Cheats Tips and Tricks for the l Nintendo DS Pokemon Ranger

Cheats Tips and Tricks for the l Nintendo DS Pokemon Ranger
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Enter the World

Most of the Pokemon games focus on capturing and training your favorite Pokemon to battle them in the arena. The Pokemon Ranger titles include this element, but instead of battling your Pokemon with trainers in gyms, the rangers must use their Pokemon to solve and encounter the problems they might find outside of the cities, nor are they concerned with the entertainment value of battling with these little beasties. Nintendo has been using the touch screen for the DS more and more in its games. Pokemon Ranger was the first title. The tips, treats and tricks in this article do not cover the latest release, Shadows of Almia.

Tips and Tricks for the Original

pokemon ranger screenshot

The Pokemon Ranger player can tap the head of an opposing Pokemon to make his Pokemon’s (at least those who have learned it do a head butt attack.) This might be interesting in itself, but most people will be interested I capturing a few key character to help them. These include Charizard, Manaphy. The best way to capture this fire Pokemon is to make sure you are behind him when he uses his flame attack. Circle around behind him and use the poliwhirls attack to subdue him. This strategy works for both the first and secondary time you need to capture him. To gain Manaphy without completing the appropriate mission, the player must enter the appropriate password. The password for this Pokemon is: P8M2 – 9D6F – 43H7. You must beat the game in Story Mode before you can enter this code. Enter the Ranger net mode to gain access to this mission. When you see the play a special mission message, press the following buttons simultaneously: the r button, the x button, and press the left button on the directional pad. When you are prompted to enter the code, do so Close range attacks can be activated by tapping a target under your control on its head with the stylus. The attacks performed will depend on the the Pokemon, its level, and the attacks that the Pokemon has learned.

Capturing Legendary Pokemon: Entei, Suicine and Raikou

Raikou, Suicine and Entei are the three legendary Pokemon that a ranger can capture as he travels throughout the game. Each requires a different strategy to add them to your collection. Raikou is probably the easiest to capture as it requires the use of a fighting type . Use the stylus to draw loops around Raikou until you no longer see blue around him on the screen. Suicine can make copies of itself. The key is to figure out which suicines are the copies and eliminate one of them from the attack. When an original suicine and a copy are left use minum/pulse before the legendary createure makes its attack. When he is stunned, use the stylus to quickly draw circles around him. Entei is a legendary fire type so a ranger who has traveled far and wide in this world likely has some water or psychic Pokemon of levels 2 or 3. Entei will make his attack, but the key is to draw the circle and create the bubble around him between attacks. When these three legendary creatures are captured, they must be used to defeat the enraged Pokemon causing the problems within the game world. As long as the player can control the stylus fairly well, there are not many tricks that can improve the game play in this game. The most important thing is to make sure you can draw circles around the screen and that the screen responds to the stylus correctly.


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