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Simpsons Road Rage: Mission Mode (Easy)

by: MD Weems ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Mission Mode is a bit harder than the normal Road Rage mode if you aren't sure what you are doing. So, to help you out a bit, here are the easier missions and how to defeat them.

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    What is Mission Mode?

    Mission mode is where you are not so much worried about getting fares as you are taking on one of ten missions from different Simpsons toons in the game. In each different mission, you will be given a specific task to complete - normally with a short amount of time to do it in. Be prepared to let out your aggressions here - as even though some of these missions are easy as pie, you will have to do some serious raging to get them completed.

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    Willie's Paper Shredder Mission

    In this mission, the Springfield Shopper put one too many of those pesky anti-Burns ads. So, Mr. Burns then buys up the newspaper and turns it into a way to preach about his new nuclear powered busses. Well, Groundskeeper Willie just won't stand for this and he assigns you the mission of destroying every Springfield Shopper box that he can before the timer is up.

    You will have about 15-20 seconds on this mission to knock over 12 Springfield Shopper boxes. While this sounds hard, it really isn't. If you go through the Sunday Drive mode, you'll be able to see where these are from your starting point and hit them all right off as you start this mission. Once it's done - move on to the next.

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    Homer On the Run

    This is a fun mission - basically you are sneaking Homer back into work, instead of out of it. Homer had decided to play hookie from work to head to a ball game, eat hot dogs, and drink some good old Duff beer. But, someone told on him and now Burns is out to get him. So, you have to make it through town without getting hit by Mr. Burns and Mr. Smithers. The easiest way to complete this is to use the Sunday Drive mode to find the best getaway alleys and shortcuts so that you can dodge Mr. Burn's car when you see it.

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    Barney's Rage Mission

    For Barney, sometimes you just have to get mad at the world. So in this mission, you play Barney in a fun rage that makes you want to run over the sweet little mascot for Capital City. This mission is actually tough if you aren't familiar with the controls, so make sure that you practice turning and accelerating before you try this one, or you will end up in Barney's shoes.

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    Otto's Driving Test Mission

    It seems that even though Otto has been driving the bus forever, he now needs a piece of paper telling him that he can. But, this is not your normal driving test. Otto has to knock over 15 light posts at the mini-mall parking lot before the time is out, and this is not as easy as it looks, even with that big old buss. Take some practice and you will get it... this is probably one of the funner missions out there.

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    Snake's Day Off Mission

    Snake is out on parole once again and trying to be a productive member of society. His way of doing this? To mess up the nuclear power plant! So, you have to knock over 20 cans of nuclear waste before the time runs out on this fun mission. While this one sounds easy, the time limit is shorter than you really expect, so you will need some practice on where the cans are located so that you can go through this one asap.

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