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The Simpsons Road Rage For Playstation 2: How To Complete The Sunday Drive

by: MD Weems ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Ready to learn how to play the Sunday Drive mode in the Simpsons' Road Rage? Well, here's what you need to know to get through Sunday safe and only a little banged up.

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    What is the Sunday Drive Mode?

    Simpsons Road Rage For Playstation 2 Just because the game is called "Road Rage" doesn't mean that you constantly have to play in that mode. In fact, the Sunday Drive mode is one of my personal favorites to play in. While there are some downfalls to playing in this mode, there are some fun perks as well. So, lets take a look at how to play the Simpsons Road Rage Sunday Drive mode for Playstation 2 to keep you in the money and playing for hours.

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    Starting Out Your Sunday Drive

    Homer's Car To get into the Sunday Drive mode in Playstation 2 Simpsons Road Rage, you simply have to choose it from the Main Menu by scrolling down and hitting start. From there, you pick from the toons that you have unlocked already in your Simpsons Road Rage game play. You will start out at your normal starting place on your Sunday Drive, but the difference here is that there is no timer and you do not have to pick up any passengers for fares if you don't want to. In this part of the Simpsons Road Rage for Playstation 2, you can just cruise around and check out all of the fun stuff that the Playstation 2 Simpsons game has to offer.

    Also, this is a great way to just goof off and run over everything that you can in this Simpsons game PS2 style. You'll be able to drive around at your own pace in Simpsons Road Rage for Playstation 2 and learn all you ever wanted to know about Springfield. Want to explore how close the Quicky Mart and Moe's really are to the Simpson's Home? No problem. Want to drive through the school's playground? No problem! Ready to see if Homer's car will be able to drive through the Nuclear Power Plant and do tons of damage? Hey, you can do it on the Sunday Drive mode in the Playstation 2 Simpsons Road Rage!

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    Why You Should Take A Sunday Drive

    Road Rage Mode Here is why you want to play the Sunday Drive in Simpsons Road Rage for Playstation 2 before you play a specific level: since there is no time limit, you can explore as you want to throughout the area. This means that you can find alleys, back streets, and other shortcuts that will get you to places faster when you are playing the actual timed Simpsons game for Playstation 2. So, when you head back into the normal game mode, you will be able to use these different shortcuts to your advantage and be able to take your passengers to their destinations quicker than before.

    There are several levels in the normal game mode of the Playstation 2 Simpsons Road Rage where you have to demolish specific items, such as Mr. Burn's bus stops. Sunday Drive mode is also a great way to learn where those are so that you can find them again while you are in the normal mode and smash them for your destruction bonus. You will also be able to find out where to go to demolish specific light poles, cars, and other items that other missions and levels will have you smashing up.

    Basically, Sunday Drive is a way for you to cheat - without cheating in Simpsons Road Rage for Playstation 2. You have full access to the area that you are in, and you have no time limit to explore it - so you can learn everything and get it all down before you head back into the normal or mission mode once more.

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