How to Get Zoroark and Zorua in Pokemon White and Pokemon Black

How to Get Zoroark and Zorua in Pokemon White and Pokemon Black
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Among the most rare and sought-after pokemon in Pokemon Black and White are Zorua and its evolved form Zoroark. These two pocket monsters cannot be caught in the game itself, and are only available to those who participated in a series of Gamestop promotions leading up to the release of the game last year.

Our guide will walk you through the process of obtaining your Zorua or Zoroark through legitimate means. We’ll also explain a few ways you can still get these rare pokemon, despite the fact that the Gamestop events have come and gone.

How to Transfer Celebi into Pokemon Black/White

Relocator Scientist

Zorua can be obtained in Castelia City at the Gamefreak building. You’ll need to have a Celebi from the Gamestop event in your party to get it to reveal itself, though.

To get Celebi into your copy of Pokemon Black or White, you’ll need to use the Relocator found in Castelia City. You’ll need to have the Celebi on a copy of one of the earlier games in the series (Heart Gold, Soul Silver, etc…), two DS systems, and access to the in-game Relocator (you must have reached Castelia City and put in the special password to unlock access).

The Relocator is located on the left-hand side of the Northern road leading to Route 4. When you enter the building you’ll want to take the elevator up to the highest floor. Here, you’ll meet a man in a lab coat who will ask you for a special password. This password should seem familiar to anyone who has played multiple games in the series: “EVERYONE HAPPY” and “SIMPLE CONNECTION” are the phrases you’ll have to enter.

Save your game, then reset your DS. From the game’s main menu, select the “Pokemon Relocator” option.

On the other DS, place the Celebi (and any other legendary pokemon you’d like to move over, including Entei, Suicune, or Raikou) into a pokemon storage box (i.e. not in your party). Save the game and reset your DS. Select the “DS Download and Play” option from the main menu. Your two games will communicate, and the legendary pokemon will be transferred automatically. Once the transfer is successful, shut off the second DS and start your game on the first one.

How to Get Zorua

Zorua in Castelia City

Once you reload your Pokemon Black or White game, you’ll need to move Celebi from the storage system into your party. Once you’ve done this, head to the Gamefreak building in Castelia City and look for a young boy and girl having a discussion just to your left as you enter the lobby.

If you speak to the girl, and then the boy, he recognize the Celebi in your party and reveal himself to be a Zorua. The Zorua expresses a desire to accompany you and Celebi, and the girl will ask if you have a spare pokeball. Any pokeball will work.

Select the pokeball you’d like to use and Zorua will jump inside. Now, it’s all yours.

How to Get Zoroark

Raikou versus Zoroark

Zoroark is Zorua’s evolved form, so the simplest way to get it is just to level your Zorua to level 30 and watch it evolve into Zoroark.

For those who are less patient, or who don’t have access to an event Celebi, there is one other way to get Zoroark. You will need one of the “Legendary Dog” pokemon: Entei, Suicune, or Raikou, also only available through the previous Gamestop event.

You can transfer these legendary pokemon over using the technique detailed above. Once you have, you need to put at least one of the legendary dogs into your party and leave one empty spot. Head out to Lostlorn Forest and search for an aggressive lady who suddenly demands a pokemon battle.

This lady is actually a disguised Zoroark. You only get one chance to catch it (unlike the fight with Victini) so ensure you either have a bunch of high-success chance pokeballs, a Master Ball, or a good team capable of wearing him down, putting him to sleep, etc…

If you kill it, it’s gone. You may want to save before engaging so you can shut your system off if you fail and try again.

Alternative Methods of Getting Zorua and Zoroark

For those who missed the Gamestop events and have no way of acquiring the necessary Celebi, Raikou, Suicune, or Entei pokemon to make Zorua and Zoroark reveal themselves, all is not lost. There are other means of acquiring them.

Probably the easiest way is to head over to eBay (or find a friend) who has caught a Zorua or a Zoroark and successfully bred them to produce an egg. These eggs can be traded and are a legitimate way to acquire a Zorua. Zorua eggs are currently going for about two bucks on eBay.

You can also make use of the in-game Global Trading Station to find and trade for these rare pokemon, but the asking price is usually pretty steep. Be prepared to give up some of your most valuable monsters if you try to get a Zorua or Zoroark this way.


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