entrance to Veilstone City.

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    Pokemon Diamond Gym Guide: Veilstone City Gym

    Nintendo likes their formulas, and Veilstone City follows the "big city" formula set by Celadon and Goldenrod cities in previous games. It features a Team Galactic warehouse, massive department store, gambling game corner and of course a Pokemon Gym. While you'll want to check out all these places eventually, for now we'll stick to the Veilstone City Gym. Its inhabitants use Pokemon of the fighting variety, so bring a few strong psychic and flying Pokemon.

    Maylene Before you can battle Gym Leader Maylene, you need to take out her four underlings. Shift the walls in order to fight each of the four brothers, and then you can challenge Maylene herself. This will be your toughest fight yet, as Maylene brings her A game with a level 27 Meditite, level 27 Machoke, and a level 30 Lucario. Defeat Maylene and her fighting team to earn the Cobble Badge and TM60: Drain Punch. The badge also allows you to use the move HM02: Fly

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