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Pokemon Diamond Walkthrough: Canalave City to Snowpoint City

by: John Leonard ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Part 7 of our guide to Pokemon Diamond takes you from Canalave City to Snowpoint City, and it's quite the epic journey. If the last segment of our guide seemed too light and easy, this part of the quest will surely be more of a fitting challenge.

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    Pokemon Diamond Guide: Team Galactic Strikes Again

    As soon as you exit the Canalave City gym, fresh from your battle with Byron, you'll be approached by Rival. This time he's not looking to fight, however. Instead he'll take you into the Canalave library where you'll meet with Dawn and Professor Rowen to discuss a mysterious earthquake at nearby Lake Valor and Lake Verity. Obviously it's up to you to find out what's up, so exit the library and take flight to Pastoria City. Take the exit east and you'll find yourself on Route 213, which you should remember from part 5 of our guide. Just like before, follow the beach around to the east. This time, though, go up past the Hotel Grand Lake and continue north to find Team Galactic.

    The lake's been drained and Team Galactic is up to no good, so do your best to take out their grunts. As always, the Team Galactic grunts are woefully inadequate with severely under-leveled Pokemon. Once they've been dispensed with, you'll face a new challenge in the form of Commander Saturn and his level 35 Kadabra, level 35 Bronzor, and level 35 Toxicroak--still, these Pokemon are far weaker than those of the gym leader you beat in our last guide.


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    Pokemon Diamond Guide: Enter Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit

    Fly to your starting point, Twinleaf Town, after you've finished off Team Galactic. It's time to help Dawn and Professor Rowan interrupt Team Galactic's plot at Lake Verity. Again you'll face a slew of weak Team Galactic grunts, and once again you'll enter into a few of the game's rare team battles with Dawn at your side. Once the grunts out of the way, you'll have to battle with Commander Mars, who you may remember from the Valley Windworks in part 2 of our guide.

    Mars's Pokemon are marginally stronger than Saturn's, with a level 39 Golbat, level 39 Purugly, and level 37 Bronzor, making her more of a formidable boss character. Upon her defeat, she does what any good villain does and reveals Team Galactic's plot to capture the legendary Pokemon Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit. You won't have a chance to intervene and save these legendary Pokemon just yet, but rest assured your time will come.


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    Pokemon Diamond Guide: Mt. Coronet

    Since you can't worry about Mesprit and the other legendary Pokemon just yet, it's time to continue on your quest for the badges. Return to Mt. Coronet by flying to Celestic Town. Hit the Pokemon Center if need be, and make sure you have Pokemon with the surf, strength, and rock smash abilities before taking the west exit out of town and onto Route 211. Route 211 is a straightforward path that brings you right to Mt. Coronet's entrance.

    Once inside, head due west and use the strength and rock smash abilities to navigate the small maze. You'll like encounter a combination of Zubat and Geodude, so keep a Pokemon with water- or ice-type attacks in front. Go as far as you can to the west, and then head north and down the only set of stairs. Head west, using rock smash to break rocks along the way, and then go down the stairs to the north. You'll be in a room filled with water, so surf north across the water until you hit land. You'll go up two flights of steps before reaching a small room with an exit, where you'll step out into the light of day.

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    Pokemon Diamond Guide: Route 216 to Snowpoint City

    The snowy Route 216 may appear confusing with its many bridges high above, but you can't reach those areas without the HM08: Rock Climb, so for now all you have to do is tromp west through the snow and then head north past the house. Along the way you'll battle a few trainers and several wild Pokemon of the ice variety, which are easily defeated with fire-type attacks. You can stop in the house at the north end of the route to heal all your Pokemon if you wish. Once you're good to go, head north to Route 217.

    Route 217 is straightforward, but the going is tough thanks to the deep snow that keeps you from riding your bike or running. Any battles you have in this area will automatically have the snowstorm weather affect, which does damage to all Pokemon after every turn. Fortunately you won't have to spend too long in this area before reaching your next destination, the frigid Snowpoint City.


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    Pokemon Diamond Gym Guide: Snowpoint City Gym

    Snowpoint City is a dull little town. It's only attraction is its Pokemon Gym, home to leader Candice and her team of ice-type Pokemon. You'll want to go into the battle prepared with at least two powerful fire-type Pokemon if you have them. Ice Heal would be a good item to pick up at the Poke Mart as well, since many of her Pokemon's attacks are likely to freeze your Pokemon solid.

    Before fighting Candice, you'll need to slide your way around her icy gym, battling six underlings along the way. Most of their Pokemon average between level 37 and 39, so plan accordingly. Candice herself has a hefty team consisting of a level 38 Sneasel and Snover, a level 40 Medicham, and a level 42 Abomasnow. These Pokemon should be pretty challenging, and the raising levels are a sure sign that you're getting close to the endgame. Defeating Candice nets you your seventh--and next to last--badge, the Icicle Badge. It lets you use HM08: Rock Climb outside of battle. You also get TM72: Avalanche for your trouble.