Street Racers 3D Review

Coming Up in the Universe of 3s

Street Racers 3D exists as the third generation incarnation of PlayMesh’s iRacing, also called Race Wars. The PlayStation generation three model is in place with the racing coloring, and most parts of this are nice additions. Street Racers 3D does show that if you have a solid base, as many of the more original PlayMesh free text-based iPhone RPGs do, you will be able to just add to it little by little and make the updates worthwhile.

Design Changes

The first thing that you are going to notice with the Street Racers 3D update is the small aesthetic and formatting differences. The Landscape view of Street Racers 3D is a detailed city that you can zoom in and out of. There is normal urban activity going on here, and the sparse detail may remind you of turn of the century Sim City versions. Many things are combined under the same moniker. For example, Services is where you can visit both the Bank and the Hospital.

Street Racers 3D PlayMesh Points

Most aspects of the game are the same and are just tightened up and improved. Street Racers 3D PlayMesh Points are still a major part of the game, and you can spend and purchase these Street Racers 3D PlayMesh Points right from inside the game. There are some more options for Street Racers 3D PlayMesh Points and you will even get some free Street Racers 3D PlayMesh Points with this update.

New Features

The Daily Unlock, which is a new feature in all PlayMesh generation three titles, is an added gameplay bonus. Here you are asks to look around the Landscape view Street Racers 3D city for a box, then trade this in to get different prizes. On top of this is a Badge system that gives you milestones for different achievements, such as races won. There is also the ability to master certain Quests, which will give you a long time to get through.

Not Too Shabby

You should not expect there to be anything too profoundly different, but it is a must-have if you play Street Racers 3D. The new gameplay elements, free Street Racers 3D PlayMesh Points and the smooth software are definitely worth it for committed players and newbies alike. Seven out of ten stars.

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