Street Racers 3D Tips: Services

Street Racers 3D Services

One of the features that many of the third generation free MMO text-based iPhone RPGs from PlayMesh have is that the include the Bank and Hospital under one banner: Services. Here each has their own display that you can alternate between with the buttons at the bottom.

This is very similar to the place where PlayMesh offers are, which is divided between the area you spend PlayMesh Points and the area where you can buy PlayMesh Points. Street Racers 3D Services works in this model and houses both the Bank and Hospital.

Street Racers 3D Hospital and Bank

If you are in the vertical Portrait view you can find the Street Racers Services right under the teal highlighted Daily Unlock and above PlayMesh. Once in here you will begin at the Street Racers 3D Hospital, which will just include the line "You don’t need the mechanic" if you are at full health. If you are not, then the Street Racers 3D Hospital will include a Heal button with a price above it. This will then heal you fully, and the cost of using the Street Racers 3D Hospital is directly correlated to how low in health you are and what your position in the game is like.

You will notice in the Street Racers 3D Hospital that your Bank Balance from the Street Racers 3D Bank is at the top of the screen. This is because the Street Racers 3D Hospital bill has to be paid from your Street Racers 3D Bank account. If you hit the Bank button at the bottom of the Street Racers 3D Services interface you will be taken there.

The Street Racers Bank consists of a text prompt that you can enter a dollar amount in and then several buttons that will control that amount. There are buttons for depositing and withdrawing, so you can just select the one that is appropriate for your purpose. All deposits will have a ten percent fee taken out of them, while withdrawals from your Street Racers 3D Bank account are free.

Street Racers 3D Tips for Services

It is debatable how often you really want to use either of the Street Racers 3D Services. The Street Racers Hospital is relatively expensive, and the Street Racers Bank deposit fee just adds to it. The rule here is to just keep a small amount in the Street Racers Bank in case of emergencies and Street Racers Hospital use. Remember that you can also do a full heal for a single PlayMesh Point.

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