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Pokemon Diamond Walkthrough: Pastoria City to Hearthome City

by: John Leonard ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Part five of our guide to Pokemon Diamond will take you up through your battle with Fantina for the Relic Badge. Prepare for a lot of backtracking and some serious battles with the devious Team Galactic.

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    Pokemon Diamond Guide: Taking on Team Galactic

    You've already been to this guide's final destination: Hearthome City, where you were previously unable to battle against the gym leader Fantina. Now that you've earned the ability to use HM03: Surf by earning the Fen Badge, you're almost ready to take on Fantina. First, however, you'll need to make a sidequest to find the HM03 itself.

    At the north end of town you'll spot a Team Galactic grunt. Before you can battle him, however, he'll run off towards Route 213 to the east. Heal up at the Pokemon Center and give chase. Before you get too far however, Rival will show up to taunt you about how many more badges and Pokemon he has than you. Fortunately he'll challenge you to a battle, so you can teach the little jerk a lesson. Exactly what Pokemon he has will depend on who you choose as your starter. Our team started off with Turtwig, so we faced a level 26 Starly, level 25 Buizel, level 25 Roselia, and level 28 Monferno. Take him out for the cash and experience, and then continue along your quest. Note that if you're looking to fill up your Pokedex, you may wish to sidetrek up to the building to the north which allows you to enter the Great Marsh--an area similar to the Safari Zone of past games.

    Team Galactic Grunts 

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    Pokemon Diamond Guide: Route 213 and the Psyducks' Headache

    Route 213 is fairly straightforward. Head in a southeasterly direction and follow the beach around as far as you can. You'll have to battle a slew of trainers, nine in all. Being of the swimmer, tuber, and fisherman variety, they'll all use water-type Pokemon so you can take them down with electric- and grass-types without any trouble.

    At the end of the beach you'll find the Hotel Grand Lake, a resort on Lake Valor. Inside are a number of buildings where you can find rare items and battle trainers. For the purpose of our quest, you'll want to head to the far right side of the resort to find the Team Galactic grunt. He'll run off to the north, but fortunately he has nowhere to run this time since he's confined to the resort. Follow him and defeat his only Pokemon, a level 25 Glameow, to prompt the arrival of a key character named Cynthia. She'll ask about the Psyducks on Route 210, which you should remember from part 3 of our guide. Take the SecretPotion she gives you and use a Pokemon equipped with HM02: Fly to head back to Solaceon Town.

    Take the north exit to reach Route 210, where you'll find the group of Psyduck you encountered earlier. Use the SecretPotion to cure their ailment and they'll gratefully get out of your way.


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    Pokemon Diamond Guide: Route 210 and Celestic Town

    Route 210 is a bit more challenging than other routes due to its fogginess, which will cause your Pokemon (as well as your opponents' Pokemon) to intermittenly miss attacks in battle. Since both parties are affected it doesn't put you at a particular disadvantage, but it does cause progress to go along a bit slowly. If you have HM05: Defog (found in the Great Marsh) it will make things a little easier, but you'll still have to contend with several trainer battles before reaching Celestic Town itself.

    Celestic is another small town with only a few points of interest. Chief among this are the ruins at the center of town. Head down the steps to reach the ruins where you'll do battle with yet another Team Galactic grunt. This particular Team Galactic grunt stole an item of jewelry from a local, so take out his level 25 Beautifly and level 27 Croagunk to win it back. Return the jewelry (an item called the Old Charm) to the old lady outside the ruins and then head inside. You'll find mysterious cave paintings on the walls of the ruins, and as you examine the lady will follow you inside to reward you with HM03: Surf.

    You now have everything you need to take on Fantina, so bid Celestic Town and the Celestic Ruins farewell (for now) and use fly to zip off to Hearthome City.


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    Pokemon Diamond Gym Guide: Hearthome City Gym

    Gym leader Fantina and her underlings use Pokemon of the ghost variety. All told, you can battle up to eight lesser trainers for the experience points if you wish. At the same time, you really don't have to battle any. Just answer the math questions they ask correctly and you'll be allowed to bypass them without battle. If your math skills aren't quite up to par, you'll find your in-game Poketch has a calculator tool you can use to find the right answers.

    After taking out--or bypassing--the eight underlings you'll be able to battle Fantina herself. Note that ghost-type Pokemon can't be harmed by normal- or fighting-type physical attacks. You'll need to rely on special moves such as water-, grass-, or fire-type. Ghost Pokemon are particularly weak against dark-type against and fairly strong against Psychic-type Pokemon, so use that knowledge to your advantage to defeat Fantina and her level 32 Drifblim, level 34 Gengar, and level 36 Mismagius. Defeating Fantina earns you the Relic Badge. This badge doesn't grant you any new abilities, but Fantina also gives you TM65, Shadow Claw.

    With several Team Galactic grunts and Fantina defeated, you're now ready to head on to part 6 of our guide to claim your next badge.