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Pokemon Diamond Walkthrough: Oreburgh City to Eterna City

by: John Leonard ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Part 2 of our Pokemon Diamond guide picks up where we left off in the rocky mountains of Oreburgh City. You've just earned the coal badge and now it's time to heal up at the Pokemon Center and get ready to make your way to Eterna City and the next gym leader.

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    Pokemon Diamond Guide

    Machop Can Learn Rock Smash With your first badge acquired, you're ready to move the story forward. We have to do some backtracking here, so exit Oreburgh City to the west the same way you came in. On your way out, Rival will show up and once again lampoon you for being so slow. He's off to Eterna City and the next gym badge, so you better follow after him. Go back through the Oreburgh Gate cave. With the Coal Badge, you can now use HM06: Rock Smash outside of battle. Teach it to one of your Pokemon and use it to break through the small rocks at the far end of the cave. You can now access a staircase down to the lower level, where you'll find new Pokemon such as Psyduck as well as a useful item, TM70: Flash.

    Leave the cave and proceed back along the route to Jubilife City. You've already beaten all the trainers here, so there's nothing to see. Leave Jubilife City from the exit to the north to make your way to Route 204. Just as you're about to leave the city, you witness two mysterious blue-haired guys harassing an innocent man. Meet the game's villain's, Team Galactic.

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    Battle Team Galactic

    Team Galactic Grunts Take out the two Team Galactic members and their weak Pokemon. Grateful, the victim, a reporter for the local TV station, gives you the Fashion Case key item. This lets you enter into fashion contest mini-games later on, but don't worry about it for now.

    Continue north along 204, battling a few trainers along the way. As you proceed north along Route 204, you need to pass through a small cave called Ravaged Path. It's fairly straightforward. Head left and use Rock Smash to reach an item, TM39: Rock Tomb, and then head right to exit the cave and rejoin Route 204. At the northernmost point of Route 204, we reach a milestone in our Pokemon Diamond guide: your first team battle. Two twin girls challenge you, each with a level 9 Parisuru. In team battles, the first two Pokemon in your team leap out to battle simultaneously. Team battle strategies are more in-depth, since certain attacks, such as Surf and Thunder, can harm your teammate as well as the enemy Pokemon.

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    Floaroma City

    Just north of where you fought the twins, you'll enter Floaroma City. This flowery town introduces you to two key Pokemon Diamond game mechanics: berries and honey. You can pick your first berries from the trees in the city and pick up a watering can from the flower shop. Berries can be fed or held by your Pokemon for healing, removing status effects, and increasing defense. Plant new berries and use the watering can wherever you find a patch of brown soil. The other new item is honey, but we won't get to that just yet.

    First, head east along Route 205. A little girl runs up to you in a panic, informing you that her father is trapped in the nearby Valley Windworks. Continue east to find the large Valley Windworks building, marked by a few large wind turbines. A Team Galactic member stands at the door. Take him down by beating his level 11 Glameow and he'll hastily retreat into the building, locking the door behind him. Time to find a key.

    Backtrack to Floaroma City. This time, head to the northwest corner of the city and head north through the trees into Floaroma Meadow. Take note of the two Team Galactic grunts bothering an older man (what's with these guys?), and take them out. You'll battle them one after another rather than a team battle, but you won't get a break in between battles.

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    Pokemon Diamond Guide: Valley Windworks

    Once defeated, the Team Galactic grunts scurry off, leaving behind the Windworks Key. You also get a bit of honey from the older man as thanks for saving him. You can use honey on any gold-colored tree to attract rare Pokemon.

    Windworks Take your new key and head back to the Valley Windworks. Now you can go inside and teach Team Galactic a lesson. This is your first Team Galactic "hideout" situation, but it's pretty easy and straightforward. Simply walk straight through the building, battling two Team Galactic grunts along the way, until you reach the main office. Here you'll battle Team Galactic Commander Mars. Commander Mars has a level 14 Zubat and a level 16 Purugly, but these shouldn't cause you any real problem. Upon defeat, Mars and company leave, but not before muttering something about how they've already stolen all the energy they need from the Windworks. The little girl from Route 205 arrives and rejoins her father. You don't get any reward here, unless you count witnessing this touching moment as a reward, so leave the building and take the northern bridge on Route 205.

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    Pokemon Diamond Hints: Team Up in Eterna Forest

    This section of Route 205 has you run the gauntlet through over a half dozen trainers, but it's nothing you can't manage with a few Pokemon Diamond hints. First off, don't waste your potions to heal. Backtrack to the Pokemon Center in Floaroma City or check out the house at the north of Route 205--the old couple inside instantly heal all your Pokemon. The battles provide valuable experience points, which you'll need since you're rapidly approaching Eterna City.

    When you finally reach the top of Route 205, you'll enter Eterna Forest. Here you'll be approached by a lovely green-haired girl known as Cheryl. She's too scared to go through the forest alone, so she tags along with you. Whenever you battle any wild Pokemon or one of the three pairs of trainers in the forest, Cheryl and her Chansey will be at your side for a team battle. As a bonus, Cheryl fully heals all of your Pokemon after every battle. It's too bad you can't take her with you for the rest of the game; as soon as you exit the forest, she thanks you and takes off. Oh well.

    Carry on across the bridge to the east. There's four Pokemon fisherman here, and you can battle them all except the one on the left. Do so if you wish to get some final experience points before the gym, and then continue east to reach Eterna City.

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    Pokemon Diamond Gym Leader Guide: Gardenia

    Welcome to Eterna City. This is the largest city we've covered in our Pokemon Diamond guide so far, and it has a few points of interest. For now, head to the top of the city and talk to the blonde woman. She'll offer you HM01: Cut, but you can't use it until you collect the Forest Badge from the Eterna City Gym. Heal up at the Pokemon Center first. Be sure to talk to the little girl in the Pokemon Center, as she'll load a new app onto your Poketch. The Friendship Checker app lets you check your Pokemon's happiness levels, which is key since certain Pokemon, such as Eevee, only evolve when they're happy.

    Gardenia Inside the Eterna City Gym you'll have to play a quick game of hide-and-go-seek before you battle Gardenia. Fortunately her underlings suck at the game. Find the four girls in each corner of the gym. Once you've defeated all four, challenge Gardenia on the center stage. She uses Pokemon of the grass-variety, so you'll benefit if you choose Chimchar as your starter Pokemon. Otherwise you can do well with a flying-type Pokemon such as Starly. Gardenia's team includes a level 19 Cherubi, level 20 Turtwig, and level 22 Roserade. Once you beat her she'll hand over not only the Forest Badge, but also TM86: Grass Knot.

    Head to the Pokemon Center and heal up, because the next part of our Pokemon Diamond guide will take you into the depths of the Team Galactic Headquarters for some serious battling.

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