Pokemon Diamond Hints and Walkthrough

Pokemon Diamond Hints and Walkthrough
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Pokemon Diamond Hints

If you’ve grown tired of long treks from city to city, you’re in luck: part 6 of our guide is easily the shortest and you’ll only have to make a short trip from Hearthome City to Canalave City. Here’s something to add to your list of Pokemon Diamond hints: the short trip doesn’t equate to a small jump in the gym leader’s Pokemon’s power. You’ll need to battle every trainer you encounter on the way and probably spend some time grinding with wild Pokemon to get up to par.

Pokemon Diamond Guide: Route 218

To find Route 218, you’ll need to use a winged Pokemon to fly your way back to Jubilife City. You may also consider traveling by foot or bike if you want to extend your trip and gain extra experience points by battling wild Pokemon. From Jubilife City, head west out of the city to find Route 218. This relatively small route only offers four trainers for you to battle: two fisherman, a sailor, and a guitarist. The first three all use water-type Pokemon which can be quickly taken out with electric- or grass-type attacks, while the guitarist sports a level 31 Luxio.

You won’t get much experience from battling these four trainers, but luckily you can use your surf ability to float around on the water and encounter powerful wild Pokemon such as Shellos, Pelipper, and Tentacruel all the way up to level 40. Battle for as long as you see fit. Note that your upcoming gym battle will pit you against Pokemon as high as level 39, so you’ll need all the experience you can get.

When you’re ready to move on, surf across the remainder of Route 218 and exit to the west to enter Canalave City.

Pokemon Diamond: Hints for Defeating Byron

On your way into Canalave City you’ll have another chance to gain decent experience points: your old buddy, Rival, shows up to talk more smack and challenge you to a battle. Again, the Pokemon will vary depending on which starter you chose. Our team, which started with Turtwig, had to battle against the following team: a level 36 Staraptor, a level 38 Infernape, a level 35 Floatzel, a level 35 Roserade, and a level 37 Heracross. As you can see, his Pokemon have all increased in level, two evolved, and he acquired one new member.

With Rival out of the way, heal up your Pokemon and enter the gym. Byron and his underlings utilize steel-type Pokemon. While this type of Pokemon has several resistances, its members also suffer from weaknesses to water, ground, dark and fighting attacks. Take out Byron’s seven underlings by following the path of the elevators through the gym, and then you can take on the leader himself. Byron uses a powerful team consisting of a level 36 Bronzor, level 36 Steelix, and a whopping level 39 Bastiodon. Take them down to earn the Mine Badge, which lets you control Pokemon up to level 70 and use the move strength outside of battle. You’ll also get TM91: Flash Cannon.