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The Simpsons Road Rage: PS2 Cheats and Tips

by: MD Weems ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

For any fan of the Simpsons, the Simpsons Road Rage is a must have - and it's normally pretty cheap too. Here are some of the top PS2 cheats and tips for those that are just getting into playing this PS2 title.

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    Cheat? Me? No Way!

    simpsons box Yes way, and I know you do it, so don't feel bad. Truth be told, I doubt that there is a PS2 gamer out there that hasn't tried a few PS2 cheats in their day either to see what they do or to get the advantage. So, hey, don't fret about learning some PS2 cheats! Here are some of the best ones for the Simpsons Road Rage that I have found - and use:

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    PS2 Cheats for The Simpsons Road Rage

    simpsons ss4 Yes, there are PS2 cheats for the Simpsons Road Rage, and they can easily help you get some great, fun items to play with in game, as well as give you some fun and easier times:

    Nuclear Bus: to get the Nuclear bus to drive, simply press triangle, triangle, square, then X.

    The Transit bus: want to take a spin in Burn's transit busses? Simply press triangle, triangle, square, then X.

    Red Box: to drive around town in a red box, simply press triangle, triangle, square, then circle.

    Christmas Apu: who doesn't love Apu? To drive around as Apu in his holiday best, simply press triangle, triangle, circle, then triangle.

    simpsons ss1 Halloween Bart: don't forget our favorite hellion, Bart. To drive around as Bart in Halloween get up, simply press triangle, triangle, circle, then X.

    Marge at Thanksgiving: don't ask me why she is in Thanksgiving get up, but to drive around this way, simply press triangle, triangle, circle, then circle.

    New Year's Krusty the Clown: love clowns? To drive around as Krusty the Clown on New Year's Eve, simply press triangle, triangle, circle, then square.

    Smithers: to drive around as everyone's favorite personal assistant, simply press triangle, triangle, then square, square.

    Night driving: to drive around at night on the next level that you come to, simply press X, X, X, X (X four times basically).

    More money from customers: to get more money, simply press square four times in a row.

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    The Best Cheat of All!

    simpsons ss2 To stop the time in the game so that you have all the time in the world, you'll need a super PS2 cheat for the Simpsons. Now, you have to make sure that you do this one perfectly, as it's long. Here is what you need to press:

    circle, triangle, square, then X.

    You will press triangle to start the time back running, press it again to stop it, and then once more to reset it. But, this is a super PS2 cheat that you can use at any time to pause time and still play so that you can get more money and pass to the next level in The Simpsons Road Rage and unlock some other special items and players.

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    More Simpsons Road Rage Information

    simpsons ss3 But hey, it's not just the cheats that we have you covered on! We also have an overall review of the Simpsons Road Rage here, and a complete series of guides on how to play the different modes of the game from the Sunday Drive down to the hard Mission Mode here on Bright Hub as well.